Metroid Prime: Federation Force - new details, Metroids/Samus make an appearance

The following info comes from a Kotaku interview with Nintendo's Kensuke Tanabe...

- use the second stick on the New 3DS to look around
- game also runs on the regular 3DS
- Blast Ball could serve as a replacement for a traditional tutorial
- concept for the game has been floating around for 10 years now
- single player mode
- no four against four player matches
- co-op four player mode where you fight as a team against space pirates
- three major planets
- roughly 10 different missions on each planet
- areas for you to look around and explore
- no visor scanning
- a mission involves Metroids

Tanabe: Personally, I don’t feel like I am creating anything that is a side-story. Until now, we’ve never had a game focusing on the Federation Force fighting against the space pirates. So the main idea here is that I sort of wanted to change that focus a little bit and see it from a different view from the same universe. So as I briefly mentioned earlier, once you play the game you’ll be able to feel that Metroid Prime universe. So it’s kind of... at this point it’s a little difficult I’m sure for both sides to get that idea ...for players who haven’t touched the game, it’s really difficult to imagine that feeling you get when you touch the game. So it’s a kind of an unfortunate situation at this time, but it’s something I definitely look forward to having the users touch it and play and experience the awesomeness of it.

- Samus will make an appearance
- move around in mechs that are outfitted before each mission
- choose to be more of a “healer” by equipping repair capsules
- arm yourself with super missiles
- game is overseen by Nintendo’s Yoshihito Ikebata and Ryuichi Nakada

Tanabe: “The bounty hunters in Metroid Prime Hunters were ... defeated, but I think he left Sylux for something later on.”


They are aware nobody is going to buy this game, right?

I think you (and the internet as a whole) is overreacting. The game itself is fine. It looks mechanically sound. People just don't like that it's called Metroid.

I might get the game because it still looks interesting enough to me.

They should know better than to slap the name Metroid onto something so uninspiring after five years of dormancy and the disappointment that was Other M.

And I absolutely love seeing how people claim people hated Other M when it still has a fairly good rating everywhere and it sold over a million copies.

A million people bought and hated it

I also don't get the hate. Sure the voice acting wasn't the best but I think people saw a couple of things they didn't like and blew it way out of proportion. It was a solid game and I loved how it tied into Fusion. Was it perfect? Nah. Was it a bad game? Hell no!

Wed Jun 17 15 02:56pm
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You know what game also got decent reviews and sold well? Paper Mario Sticker Star. And yet, nearly everyone ended up hating it. I don't think positive sales and critic reviews necessarily translate to positive reception from the actual fans.

Wed Jun 17 15 02:25pm
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I wouldn't have cared that it was called Metroid, IF we had gotten a proper Metroid game too.

I am! I don't get what the big problem is with it. So Samus isn't playable--big whoop. I'd prefer if she was, obviously, but the Galactic Federation has become more and more interesting. I'm actually pretty interested to see the Metroids and Space Pirates through the eyes of someone aside from Samus, the destroyer.

It's a co-op Metroid game. That's never been done before. It would be weird if you were all just Samus or possibly unbalanced if you were all different Hunters. I'm about it.

Would you care for some Kool-Aid?

What is this Kool-Aid you keep speaking of? Has Nintendo teamed up with Kool-Aid? Do they have exclusive rights to the Kool-Aid Man? Will he be unlock-able in Smash Bros and be featured in his own puzzle platformer where you have a limited amount of time to deliver Kool-Aid to thirsty kids and you have to bust through a specific amount of walls while maintaining liquid levels inside your body. You can also pick up powerups that change the flavor inside you to match what each individual kid prefers for extra points. Speaking of points, you could pick up kool-aid points hidden within each level to purchase new wall smashing abilities and unlock-ables that can transfer to your Smash Bros game...

Hasn't there been enough negativity for one day? Why not let someone have a positive opinion without crapping on it? I think someone has been drinking the internet's poo-aid.

Now.. if you don't mind, I have a pitch(er) to make to Nintendo.

You're awesome! You got a real good laugh out of me. lol

Just watch, she's the final boss and your mission isn't to beat her but SURVIVE. And then she says she wasn't even trying after you finish.

It could end up being a cool game, but ultimately people would have preferred a console Metroid Prime game. I'm sure Nintendo knew that. It's also unfortunate to hear that no metroid game is being worked on for WiiU at all and that it won't be until NX (if at all on NX).

The big problem is Metroid Prime doesn't do well in Japan, and Nintendo works on games primarily for their Japanese market. So it's rough for us to want a Metroid game when it's not in their list of priorities.

I agree with Jayvir that just because it isn't the Metroid Prime game we wanted doesn't mean it will be a bad game, however I'm still reading up on the title and I'm unsure if the single-player experience on it is even going to be worth it for me. I don't see many of my friends getting this unless it's half the price of a retail game, and if they don't get it and the single-player is lacking, then I'm out of money and an experience.

I'm sure many people would agree with me, but I personally need that single-player Metroid Prime first-person shooter and puzzle experience on a Nintendo platform, preferably WiiU. My WiiU is screaming for it.

They have Samus TWICE in Super Smash Bros. She's in it TWICE not many characters are in smash bros twice. But there's still not much support for it in terms of games being developed starring her.

Hopefully there will be a Metroid on the NX! (For now, I'll just try to keep my heart in place by imagining how amazing a Metroid Prime will look and feel on NX compared to the wii MP3) But really, it's mind blowing that they would not have a metroid game in development when it's such a fantastic series and does so well in the US. Life is rough guys. Life is rough.

Wed Jun 17 15 02:41pm
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"But really, it's mind blowing that they would not have a metroid game in development when it's such a fantastic series and does so well in the US."

But... it doesn't. Look at sales figures. The best selling Metroid game is only over 2 million copies sold, and that was the first Prime. Prime 3 released on the highly successful Wii U and barely broke a million copies. Compare that to Donkey Kong Country Returns, which sold over 6 million copies and things should look pretty clear. Metroid isn't a big seller for Nintendo and never has been. It just has a very loud fanbase that makes their presence known online.

I think this game looks good, kind of like a Four Swords for Metroid. Glad to see the play mechanics from Prime returning, but yeah, it's a spin-off game through and through. And it's spinning off of a series that hasn't had a main entry title in over what, seven years? Not counting Other M, of course.

The game should be fun, it doesn't deserve the hate. Spread the hate elsewhere, like at Sakamoto. He's the one that dropped the ball.

Wed Jun 17 15 03:04pm
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This post has been edited because the numbers were from an unreliable source. I apologize for the mistake. I still like Metroid, and I think it's odd to not have a first-person shooter on a console, but if people aren't interested in Metroid games maybe the series should just fade into the background idk.

While Metroid Prime did do better in the US, don't source vgchartz for numbers. Their numbers are pretty much guesses, and have been horribly off before. Iirc real NPD #s, Metroid Prime 1 definitely broke 1M in the US. I forget about the others, but they were lower than 1.

Ah ok thanks, didn't know that.

" It's also unfortunate to hear that no metroid game is being worked on for WiiU at all and that it won't be until NX"

I like to remain hopeful that they just mean the Prime series and that another, non-Prime, Metroid game will be released on Wii U. I mean, he technically would have nothing to do with that since it would be Sakamoto's game. So.. it's possible it could still happen.

That's true, he could just not have any knowledge about another metroid game and one could be in development. I just think if he has the confidence to say that it worries me. I get worried very easily when it comes to Metroid games XD. They also released all the metroid prime games on wiiu eshop for wii download which is weird to me if they weren't planning on releasing a new metroid before the end of the wiiu life cycle. Maybe they are checking out to see how sales for those mp games on eshop will do before they go into development or something? Idk. You can probably tell I get paranoid about metroid games easily.

Thank you for staying strong, developers! This is my highlight of this E3, I loved MPH, and I will most likely love this, it's a different idea, but not a worse idea, it takes the engine and other great elements from the Prime series and makes it work in something else, I'm looking forward to this!

This should never have been a Metroid game, it's clearly an idea that had the franchise slapped onto it when it should have been a new IP.

It's not going to help the Metroid franchise and it's killed any chance of it being it's own thing. This game has been really poorly handled.

I don't have a problem with them saying it's a Metroid game without Samus, and I WANTED this kind of focus on the Metroid universe without Samus or Metroids, but I take issue that it's a 3DS game when almost everything about it would be sooooo much better as a Wii U game. I have no intention of buying much more 3DS games as it is, and as much of a hand-cramp as Hunters was, I don't want to even bother with this game more than any possible demo. But more than anything, I'll always have wanted it to be a Wii U game instead.

Wed Jun 17 15 04:13pm
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I personally think it looks like it'll be a fun game, in a genre that the 3DS is lacking in big time. Sure it's not the Metroid Prime I wanted on the Wii U, but it'll likely sell just as well and cost Nintendo less to make.
Just like the Metroid audience is a small but loud group in the wastelands of the internet, so are the bandwagoners of the newly formed "Metroid Prime: Federation Force Hate Brigade".

I always wanted a game that focused more on the Federation and had a multiplayer aspect to it. Of course I think they choose a bad time to show of this game, but I never expected this much negative feed back. :c

Has ONE mission with metroids and title of the game is Metroid... *facepalm*

First, this doesn't mean only one Mission is related to Metroids.

Second, most Metroid games has VERY little actual Metroids in them.

The game isn't autmoatically bad in EVERY way, Otaku.

I'm assuming it's true.
I wouldn't say VERY but they are still in focus in some way.
I didn't say that, just that it shouldn't be called Metroid.

I just meant it seems like so many are so into calling literally everything about this game bad just because it got a immediate bad rep, and a lot of times it is completely unfair for the game (and the developers).

Especially since NLG DID wanna make a normal Metroid. :/

I'm sure it's a great game. I'm not just interested. But it's stupid and hurts to see them use the name in vain like that. They should have just called it something else but they use the name to sell more. I think that's just wrong. At least with Mario spin-offs you're still playing as Mario...

Well, not playing as Samus doesn't matter, it is a spinoff and many Spinoffs have you play as someone completely different. The only really wrong thing about this situation is that Nintendo should have known that revealing the first Metroid in 5 years as a cartoony spinoff would get very bad rep. Had it been shown with a normal Metroid, no one would hate on it. I will judge it for myself when I play it, of course.

I just hate seeing it get so much uneeded hate. It doesn't help. :/

It does matter... They shouldn't have called it Metroid. The only Metroid spin off we've gotten before is Metroid Pinball. That's fine. But this is just a slap in the face. It shouldn't be called Metroid Prime, it only has Prime because it's a FPS. And only has Metroid to sell better or to fill some slot on a list.

The hate isn't unneeded, it's needed so Nintendo get's the drift. Or maybe you're right, cause sometimes Nintendo doesn't give a crap about what we want...

Jeez, what's with all the hate? I'm definitely going to get this game and hope they expand on this Federation Force idea. I really like it. No joking. No sarcasm. I'm serious.


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