Reggie - Iwata didn't apologize for E3, Nintendo unphased by Metroid Prime: Federation Force virtiol

Coming from a Polygon interview with Reggie Fils-Aime...

"It was not an apology. It was not a statement about the content we're showing, essentially it was an 'I hear you' message. Mr. Iwata is in Japan and what he's trying to do is help explain to consumers in Japan what's going on at E3. The correct translation of his message was: 'Thank you for your feedback. We hear you and we are committed to continuing to meet your expectations,' was essentially his message.

(Concerning the reaction to Metroid Prime: Federation Force) One of the things I find interesting is that if you look at E3 historically for Nintendo, typically what happens is a press briefing happens or our digital event happens and then over the course of the next couple of days people see the games get to play the games and the appreciation and understanding of what we're doing increases over those three days and continues to build into the holidays.

Splatoon is a game that people are loving right now, but if you rewind to E3 last year, Splatoon was being viewed as, 'Yes, it's innovative and it's different, but the controls are a little hard and I don't understand the mechanic of turning into a squid and going through the ink.' There were all of these complaints. But now you look at the finished product and the satisfaction is huge. For us, our goal is to make sure we announce the content, help people understand the content, but most importantly get hands on with the games. I haven't heard the feedback (for this year's Best Buy demonstrations), but I think the feedback is going to be quite positive because what we do is make great games and they show well and they really lead to consumer excitement."

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Most of the WiiU's E3's Reggie's had to go on the defensive about company direction.

I think his comment about game criticism from reveal to release holds some merit. Buuuut, I don't think there has EVER been a game revealed at E3 by Nintendo that has THIS much universal hatred...and they revealed more than one (the other being Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival).

It's not "universal". I see a lot of people who are just lukewarm to it. Very few people hate the game.

It's universal. 10,000 signatures on a petition to cancel its development attests to that. To say people are merely lukewarm and not hateful is a complete mischaracterization. They hate that Nintendo is not giving them Metroid Prime 4, and they hate Federation Force for not being Prime 4. And it is completely unwarranted, judging a game for what it is not, rather than what it is. This whole outcry is made worse because Next Level has proven themselves one of Nintendo's best western studio partners, and has earned the benefit of the doubt, yet nobody is giving it to them. And everybody who is claiming that Federation Force is killing off Metroid will be more directly responsible for that result when they misguidedly boycott the game in some attempt to demonstrate consumer desires.

So, if we don't support Blast Ball, no Metroid for us then? How is that fair? Why should we be okay with that? That we're basically being held hostage and forced to support this game just so we can *hope* that it means Nintendo will take the support for it as "We want more Metroid!", which is something they clearly already know?

And if it does do well, we have to worry they'll they make the next Metroid look like Blast Ball visually, which I personally don't want. I don't want Chibbi Samus. I want them to continue to take us in the direction the actual Metroid Prime games took us.

It's fair because when I say "boycott" I mean the refusal of a market, whether you mean the gaming community at large or specifically Metroid fans, to support a quality title. (Should the game be bunk the word doesn't apply, and hence does not fall under my argument.) And before I continue, let's be clear that I was speaking about Federation Force, not Blast Ball. To reply as though I considered Blast Ball a full title is almost like you're trying to bolster your argument by getting me to implicitly accept a weaker example. Anyway... Should Federation Force be a quality title and meet with poor sales, Nintendo will either conclude that there is no interest in the franchise, and stop pursuing it, or that the fan base is not one they want, and stop pursuing it.

Part of what is so exasperating about all this is watching people who claim to be Nintendo's biggest fans demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of how they develop games. They develop gameplay first, then fit it to a franchise. They never--repeat never--decide on a franchise and then try to figure out what to do with it. That's why we've never gotten another Super Mario Bros. 2. That's why we got Mario Kart, and not New IP Kart. That's why we got Kirby's Epic Yarn and not Prince Fluff's Epic Yarn. That's why we got Splatoon and not Mario Ink. I assure you, in the sense that I'm not an idiot and can figure things out, that gameplay for Federation Force came first and the Metroid brand was applied later. I can also assure you, in the same sense, that one of two things is true: either a new Metroid game is in development, or the only ideas they have would result in them essentially remaking a game we already have. Which would put the Samboys as up in arms as they are right now.

so 10,000 people is universal now? Come on, be real. That's just a tiny percentage of everyone who watched the Direct. Yeah, a bunch of people are not happy but you only hear from the ones who are disappointed. That's customer service 101. People who are content rarely make that point known.

Yes, 10,000 is universal. Because of the basic concepts of statistics and consumer behavior. Corporations learned long ago what percentage of dissatisfied customers act, and if you believe that only 10,000 people are irrationally dissatisfied, and that they all signed the petition, then, let's just say, Reggie doesn't have to worry about competition for his job from this quarter.

No 10,000 signatures is not universal. That's just ridiculous.

REAL customer service 101: People who are 'okay' with the service say nothing. People who were 'mildly disappointed' say nothing. If you get no feedback, people were ambivalent. Happy people talk. Thrilled people talk. Angry people talk. If you aren't getting ANY feedback, you are merely doing 'okay.' And these days, 'okay' is as good as bad. If you are only hearing ANGRY people, and the only 'positive' word is merely defensive comments from Ninty fans who don't want to hear their favorite company slandered, that means that there ARE no people who are like 'YES! YES! FINALLY! AWESOME!'

When Nintendo attached the Metroid name to this game they also attached a certain amount of baggage. You're right, it might end up being a good game. But they called it Metroid so it will be expected to live up to the name.

10,000 signatures on a petition to cancel its development

Oh wow, some really mentally challenged people exist in this world. Wonder where they found an internet connection.

Most of the signatures are probably from 'sheep' that are going with the flow

This is, by definition, not going with the flow.

The Facebook comments, YouTube comments and like to dislike ration on the video beg to differ. I've never played a Metroid game besides Fusion, so I'm not sure where what the fans are feeling. But it seems pretty bad.

There is such a thing as a vocal minority. On the internet, it's usually the vocal, hardcore minority that make sure there voices are heard.

This is probably the most disliked video game related trailer of all time, by a very wide margin.

Thu Jun 18 15 09:05am
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I'll just make a note that in case of the dislikes bar, some butthurt people have set up downvote bots to get back at Nintendo. I don't have a link off hand where I've seen this though. Don't take the like/upvote to dislike/downvote ratio at face value.

Also the negative reaction to amiibo Festival and Federation Force just takes me right back to when the 2DS remodel happened for the 3DS family.

What People Wanted == What We Got == Results

A more powerful 3DS with a second Circle Pad for hardcore players. == The same 3DS with the clamshell removed and no second Circle Pad for kids. == The vocal minority hardcore bitched and downvote bombed the 2DS reveal trailer leading Nintendo to disable ratings and comments. The 2DS was vindicated after it came out when people saw its uses.

The same thing is happening with the new games.

AC: amiibo Festival
A HD version of Animal Crossing for hardcore players; amiibo optional. == A party game that's free-to-download with amiibo mandatory. == The hardcore players bitched and downvote bombed the game; Nintendo hasn't disabled comments and ratings yet. The game probably will get vindicated as people pick it up anyways and see for themselves how fun it could be.

Federation Force
A HD (for Wii U) Metroid that brings back Samus to Metroid Prime 1 gameplay. == A 3DS squad-based shooter with a chibi-artstyle. == The hardcore players bitched, downvote bombed the game, put up a petition to have Nintendo cancel the game when the 3DS needs new games; Nintendo hasn't disabled comments and ratings yet. The game will get vindicated as people pick it up anyways and see for themselves how fun it could be.

In fact we see this behavior a lot with not just Nintendo. If a game comes out that has missing features or whatever, somebody will bitch unreasonably. It's the internet.

Sure you can be disappointed and critique what was shown this week, but to get ugly and declare something like Federation Force is a sin against god is just horrible.

A 'bot' to downvote would have to have a separate Google account for each downvote. Do you think someone magically has set up 48,000 verified Google accounts, each with their own real phone number, to do this?

Not one person, but never count out a group of determined people, especially people skilled at programming. You can pretty much automate anything on the internet. Hell this is why spam bots exist. To troll, spam, fish for info, whatever you could want from their purpose.

Do people not remember the 3D World reveal from 2 years ago? There was a LOT of vitriol for that game, even though it turned out great.

Oh god, I remember that backlash. It was insane.

Yay, someone remembers.

Thu Jun 18 15 03:11am
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People were mildly upset, but we all kinda rolled with it since it was early in the Wii U's life span.

Game game still isn't as good as either Galaxy title.

And Mario 3D World at least was a real Mario Game, not this spin-off trash.

In retrospect, it seemed mild, but in all seriousness, I haven't seen that much backlash for any of these titles. Some unfortunate folks were even cursing Retro for working on Tropical Freeze, which I know a lot of people adore (I think it's fun but worse than DKCR personally).

Thu Jun 18 15 04:36am
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I'd have rather had a different game than Tropical Freeze but I think it's a fun, fine good looking game.

Honestly Reggie is trying to put the best 'spin' on a dreadful situation, but I'm not sure who he's trying to convince. The media? They know what's up. Gamers? Well, we're having this reaction, no amount of redressing is going to fix it. And what's worse, he seems to be digging in his heels. These days you need to have an open dialogue with your fans if you're going to be taken seriously and Nintendo just never has been good at that. Take the whole Xenoblade/Last Story situation.

Also, Nintendo is just bad at decision making. Clearly they wouldn't have released the Wii U as they did if they had a crystal ball that showed them the future. I doubt they would have done E3 the way they did if they realized how bad the community response and press would be for them.

Why they thought any of this would go over well I have no idea, but obviously they did. The best thing to do is start working on fixing your fragile if not broken relation with your most dedicated fans, it needs to start now, Reggie is just exacerbating the problem.

Ha ha. Watch him try to compare Splatoon to Federation Farce. Splatoon was received very warmly last year. Not remotely the same response.

Yep. The response to Splatoon is the reason certain elements of Nintendo's E3 last year were sure to come back, like treehouse live. So it's not a great comparison at all, ya

I really can't wait for this whole week to end. The amount of butthurt everywhere is quite tiring.

I'm just so tired of the "me me me me me, I, WANT, NOW, SHOULD BE, THIS WAY, I THINK, MY WAY!" mentality. It's freaken embarrassing.and shameful. Some of these people want video games to be respected but how the heck are they going to acheive that when they themselves DO NOT RESPECT IT THEMSELVES.

I so agree. Metroid Prime : Federation Force alone shows how many utterly selfish gamers exist.

Yeah, how dare these selfish consumers complain about a product they don't like. It's almost as if we live in a free-market based society.

Oh yeah because they've totally played through it and was able to make a clear judgement and not an instant assumption because it's something outside of their comfort zone.

LOL We have to play it before we can decide we don't like it, remember? Just like we have to watch every movie in theaters before deciding we don't want to see it, read every new book that comes out before we can say it doesn't seem like it's for us. No problem: let's spend $40 on a game that looks like crap to us so we can come back and say 'I didn't like it AND now I have the right to say I don't want to buy it: because I bought it.'


The people arguing that way are the only people holding Nintendo up right now, and they are not a very big fanbase. If video games cost $13 like a CD or $18 like a hardcover instead of $60, Nintendo would be so screwed.

You're right. We should just take whatever they give us and keep our opinions to ourselves. That way other gamers won't be mad at us.

Nintendo shouldn't apologize for what had happen about our reaction with this weeks event. WE should apologize for the way we act about our opinions. Yeah Nintendo listens to our message but we shouldn't be disappointed now. We should react by the time the game comes out, right?

No, we should react at every possible opportunity. We react negatively when directs disappoint us, we react negatively when games disappoint us. There should never be a point where we do not voice our displeasure with Nintendo so long as it is warranted. Nintendo has almost no audience left, they're a shell of what they were less than a generation ago. Rare is the occasion where Nintendo actually gets the message and as a result we have to make our voices heard at every opportunity to ensure it sinks into the skulls of the people who can influence what the geriatrics back in Japan do with the company.

No. People shouldn't have to apologize for their opinions. Nintendo failed to deliver and people reacted accordingly. Caveat to that: threats are unacceptable.

People should never apologize for their opinions. But plenty of people should apologize for the actions they took when they responded and the words they chose as they did so.

Yeah that's true. I mean I feel bad for Nintendo but at least they doing as best as they can. I personally think that Nintendo has given some good games, so-so games and bad games but eventually those game or most will come out better than what we saw at E3.

Thu Jun 18 15 01:28am
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Why should we apologize for being disappointed? If people express their opinion, it might help Nintendo learn from their mistakes and improve in the future. A lot of people who are complaining about the Digital Event are just fans who want Nintendo to do better. I don't see a problem with that.

Problem is that enough people voiced their disappointment (which is completely valid) in angry or demeaning ways. On the extreme end, we had people making change.org petitions calling the thing an atrocity or asking for the developers to be fired.

The reaction to Federation Force was ridiculous. Yes it's a spinoff, and you should definitely continue to voice your passion for a single player focused Metroid title starring Samus. However, the vast majority of people were crapping on Federation Force without even seeing the game at all outside of the short trailer. It's made by Next Level Games, who have a stellar record. The game will turn out fine imo.

Also no set of fans "deserve" a game. You can show your support for a franchise hoping Nintendo hears that feedback and gives it a shot. They're a business after all, and when they're doing as badly as they are now, there are just certain franchises that just aren't really possible to make money on at this time (aka not enough sales, or too expensive to do right and recoup costs).

I've grown tired of responding to people who don't get it. And I've grown tired of myself for falling prey to feeling the need to. So I'm glad to read a comment that gets it, especially in two key areas: the games we are getting does not conflict with the desire for other games, and Next Level is awesome and deserves our attention. Thanks for the thoughts, but good luck being listened to.

Well I was just listened to, but you already agreed with me to begin with Smile. Anyways, not sure why I waste my time on this, but maybe I like it in some twisted way haha.

I understand that we are disappointed this year but that doesn't mean that we should be getting upset over it. We should be calm and politely let them know what they should do better which I agree with you. I just think we are a little too hard on them.

Where does being blindly loyal get anyone? It doesn't help us and it certainly doesn't help Nintendo.

We're like sports fans. Nintendo is our team and they showed up to the Super Bowl and lets us down. Not only did they let us down, but they had the nerve to use franchises of theirs that we love, like Metroid and Animal Crossing, and twist them into things like Metroid: Blast Ball and Animal Crossing Party.

Honestly, it's insulting. They tried to play us. "We won't give you a real Metroid or Animal Crossing game, but take this garbage because we know you'll buy it anyway!" As a life long Nintendo fan, I feel betrayed by them.

If Animal Crossing U was promised for May, I wouldn't mind Animal Crossing Party. If we were getting another Metroid, for either the 3DS or Wii U, I wouldn't mind Blast Ball. But they're not. They're giving us the bare minimum and expecting us to shell out our money just because they slapped franchises we love on the title.

I've given Nintendo THOUSANDS of dollars in my life. They WANT me to keep giving them more. They are making it impossible for me to want to do that. They don't owe me anything, but I certainly don't owe them anything. And, it is true they convinced me to buy their $350 deluxe Wii U on Day 1 on a promise of things to come. If you had given me $350 on the premise that the next five years would be full of awesome, and a few years later you were regretting the decision, you'd probably be singing a different tune. I WAS a fan, now I'm merely a customer, and I'm on the path to being a 'former customer.' Like I was during the Gamecube era.

It's not as though Nintendo are the only 'game' game in town.

Like, he just doesn't get it. And, honestly, that's really frustrating. Truthfully, it makes me worried.

Lets be real, the only reason anyone is even talking about this game AT ALL - good or bad - is because it's got Metroid in the title. If it was just called Blast Ball, not many people would care. They used the Metroid name just to give this game some importance. To make people even care just a little bit. If people can't see why Metroid fans are annoyed, they're just being obtuse because they have every right to be angry.

But really, it's not even just this game, but the entire presentation. You've got Yoshi's Wooly World, which was debuted last year, getting a good four minutes of focus like the people who are buying it haven't already made up their minds. And half the other stuff presented, we already knew about too. Do a sizzle reel for this stuff. Yeah, focus more on Mario Maker, but the others didn't need the amount of focus they got.

And then you got the new stuff being things like Mario Tennis and Animal Crossing Party, which are fine, but it's not E3 worthy. That'd be fine in one of their directs throughout the year, but not E3.

We weren't given anything to really "wow" us. Not even a little tease of future games that could get us excited, which makes no sense since Zelda U is right there. Even if they're slowing down games for the Wii U and focusing on the NX and most Q4 Nintendo games are for the NX, they still have Zelda U. A 10 second teaser or some promo art. It would have been enough.

Nintendo is lacking content so badly that they can't even put together a decent sizzle reel anymore.

Their Nindie games were great, so the fact that they weren't mentioned in anyway just confuses me. Typoman and Runbow were both great, yet they got nothing. I'm sure other people liked the other games too, but they didn't appear either. Then they have the Fast Racing Neo (I think that's the title), which looks good, but I almost didn't even hear about if I didn't come here. If they really don't have anything huge, they could at least use them to fill the void.

And I really don't get the lack of HD remakes. Didn't they build an engine to do it with Wind Waker? Didn't it only take six months to make? Why weren't things like Mario Sunshine HD, Luigi's Mansion HD, Paper Mario: The 1000 Year Door, or F-Zero GX HD (to test the waters) already being made? What about Fire Emblem: Path to Radiance; which stars Ike, a playable Smash character? Why not use his and FE's new popularity to bring that game back? Because as a new fan, I'd love to be able to play it.

But why not do a series of HD remakes to fill the next year while we wait for the NX? Maybe it's a little lazy, but it gives us something to be excited about in the meantime.

As a Nintendo fan, you know better than anyone that Nintendo can't make a good sizzle reel even when they have content. Seriously if Nintendo (NoA at least) had the marketing muscles of the N64 days or even of Sony/Microsoft, they'd do a LOT better imo.

Thu Jun 18 15 02:19am
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Federation Force isn't just Blastball, I hope folks (including you) realize that? It's an online co-op mission-based shooter investigating the story of the Metroid Federation and is something the Prime creator (Tanabe) has wanted to do for 10 years along with a soccer mode of Blastball. It might not be what you want, but it''s not a "let's trick our fans".

Meanwhile once Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival was presented terribly. Once it was actually explained, it seems like a lot more than they showed. Plus the game was free to download but for w/e reason they never mentioned it. Thus the audience targeted by that is COMPLETELY different than the E3 crowd imo (plus only a small portion of Animal Crossing purchasers watch E3 to be fair, and I doubt we've heard their opinions in the slightest.) They screwed up the presentation of their ideas, but that's really nothing new for modern Nintendo. Just look how they managed to make 3D World look boring for example.

Fast Racing Neo isn't a first party at all though, I hope you realize that. They didn't even show Devil's Third and Fatal Frame V, which they're publishing and you want them to show Fast? Good luck with that.

All it needs is a solid single player mode with Samus as the main character.

I think the biggest thing other than it being a multiplayer game and not Samus, is that the art style looks very generic and chibi.

Stand your ground Reggie!

Thu Jun 18 15 01:45am
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It's not Nintendo's fault. All of these years we've watched how they turn the Wii U into a time bomb and yet we did nothing to stop it. So in a sense, they are the victims here!

We should apologize, and perhaps send some money to support all those studios and first party developers that have nothing to work on right now.

Yes. Exactly. Nintendo is worked as hard as they can and the way we are acting is a bunch of babies. Well I wasn't and neither are you but most others that are should apologize.

Thu Jun 18 15 01:50am
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I feel bad most of all for Next Level Games because it's unfair to them and they make great games and don't deserve to be burned the way they are for fire that is clearly meant for and directed at Nintendo themselves for failing to deliver the announcement of the type of Metroid game that fans were wanting and longing for. If this game had simply been called something else and not affiliated with the Metroid name, it wouldn't have been an issue or at least much less of an issue compared to what's happened in the wake of the game's reveal.

I agree, but people really need to realize the METROID PRIME Creator wanted this for 10 years. It's investigating the Metroid universe too.

Yeah this E3 IMO wasn't very good but was nowhere near as bad as 2008 or 2012 IMO. It just pains me to see how lazy Nintendo has really become recently. To save development costs they're reusing assests and engines of previous games. Besides StarFox (even then dialogue, corneria, and character designs are ripped right out of StarFox 64 3D) and Federation Force no game had a unique art style/identity.

Triforce Heroes = Link Between Worlds
Fire Emblem Fates = Awakening
Happy Home Designer = New Leaf
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon = Gates to Infinity
Super Mario Maker (though this gets a pass as it's the whole point)
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam = Dream Team and Sticker Star.
Hyrule Warriors Legends (really no need for this game to exist other than to make a quick buck and fill out the slate of 3DS titles in 2016)
Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival looks like is running on the Wii U Party engine with assests from the AC Plaza and New Leaf.

I bet if you took a screenshot of each of these games with it's companion title you probably wouldn't know the difference after first glance...while I know Nintendo reuses assests and engines in the past it's never been more blatantly obvious than yesterdays direct! It's like Nintendo realized Wii U is a lost cause (given the lack of major Wii U game announcements) so they turned back focus to 3DS realized they wasted all there development time on Wii U and NEEDED to get some new 3DS games out at the end of this year and early next so they just reused a bunch of assests and engines of previously released 3DS games to make some quick cash.

Thu Jun 18 15 02:31am
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Good thing that Majora's Mask was terrible and not lauded by so many people. Also Fire Emblem Fates is a really ambitious sequel, so that's a really bad example. What's wrong with reusing an engine. It's a good way to cut down development time and get fun concepts out faster. You think all the other franchises just rewrite the whole engine every time there's a new game? Nintendo is all about gameplay, and in the case of Zelda, it's a completely different type of Zelda game! Hyrule Warriors 3DS is for Japan primarily btw (done by Koei Tecmo) and to give 3DS owners a chance to play it. Good thing that the AAA industry isn't just porting last year's titles to PS4/XB1 to great sales and excitement (Tomb Raider, Gears, Halo: MCC, Uncharted, Last of Us, GTAV, Saints Row, God of War III and the list goes on and on and on and on)

Dude calm down I'm sure these games are gonna be fun no one here is saying any of the games Nintendo announced yesterday are gonna be bad (except Federation Force). I'm looking forward to a few of them. It's feels a bit rushed as all. I love MM btw second favorite zelda game.

Sorry I think the way I worded it came off a lot harsher than I was actually feeling. I was doing more sarcastically lol, but anyways good to hear.

Btw, why is Federation Force necessarily going to be bad though? It is Next Level Games developing it after all, and in theory a co-op mission based shooter (which we haven't seen much of yet, right?) could be pretty fun, even if it's graphically underwhelming.

I'm sure the gameplay is better than it looks. Besides, the graphics may look bad now along with anything else you see but I'm sure the games will look better. We need to give Nintendo time and they are listening to our messages so they can make it right. I'm happy what Nintendo showed us. I'm sure in the next year or so they'll do better. They did last year so they'll get it again soon.

There's really nothing wrong with reusing the engine and/or assets. For me, the problem is how small-scale and unambitious all the projects are. Majora's Mask reused most assets from Ocarina of Time and was only created in a single year, yet it was an absolute masterpiece and one of the most unique Zelda titles to date.

Thu Jun 18 15 01:28pm
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Yeah that was the point I was trying to make. I know it's too early to truely gauge but none of these games feel like a majoras mask where while it used assests and the same engine the game was so radically different from OOT. Triforce Heroes looks like a 3 player A Link Between Worlds, Happy Home Designer looks like New Leaf except they took everything else about AC out and is just about designing homes, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon has more Pokemon and slightly better graphics....okay...Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam I'm excited for but it literally looks like Dream Team meets Sticker Star. Which tbh i'm fine with. I thought Dream Team was boring and Sticker Star wasn't as bad as some people made it seem it was just...average.

Nothing they showed looked like the next Majora's Mask, Prime 2, Captain Toad, or Super Paper Mario. You know games in the past which reused assests but still had their own unique identity.

Reusing an engine is a lazy excuse to knock on Nintendo for. If that were the case to call foul we'd have Nintendo's head on New SMBU, or before that with any of the Prime sequels, which also used a megaton of assets from the first game all the way through.

And lets not forget DKCR is built off that same MP engine.

As far as the vitriol goes, I personally find it as vindication. What these fans are treated by FedForce is EXACTLY what Prime did to the Metroid series as a whole.

Ubisoft reuses A LOT of assets and engines. Ghost Recon looked like an amalgamation of a couple of them with Far Cry as the base.

Splatoon did not receive nearly as much negative feedback as Metroid is currently. That's not even close to a fair comparison. What really bothers me though, is that this is what he actually believes. This is the train of thought that they have about this kind of criticism.

The best metaphor to describe Nintendo: tone deaf.

That's actually a bad metaphor. You want to say they are unwilling to listen, and tone deafness has nothing to do with that. Try again.

No. The term tone deaf is often used as a metaphor to describe those who are unwilling to listen.

No, not really. And it's still a poor metaphor to use in this instance. (and other instances too come to think of it)

Tone deafness has nothing to do with willingness to listen.

A google trawl brings up this in the Free dictionary - 2. Unable to appreciate or understand the concerns or difficulties of others; out-of-touch.

Thu Jun 18 15 02:32am
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I don't get why he used Splatoon o_O. 3D World would have been a great recent example and would be spot on.

Mario 3D World - want traditional 3D Mario game - most people honestly liked it, even some wanted to also have the old style back
Metroid Prime Federation Force - want a traditional Metroid Prime game -> wouldn't be surprised if the folks that play it find it pretty fun. It's Next Level Games after all, and they're an awesome dev team.

He used Splatoon because Reggie is a marketing person and it makes good business sense to bring up the game they're still trying to sell.

I hope the investors grill them next week over this.

Good luck with that. The investors are actually pretty big Nintendo fanboys and most of their questions are pretty stupid to be honest. The more critical ones have already (correctly) written off the Wii U, and are far more concerned about Nintendo's mobile and NX strategy and potentially the 3DS's future in the meantime.

Thu Jun 18 15 02:17am
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Splatoon is a game that people are loving right now, but if you rewind to E3 last year, Splatoon was being viewed as, 'Yes, it's innovative and it's different, but the controls are a little hard and I don't understand the mechanic of turning into a squid and going through the ink.' There were all of these complaints. But now you look at the finished product and the satisfaction is huge.

Everyone is quick to jump to conclusion and even the hardcore fans start having doubts. But remember last year that Ninty gave E3 the finger and we got that surprise Direct . That was awesome, and all the games they just announced are due to release very soon unlike other consoles just baiting early hype (T.T FFVII 201Cool Except for le awesome Fallout

Thu Jun 18 15 02:21am
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I'm a little surprised the reaction to the show has been this negative, given we have an effin' Star Fox game by Platinum Games on display right now.

The problem wasn't a lack of games. Certainly, certain games should have been highlighted (the Nindie games, Devil's Third, Fatal Frame), but the main issue here is that Nintendo's biggest game, Star Fox Zero, was unceremoniously revealed last year. THAT clearly shouldn't have happened, because if that had been a surprise at the press conference, with Platinum Game's involvement highlighted, it would've been a megaton.

And the worst thing about Metroid Prime Federation Force's reveal is the lack of information on how the game will play. No, it's not the Metroid we wanted, but it's not like this is the next big game from Retro, or the Japanese Metroid team. This is a spin-off from Next Level Games, a company that has proven itself numerous times in the past already. It's probably going to be pretty good. So far, the biggest complaint I've heard about the game is that it's not Metroid Prime 4. And really....that's exactly why no one should be complaining. Its clearly not a mainline Metroid title, it's a spin off that's probably only retaining the name to sell some additional copies. Obviously, people have a right to complain, but I find the complaints over the game's name and aesthetics...meritless. It has nothing to do with the end quality of the game.

Exactly. The largest problem with the Digital Event was the lack of new. The second largest problem was the selection of the old. Fatal Frame, Devil's Third, EarthBound Beginnings, and Nindies deserved as much time as the stuff that was featured. But what was featured deserves to be judged on its own merits, and I have yet to see that Federation Force is. Moreover, Next Level has earned more consideration than they've gotten. When I learned they were developing it I felt bad at not being excited during the reveal.

Also further proof was shown that Nintendo can't balance 2 platforms without one getting the short end of the stick... Let's look at upcoming first party 3DS titles to Wii U...

-Hyrule Warriors Legends
-Zelda: Triforce Heroes
-Chibi-Robo Zipline
-Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
-Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
-Fire Emblem Fates
-Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
-Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Wii U:
-Xenoblade Chronicles X
-Mario Tennis Smash
-Star Fox Zero
-Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival
-Super Mario Maker
-Yoshi's Wooly World

That's 8 to 6 and if you want to be technical Xenoblade is already out in Japan and Wooly World is about to be out in other regions next week so that's 8 3DS games on the horizon and only 4 Wii U games everywere but NA....that's really terrible Nintendo....

Really? 8 to 6 is your comparison? That's a crap ton of games, and almost ALL of the Wii U games are much much larger in scope (Xeno, Mario Maker & Wooly World for the big ones).

Actually it is the 3DS that gets the short end of the stick, as half of the games you listed are 2016 releases. WiiU has all those games, plus devil's third and fatal frame, all coming out this year (at least in europe).

The first party 3DS releases for this year are just horrible.

Yes but what about next year for Wii U besides Zelda (which is most likely holiday or being held for NX)? This direct was suppose to show games for this year and early next year. You trying to tell me we're not getting any Wii U games next year and only 3DS games. I mean it wouldn't surprise me with the rate we're getting Wii U titles at...

My opinion is that NX will come sooner than we expect and that the big studios have shifted their attention there now. What I expect at best from WiiU now is just more small-medium scale games, aside from Zelda.

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I absolutely despise the childish reaction to the new metroid game you creeps are having.
Its a spinoff, Its a spinoff that I think plenty of people wanted since metroid prime 3.
No its not Metroid proper
No its not on WiiU
Yes the art style is a bit goofy
But youre actively discouraging Nintendo from branching out. Imagine how stupid you would look giving this same reaction to the mario tennis reveal.

That is how normal people see you, getting mad about a harmless spinoff game because a dumb internet rumor about metroid prime 4 was wrong. Loosen your diaper and find something less moronic to complain about.

I think the reaction of folks like you who are angry at people for not wanting to buy any of these games is sillier, frankly.

I'd willingly go in public and say 'This chibi space shooter game does not appeal to me, wish I hadn't wasted time watching Nintendo's E3 this year,' but I would feel like a fool to go up on stage and say 'You call yourself a FAN! You should be GRATEFUL Nintendo are making ANYTHING! You are all a bunch of whiny creeps. WHINY CREEPS, I SAY!'

Seriously. Think about it.

....Did you just disregard everything i said, install a strawman in my place, and then attack it to make a point you were just dying for but couldnt find the opportunity?

Yes, I believe you just did. I dont care if you dont want to play the game, I dont care if youre mad about that terrible e3 showing nintendo had, but being a snobby jackass doesnt change anything, and the personal opinion of far-too-serious people like im annoyed with should have no influence with a company like nintendo.

The fury over Federation Force is NO DIFFERENT than chris chan's fury over sonic's arms being the "wrong color".

That's almost worth reading, but, to my taste, falls short.

I'm still convinced that the anger for games like AC Amiibo Festival and Federation Force is more due to the fact that they're simply not the "traditional" games folks were hoping for, and thus, they're considered bad games.

But it's worth noting:

1) ACNL is just a little over 2 years old. Is the world REALLY ready for a new, traditional Animal Crossing? And before anyone says 'yes', does anyone remember City Folk and how short-lived that was due to the lack of new things, coming out so soon, AND being more hindered due to being tied to a home console? But I guess as long as it's HD, none of that would be any problem...

2) You can't prove that Federation Force is just a generic game with the Metroid title "slapped onto it". I mean, it's not as if the Galactic Federation is part of the Metroid lore or anything. It's not like this could at least be appreciated for being the first TRUE Metroid spin-off that will give us some look into the Metroid universe. And it sure as heck isn't SOME amount of proof that Nintendo remembers the Metroid franchise.

Don't get me wrong, folks are free to express their disappointment of failed expectations, but my god, try to separate THAT from the quality of these games (that's yet to be fully proven). And heaven forbid one game of a particular franchise doesn't happen to appeal to you...

Personally I'm perfectly happy. Metroid hasn't branched out in the way other franchise has.
We have just about every type Mario-branded game genre there is, Zelda had a multiplayer game, a shooting gallery game, a crossover. DK had Jungle Beat, Konga, it's own racer... and the list goes on.

All while for the most part we sit and wait for a new Metroid once in blue moon. Could be good. Could be bad. But that's your lot.
This can help expand it's universe which is great, because there is a lot of unexplored territory, untapped potential the series has. (And I'm glad it's Metroid Prime federation, those dudes are bros. Metroid mainline....not so much.)

Spinoffs are easier to swallow and even liked when there have been recent entries in the mainline series.

You're obviously going to ruffle the feathers of fans when you're putting out a spinoff when it's almost been 8 years since you last released a title in the main series.

The other issue is with the spinoff itself. It feels like a completely different game that they painted the Prime universe over. If the spinoff was something more inline with the overall feel and tone of the Metroid series I don't think the reaction would've been as negative and might've even been positive.

Bashing games without playing them is the typical "Nintendo fan" reaction. "Nintendo fan" because they're not exactly fans, they don't seem to care about most Big N franchises and are ALWAYS demanding the old ones that they can nostalgia about (Zelda, Mario, Metroid).
I disliked the E3 Direct, but it's REALLY dumb to bash games like Paper Jam, #FE, Yoshi. Even disliking the lack of a new Retro~2D Metroid I won't complain about this game being not what I wanted, if people want to criticize it, criticize for what it IS.

I approve of Reggie's statements. His body is always ready.

I think Reggie is probably unable to say anything else, this is what they have to present, he has to try to sell it. Though, he should have just said "Yes, we're listening to feedback, right now this is what we have".

If Nintendo's future is to sell plastic crap, mobile games, and theme park rides, people will stop caring about Nintendo pretty fast. There's only so far nostalgia will carry you.

I understand that Reggie has to spin it positively. However, in a different statement he mentioned not wanting to frustrate fans, but with the way he is talking I think it further frustrates fans.

What exactly is Iwata hearing and responding to regarding expectations if it wasn't disappointment? Why would he tweet that to the Japanese audience? It doesn't make any sense.

Try again Reggie. I think you're fun, but man you do have a way of frustrating fans (eg. no new 3DS, Yoshi delay, no Devils Third, etc)

Reggie was always living in his own little world and NEVER understood the Japanese mentality, OR the video game industry. He managed to make NOE look BETTER than NOA in his years and that is quite an achievement!!

They're just NOT LISTENING, are they?

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