Reggie on Metroid Prime: Federation Force reaction and fans wanting traditional Metroid

Coming from a Kotaku interview with Reggie Fils-Aime...

On negative reaction to Nintendo’s unveiling of a new Metroid Prime spin-off game:

Fils-Aime: “Here’s what I would state: we know what our fans want. We will also push the envelope in developing something that we know is high-quality and that we know will deliver in the marketplace. The best example I can give you of this, and I think you will appreciate it, is Legend of Zelda Wind Waker. Remember when that art style was first shown. The uproar from the Zelda community was intensely negative. If there had been social media then, there probably would have been a petition to make that game go away.”

Totilo: “I guess you’ve seen the Metroid petition.”

Fils-Aime: “So, the game is developed, becomes one of the most beloved games of all time, one of the most highly-rated games of all time, so I use that example to say: ‘We know what we’re doing, trust us, play the game and then we can have a conversation.’”

Totilo: “And I’m not... Next Level Games is making it, and I believe in them, because Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is fantastic. Mr. Tanabe has overseen many a great game. I think the question for me, which is a little different than what I’ve seen from some of our readers, I’m not so convinced that this game is going to be bad just because it doesn’t look like what I want. But my curiosity is: Do they [Nintendo] know that people still want a Samus Aran adventure?

Fils-Aime: “Absolutely.”

Totilo: “I was surprised there was no messaging that said, ‘Don’t worry, we know you’re interested in this as well....’”

Fils-Aime: “Look, we know that the fans want a straight Samus Aran game. We also know that the best way to launch a game like that is to surprise and delight them, to give them a launch date, in an environment like this let them play it vs. what other companies do which is to announce a project that you may not see for five, six years. It’s just not the way we do things. We know the community wants to see a straight-up Metroid game. We know it.”


I'm glad the interviewer brought up Next Level. Finding out their current project was one of my E3 wishes. They are absolutely solid and don't deserve the hate they're getting.

All good points from Reggie. I don't understand the backlash from this at all. Looks like a fun game!

no no no, do not compare this to wind waker.

Why not? I remember clearly hearing my mom's date at the time of the reveal that Nintendo will die because of the stupid baby Windwaker game... That's also the time I totally lost respect for the guy.
It was unveiled some years after the "epic" gamecube tech demo and received a very big backlash from the community. I remember it quite well, I was quite active in the IGN forums, and back then, the Nintendo side was great, with Matt Casamassina and the gang just being great reporters and the community not being a total bag of jerks and trolls (oh gods, that was the good ol' time), but still, the forums fumed and a lot of banning happened (people where banned often on IGN back then).

Why not? For one Wind Waker was at least a proper entry in the series, MFF is not. For another the initial Wind Waker trailer was pretty over the top and as a result gave a very poor impression of the game that Wind Waker would be. Finally, Wind Waker was still a hardcore Zelda title, MFF veers dangerously close to the casual garbage that got Nintendo into their current predicament in the first place.

Tue Jun 23 15 05:56pm
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These "Casual garbage" games that you mention happens to be some of my favorites, so eh, to each his own. :P

Besides Super Mario Maker, this was my favorite game shown in Nintendo's E3 direct this year. I look forward to it and hope this is something they keep going, alongside games starring Samus, of course.

I forgot about all the hate Wind Waker got. Its not really surprising though, I was pretty young when it was first revealed and I didn't have a lot of access to the internet.

I didn't have a reaction to the reveal of windwaker to me it look and felt like a traditional Zelda game and it still had link as the main protagonists federation force on the other hand does not look or feel like a Metroid game to me that's my problem with the game

It looks exactly like and seemingly plays exactly like Metroid Prime Hunters, just with 4 players.

And considering Hunters was a micro-sized Metroid Prime, I don't see how this doesn't look or play like Metroid just because you don't play Samus.

Maybe that's why I this doesn't feel like a Metroid game to me because of the mutiplayer instead of being Samus the most important female character in video game history exploring an alien world by herself this feels like Munster Hunter to me and I didn't like Munster Hunter I don't hate federation force I haven't tried it yet so I'll just wait till it releases and read reviews about it and hopefully trying it before making a decision on it

I think the character you play is irrelevant. I want Samus too, but seeing as it is mostly first person, just like the Prime games, it hardly even matters since you can't see yourself except in cutscenes. I agree it looks like Monster Hunter, though.

That said, it has Single Player. It's not Multiplayer-only.

I'm probably more forgiving because I really liked the idea of the Federation guys when they showed up in Metroid Prime 2 and wanted to play them, and I love Four Swords, so this is like a combination of things I've always been interested in.

Tue Jun 23 15 01:34pm
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I remember hearing about Wind Waker's cartoony graphics before seeing it for myself, and I just couldn't believe it. Everybody remembered the Spaceworld footage, looking like a true successor to OoT with adult Link and Ganondorf, something the fans had been clamoring for (because if you would remember, even Majora's Mask got a lot of flak upon release, being a stranger and sillier game than OoT and not featuring adult Link)... So seeing the Spaceworld demo, that was awesome for fans, we wanted THAT game.

Then Wind Waker was shown for the first time. It wasn't that game. It wasn't the high stakes and serious fantasy adventure that up until that time, the series was known for thanks to Ocarina of Time (and even LoZ and LttP had that same serious aura to them thanks to manual art and general advertisements, they weren't taken as cartoony and goofy as whole, like Wind Waker was).

So yeah, imagine being active in the community at the time Wind Waker was announced. It wasn't a fun time. Especially with the reception Gamecube was getting at the time of being the "kiddie" console... Wind Waker's art style certainly didn't help that conversation.

And I'll agree with Reggie here. This feels awfully similar. But this is also different. I think less people are angry about this game, and moreso angry that the first Metroid game we're getting in over five years is a spin-off game, not unlike Four Swords was for Zelda, but one that doesn't even feature Samus as the main protagonist. It feels like a companion game to something larger, and that something just doesn't exist. I don't doubt the game will be great. Tanabe's record and Next-Level's record shows that this should turn out fantastic. But it's still not the main entry title in the Metroid saga that people were hoping to see.

Tue Jun 23 15 05:56pm
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People were freaking out on the IGN boards when WW was revealed. I think there were actual tears. I remember being one of the positive few on the Gamecube boards, along with one of the IGN editors from the PS2 channel, Dave Z.

Put it on Wii U with less-chibi/simplified designs, and I will love it.

Keep it on 3DS like it probably will, and I won't buy it. I'm not going to pay for another hand-cramping experience on a small-screen with less-capable wifi compared to how much better my Wii U can connect from back here. And even if the gamepad is battery operated the system isn't, so it wouldn't need to have its power affected by battery-performance or lower-specs in general. But no, it's a 3DS game for some reason.

I have no hate for it. It's exactly what I wanted, just on the wrong system. =/

Tue Jun 23 15 02:00pm
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Wind Waker did indeed get a lot of hate by some bitter edgelords, but it was a very high budget game for the time and as expected it turned out to be amazing.

While I still think that federation force will probably be a fun game, NLG is a great developer after all, it is not a mainline Metroid game like WW was and it looks like its budget is that of a small/medium sized game. Plus it crushed my dreams of a 2D Metroid game, since I doubt that one that would release for a home console would be 2D.

"what other companies do which is to announce a project that you may not see for five, six years."

How long has it been since the last 'straight-up' Metroid game, again?

Wouldn't that be precisely what he is saying in why they haven't announced it?

The basic idea is, Nintendo doesn't want to announce games that you're not going to see any time soon anymore (unless an unexpected delay).

What this means is, Metroid's not ready or isn't coming yet, so they're not announcing one until it is.

That said, it could be ready next year out of nowhere, but they won't announce it yet.

"Wouldn't that be precisely what he is saying in why they haven't announced it?"

Because after five years, we still have to wait another year for the mere possibility of an announcement (with the stipulation that there may be yet further delays even after said announcement)?

Yeah, I feel pretty okay with saying that is bad management.

Pretty positive you said nothing about bad management.

Nor did I.

I'm also not sure I see the correlation.

"We're not announcing a new Metroid because we don't have one"
"When was the last Metroid again?"
"That's why they're not announcing one, because there is none"
"That's bad management"

How? Because they aren't making Metroid? I'm pretty sure they're doing just fine off of Mario, Pokemon, Zelda & amiibo sales to where they could just make those and never feel like they need to do anything else.

There was an 8 year gap between Super Metroid & Fusion/Prime. Was that also bad management?

Nintendo's full of bad management, but not having a mainline Metroid game is not part of it, nor is their approach in not cockteasing with games they don't have ready yet like, say, Square-Enix.

Tue Jun 23 15 05:15pm
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"Pretty positive you said nothing about bad management."

You should probably not respond to rhetorical questions that you do not understand, then. Razz

"When was the last Metroid game" is simply another way of expressing the extremely long time it has been since the last Metroid game in the face of Reggie saying 'Hey, it could be another five or six years, I dunno. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯'

"Because they aren't making Metroid?"

No, they are almost certainly 'making' Metroid. They are simply doing so in the least efficient manner possible.

"There was an 8 year gap between Super Metroid & Fusion/Prime. Was that also bad management?"

Absolutely, 100%. There is no good reason to take that long to develop a game.

"their approach in not cockteasing with games they don't have ready yet like, say, Square-Enix"

So when they told us about Star Fox, Zelda, Xenoblade X, and Yarn Yoshi way back in January of 2013, those games were all ready to go?

I do not hold it against Nintendo for being like Squenix when it comes to talking about games that are not coming out soon (or ever, lol), but I do have to roll my eyes a bit at the insistence that they are somehow above the practice.

In my mind, it's been 11 years since the last true Metroid game, Zero Mission. Federation Force only seems fun as a multiplayer game to me but I probably won't get it since it's yet another first person game. Still waiting for Metroid V...

The Wind Waker comparison kind of bothers me.

Yes, people revolted against the art-style of the game. They not only revolted against it,they didn't buy it. Yes, the game was fantastic, and yes the art style was daring but there's seriously a point in time after 10+ years of nonsense and risk taking that you have to take the fan's desires into account. It's no coincidence that Twilight Princess, which, graphically, was kind of the natural evolution of the OoT style, is the best-selling Zelda game to date. It's still not photo-realistic, but it's an art style people WANTED, while still being an awesome game in it's own right.

Hell, even Super Mario Sunshine, which while it's fantastic and critics loved it, didn't sell very well. Even when Galaxy was announced and talked about during an E3 conference one year, Reggie called it "the first worthy successor to Super Mario 64". To do things that seem drastically outside of the series' norms is a good thing, but outright culture shock like that is not the best marketing move.

Metroid Prime Federation Force is facing the same concerns.

It will likely be a good game. It's being handled by a good developer. The Treehouse Live segments on it looked really fun. But after 5 years, it is not the Metroid that fans expected or wanted. And you will see that reflect in sales.

And I'm honestly exhausted of hearing the whole "fans don't understand what makes this game great" excuse. That trailer, upon it's reveal, was the ONLY thing we had to go on for the game. If we don't get it, it's because you did a terrible job of showing it. Telling us, "don't worry, we know what we're doing"...Look, we know you do. It's just difficult to believe that you're listening and you're aware that people want a straight-up Metroid adventure, while showing THIS as the 5-year comeback for Metroid.

Just seems weird and contradictory.

Which is exactly why the game is a spin-off though. Wind Waker wasn't a spin-off and people flipped out because of the art style and the sailing. The general reaction is "omg it's quite different". It's very likely we'll get a normal FPS Metroid or a 2D Metroid on NX in the future imo. This is just another branch to Metroid. There are a lot of Monster Hunter fans in Japan, and if those fans end up picking up Federation Force in droves, it could even help the franchise as a whole with brand visibility, etc.

Totally agreed that it's a spin-off, but usually they come while the franchise is active. I think they should have done something to either A) Further reintroduce the franchise and truly go for mass appeal or B) please the fans that buy Metroid games FIRST, then go and make whatever 4 player co-op game you want because the fans are taken care of.

they should cave and put samus as an option, just a skin bare minimum. It could be a chibi samus jumping in the robot, heck let samus be a choice and lock every other characters behind the amiibo wall. How awesome would it be to see ROB, or chibi robo jumping into the mech. It doesn't matter really, the only metroid that fans want is "metroid prime 4 by retro and with online vs" that's it nothing else, don't try to go around that. I do want it too but I also understand the concept of retrofitting ip, they did it with kid icarus (it could have been a starfox game), they try to do a simple portable 4 player coop shooters and to sell more they put the metroid sticker on it. I'm okay with that.

Beautiful! Go Reggie, go Nintendo! (..oh, a bad pun.....)


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