Kill the Plumber yanked from App Store due to copyright infringement

We've talked about Kill the Plumber in the past, which is a game that's certainly inspired by the world of Mario. With that said, it's not really a rip-off game, so much as it's a tribute with a unique twist. Still, that was enough to have Apple yank the game from their App Store. Do you think they did the right thing, or was this a step too far?

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It definitely borrows stylistic elements, but the gameplay is different. Control the goomba & kill mario.

That one of the rare case that I think they went too far. I saw a friend play and it was actually very original.

this is a interesting game. i would have downloaded it but it's pulled now....

I really don't think it's that hard to get a game on the eshop, so if it was an original work then by all means. Too careful apple ? well that is a first apparently.

There are a couple things to consider. The gameplay is undeniably different, but the characters and level designs could be seen as less of a tribute, and more copyright infringement. Was the company standing to make money from using a slightly deformed Mario design? Even if they weren't, Apple was totally in the right to not wanna be stuck in the middle of anything.

If they don't stay consistent from now on, though, that won't be cool.

It's a pretty nice concept for a game of the mobile variety, too bad they can't come up with their own window dressing.


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