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Reggie on why Nintendo didn't talk mobile, NX at E3 2015

by rawmeatcowboy
25 June 2015
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A portion of an IGN interview with Reggie Fils-Aime...

IGN: Briefly in the Nintendo Digital Event, you mention NX and smartphones, and you made it clear that you’re not talking about it at E3. Is this because we’re way too early or you don’t want it to compete with your core platform business?

Fils-Aime: E3 is a console gaming show. And I say that despite all of the mobile entrants that are here. I say that despite mobile content that a number of publishers show. Like many folks, I watch a lot of the conferences. And you can hear the groan when a particular company talks about mobile in their presentation. That’s not what the media and the attending consumer at the show really want to hear about. And so that’s why we’re focusing on console gaming here. We’re focusing on our Wii U business and on our 3DS business. There’s going to be lots of opportunities to talk about mobile, NX, and our IP expansion. We just don’t feel that it’s the proper venue to do that at the show.