Fire Emblem Fates includes suggestive dialogue, party member prodding via stylus

- when buying items at the Accessory Shop, players can strip party members down to their underwear
- rotate the camera around their bodies and zoom in to get a closer look
- interact with the bodies of other party members by rubbing, stroking and petting them
- if the main character achieves an S-rank relationship,dialogue will become suggestive
- this dialogue can also crop up with siblings
- suggestive dialogue includes:

Camilla: “The way you’re using your hand feels so good. Very skillful.”
Lazwald: “I also want to touch you, will you come closer?”
Takumi: “You can touch me wherever I like, but don’t say I didn’t warn you…”
Joker: “We can’t… it’ll have to wait for tonight.”
Camilla: “When you do it this much, it’s embarrassing…”
Takumi: “If mother saw this, what would she think?”


men what's next killing fleeing npc to get your money back

oh my

Makes Senran Kagura look like a game for prudes.

I feel like someone should have told the development team not to listen to all the suggestions fans give them.

"Same sex relationships!" -Yes, good!

"Caress your half naked waifu on the touchscreen!" -...no. Definitely not.

...so, this is fire emblem now?

I wonder if this has anything to do with the series almost ending with that last installment.

Fortunately, this is all "My Castle" stuff that's totally tangential to the core story and gameplay.

Also fortunately, NOA has a localization team that took issue with Tharja's ass. It'll be interesting to see what gets out alive.

How much time before the doujinshi material surfaces?

...no thank you.

An accessory shop? Great! Marching out to battle in your underwear? Fantastic idea! Whatever it is they are doing here? BLAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! No thank you, you can stop now.

Really though, Nintendo of America is going to censor this. But seriously, if they let you be in your underwear at the accessory shop, but not on the battlefield, I will be greatly angered. Some sparkly magic underwear to give some defence would be nice.

Fri Jun 26 15 11:11pm
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It's all in good fun until you realize the developers are probably 40+ year old creeps

As suggestive as it is, id rather not have any of it cut out. But we all know a good amount of it will be during localization.

Luckily this is optional, but we will see some interesting mi I verse posts...

While this may work in Japan, I do have one minor concern. This might not be taken as well in the west.

Fri Jun 26 15 11:41pm
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I see no problem with this. I mean; why not? It's a game after all.

From reading comments here I guess most of you who do not like this are AMericans. I allways find it odd that war and gore is A OKAY but when something is hinted as sexual it's batshit crazy over there.

Personally I've only played one FE game. It seems like it's very stragetic so I should check it out perhaps.

EDIT: Oh and... You were running around in underwear in Monster Hunter ;)

" I allways find it odd that war and gore is A OKAY but when something is hinted as sexual it's batshit crazy over there." - Exactly, EXACTLY.

Like sex is not a natural thing, but war is.... (had to add that one. Sorry)

I suppose my reaction is a bit of a reflection of the skew of my morals and ethics, yes.

In my view: Using violence to defend one's kingdom against an enemy that seeks to use violence to kill and subjugate the populace? Not great ethics, but tolerable.

Stripping a girl down and caressing her while she protests how embarrassed she is, but is unable to stop me and slowly comes to terms with it? Yeah, really would rather we not normalize that.

You're making some assumptions there with the 2nd half.

S Rank is married, going by Awakening. So, it would be your wife. Additionally, some of that dialogue seems totally okay with it, just not in a shop. Nobody's just 'accepting' it (nor are they real).

Additionally, this goes for MEN as well. This isn't just girl characters.

The character models are also pretty garbagey. So, it's honestly more funny than it could ever be sexy.

The character models are also pretty garbagey. So, it's honestly more funny than it could ever be sexy.

Ahh, so that's why there is no wii u version :p

I don't think you understood what I was saying. Sex is a very natural thing. The reason we are here is sex, not war. I was not tlking about rape, which you hinted at.

When it comes to violence then it's also a pretty normal human thing in many cases. We are selfish animals for one and we defend our own also. That's normal. But still not as normal as getting layed.

Simple biology ;)

War is a-okay because it's a part of the story, while sexualization is almost always just mindless fanservise

Why is it "sexualization"? It's so natural a thing... It's not like this is porn. Well, at least not for em.

Sex is, indeed, a natural thing, and I have no problem with naked bodies, but games aren't exactly natural. They're designed. And this feature designed for pervy thoughts (unless there's some Japanese meta-humor here), while other game has bad things, like war, in the overall plot.

I am a tad bit off-topic in general now. Not thinking about games, just how America has that odd thing against sex but war is almost the norm. Nothing personal, just a cultural thing.

From what I've heard the Persona games treat sexualization as mean to add depth to their characters.

In terms of visuals I suppose fighting games like Guilty Gear has a daring way to show sexuality (kinda like rock bands).

Sure, and I've got no problem with exploring sexuality in games, but there's a bit of a difference between adding depth (even to charactes like Bayonetta, who isn't exactly the deepest character) and just a throwaway feature

Of course, so do violence. Both, need some kind of emotional investment to be effective, if not, is mainly noise. Though for the uninitiated, I suppose curiosity beats noise.

There is a bit more to Bayonetta if you ask me. She has personality. And was designed by a woman. Fun fact. But she is no Oscar winner, I'll grant you that ;)

I really just find it rather odd for a Nintendo game to do this. My real question is who'll call the game a "sex simulator" first, Fox News or Kotaku?

We both know the answer is Polygon...

Creepy... I mean look at those faces. Going to be looking at FE fans sideways from now on.

Can we feed them macarons and miniature cupcakes?

YES! NICE! It better not be removed in Europe! Xo

Sat Jun 27 15 01:21am
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Why are so many of us Americans such prudes?

It's funny, because the character models are so unattractive and low res.

But I mean, at S ranked you're married, it's not like you wouldn't expect to hear these things.

Sat Jun 27 15 01:47am
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First I heard this game had gay marriage.
Then facerubbing
Then beastiality AND lolicon
Then incest
Now this.

And I'm gonna be 100% honest. I'm lovin' every minute of it! Pls no censorship riddled localize-arinos, NOA!

rubbing, stroking and petting them

(heavy breathing)

Next logical step is to have you move them around in any position you want.


This game is so weird, I love it.

Explains why it's been pushed into next year for the west...

Not sure I see the problem with this since it is just an optional thing. I also don't get why articles make it weirder than it is, sounding like you're maliciously stripping someone and groping them.

It's also for both genders. I bring this up because people seem to focus on girls even though men can be poked too.

The models look blah , so it's more of a joke than what could ever be considered sexy. Dirty talk comes from husbands/wives.

Just seems like a non-issue. It's like touching a naked doll that goes OH GEE, NOT HERE.

I wonder if people are more bothered that they know pervs are going to be abusing this more than the fact it exists. Especially with the same sex character.

Whatever. It's something I'll do for a laugh and move on if it stays there for NA, but I bet the 'stripping' part will be cut.


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