GoNintendo goes Ad-free with sponsorship from Nicalis Inc.

GoNintendo.com goes Ad-Free with sponsorship from Nicalis, Inc.

Unless you're Google, nobody likes ads, but they're an unfortunate reality of doing business on the internet. That means we have to serve ads so that you can have free content to look at read, and comment on.

Nicalis, Inc. is proud to announce that there'll be at least one safe haven from garish advertising: the legendary media and fan community GoNintendo. For the next year, they'll be sponsored by your friends at Nicalis to go ad-free. No flashing banners, no creepy AdWords with your recent Google searches. Just games and gaming talk, pure and simple.

"We're honored to be working with Nicalis, Inc. on this collaboration." said Kevin Cassidy, Founder of GoNintendo.com. "Their sponsorship allows us to focus 100% on reporting all things Nintendo and keep the site ad-free for fans!"

About Nicalis, Inc.

Based in Southern California, Nicalis, Inc. is an independent developer and digital publisher with a proven track record for developing and publishing well-polished games. Founded in 2007, Nicalis continually seeks to enhance and improve the quality of video games throughout the game industry. More information on Nicalis can be found at http://www.nicalis.com and http://www.twitter.com/nicalis.

About GoNintendo.com

Founded in 20XX by Nintendo superfan, Kevin Cassidy, GoNintendo stands as one of the greatest repositories of the latest Nintendo news, information and reviews on the Interwebs. More information on GoNintendo can be found at http://www.gonintendo.com and https://twitter.com/GoNintendoTweet.

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Congratulations! This is a rare and welcome change from the internet norm.

Awesome! Love Nicalis' stuff which is an added bonus. Always like seeing two things I enjoy working together, like the Reese's of gaming.

Now...any chance you could make the Nintendo version of BoI cross save with PC so I don't have to do more The Lost runs? Please....?

Wow, awesome! Congratulations! I just hope it doesn't make you earn less than you would have otherwise.

"Founded in 20XX..." WTF?

Yeah, congrats to all involved! :D

(Side note: I've purchased versions of Cave Story four times. ^_^; Along with two NightSkies and two La-Mulanas.)

Which version of Cave Story is best? I've always wanted to buy it, but could never decide. Assuming I have all the platforms required to play any version natively, which one should I buy?

I... would say Cave Story+ on Steam, I think. But I haven't played every single version!

As long as this doesn't affect on how you report Nicalis news, congrats!!

I'll put up with the ads but this sounds like a much nicer option. Looking forward 90's Arcade Racer!!

I suppose we're gonna see plenty of posts about Nicalis games, then :D

This is awesome! Congratulations! Love both Nicalis and GoNintendo!

Awesome! Way to go, Kevin

yay :D This is good news!

Congratulations to RMC and all the GoNintendo staff!! That's great news, guys. This is a way to recognize all the great work all of you have put on GN everyday.

Awesome. Great to see this kind of partnerships that benefit everyone involved, including us readers. Both GN and Nicalis have my continuous support.

<3 Nicalis <3

Awesome man!

Let it be known that I do not regret purchasing Cave Story multiple times for different platforms, all the while having the original freely distributed version, especially after reading about this.

Grats Kevin!

For those worried that this deal would result in more Nicalis news or Nicalis favoritism, that's not the case. We've been running this deal for a month already! Just wanted to assuage your fears.

Tue Jun 30 15 12:50pm
(Updated 2 times)

Will there be disclaimers reminding people of this deal when covering Nicalis's material?

Also will disclaimers be put on the Nicalis articles from the previous month when we didn't know about this deal?

Yes, there will be disclaimers on posts.

There will not be disclaimers on previous posts during this last month. We had a working deal in place, but no signed contract. The contract was only recently signed. We were running the deal in good faith.

Thanks for clearing this up, and now all my worries are yesterday's news.

Can't wait to enjoy the site ad free.

I was worried it would result in that, but nice of you to say that, and smart of you to announce this deal a month after. It provides visible proof that backs up your statements. :D Keep this site chugging, it remains one of my favorite gaming news sites (and obviously my favorite Nintendo news site!).

If you've been running this deal for a month, Why haven't you disclosed the sponsorship when you ran articles promoting Nicalis? Seems pretty shady to me

Shady? He only posted news in a neutral maner, what else do you want him to do? Nicalis wouldn't recieve special attention except the occasional skin for the site, pointing out the deal in a news post goes against this.

The fact of the matter is that when the sponsorship with Nicalis started, it should've been stated right then and there instead of holding it back for a month. It's just about being ethical in the industry.

We were running the deal in good faith. There were no signed contracts until recently. I made the announcement as soon as the press release was signed off on. Nothing at all to worry about, but if you'd like a detailed breakdown of any other information, please feel free to email me with your questions.

This is great news! I'm guessing this is the 'thing' that you were worried about, RMC? Glad things worked out!! Smile

Well, as long as nothing goes wrong for you and the other chat moderators, I'm happy for you guys!

(...now I hope I won't be banned for certain past posts of mine concerning the request of certain games localization in Europe... ^^")

Couldn't have happened to a better site or nicer guy. Great news. Yes I will definitely look at purchasing their product.

Tue Jun 30 15 01:43pm
(Updated 1 time)

Does this mean we have a direct line to pester them about 90s Arcade Racer being two years late? ;)

Tue Jun 30 15 02:35pm
(Updated 1 time)

Well that's cool Very Happy

How does this benefit Nicalis though?

Does it get its logo on the site somewhere or something?

Just curious.

Congrats. Great news as long as related articles include a statement of disclosure.

can we have some nicalis banner or something?, so we know what games are comming out from them and thing like that :D

This is HUGE. Bravo to all those involved. Everyone wins!

Wellllllllllll, I had my ABP turned-off on GoNintendo and everything, and there really weren't supposed to be ads all this time. XD I just thought the site wasn't up to the point of being able to use them yet and I was starting to get a tad bit worried. Very nice, glad to hear it all worked out then. I'm assuming this was the second thing, apart from the new site design, that was going to be a surprise? Looks great, anyway. Very awesome deal.

The same Nicalis that can never release games on time, eh... Amusing - but congrats regardless RMC!


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