Limbo headed to Wii U

The image above seems to indicate that the popular indie title, Limbo, will be heading to Wii U. We have yet to hear an official comment from the developers, Double Eleven, but it should not be long before that happens.

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You mean one of the best Indie games of the last generation is coming to Wii U?


2D platform fan here, haven't played past the demo.

As one who loved the concept, was won over by the demo and bought it full price ($15) and completed all the achievements and found all the hidden eggs, I have to say it's not even kind of one of the best games of the last generation.

The egg hunt was ONLY fun because, like FEZ, it was a "had to be there" situation and felt like a community effort. The game itself, while good, never felt worth the asking price to me in the end, and reflecting back on it, it just piggybacked on similar games with a unique (at the time) aesthetic.

Like I said, I liked the game when I played it, but it didn't redefine the genre or stand out beyond being artsy, which doesn't make it a "best" game. This also goes for Braid & Fez.

I did not see this coming.... Well IF true that is.

Tue Jul 07 15 10:22am
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this just in! Braid will also arrive on the wiiU on (a special deluxe edition that includes more aimless "grinding" and more keys that break when used in the wrong doors)

yes I am trolling

Seriously GET THE BLOODY RESI GAMES INSTEAD (proper analog control YES!)

Oh you mean the game that had a similar look and physics as boy and his blob?

I'm starting to get a feeling from these comments that this isn't going to be a hit on Wii U :D

Which is a shame since it's not a bad game.

But it is also a 5 year old game.

And is an extremely niche genre (like Another World/Out of this World or Oddworld).

And while it was "original" when it came out, monochrome games like this are common now, with Typoman or Nihlumbra, etc.

Tue Jul 07 15 11:34am
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I can already scene the thought process of the creators of Limbo for this porting decision in pristine detail!

"Hey guys, a work-in-progress, mono-color adventure from an independent studio involving a guy who can jump and push/pull objects is gathering a lot of attention since the Nindies@Home program. Let's steal the thunder with our own!"

I guess with the Remaster marathon the PS4Xbone are sporting, then Indies might as well get in on it too! :p

Here's the thing, I liked Limbo, and it's been a LONG time since I played it since I got all the achievements at launch and my 360 broke, so I'd potentially double dip on this, but I never felt it was worth $15 (the original 360 price), so I will certainly not pay that again for a 5 year old art platformer that I technically own already.

I do think people should play the game, though. If it's like $10, I recommend it, though I am likely to skip it until a sale, because I'm more interested in Typoman, which actually does something more interesting than just being monochrome.

I never played Limbo. Just never got that far (and I have a 360)..

But the Typoman demo I really liked.

Only visuals and the sidescrolling part that are close?

To be real, they're pretty similar going by the demo.

Similar visuals, both side-scrolling platformers, push objects to solve puzzles, jump across ropes and stuff, trial & error deaths (like TRAP), and the fact there's generally only one solution, so replays aren't particularly different as you know what to do.

The major difference with Typoman is the whole words thing and how you need to think not only about the environment, but about what kind of words you can spell or need to spell in order to change the surroundings or what you're doing, and that alone, while a small change, really means a lot.

With Limbo, it's mostly "I need to move this box so it does this, I need to swing this way, I need to knock this over or lure this here, or go this direction first because my controls are going to reverse".

Typoman seems to follow some of that, but because you also need to think about how to change words or take letters from a machine to spell words or rearrange letters, it takes on a whole new form.

Basically seems like taking what Limbo did and expanding upon it and becoming more interesting from a gameplay aspect.


Well, as said, Typoman got my attention the instant I tried it out. And if it is better in ways like that, then Limbo could be a sort of downgrade? I mean, for the right price I might get both. But I am not a rich bitch kinda guy, so maybe even I will drop Limbo (or "forget it with time") and rather choose Typoman so there is another reason it could not be a success on the Wii U.

But I will keep an eye on both anyway.

Thanks again.

Yeah, Limbo would sort of be a downgrade.

Again, it's not bad or anything. It's just that, there's competition now. There wasn't when it came out, so it was new and exciting. Now, there are games that are doing it better or more interestingly.

When it came out on XBLA, it was $15, but I believe it's since dropped to $10, so if it comes to Wii U, chances are it will be $10 unless they're bold and stupid.

Not sure how much Typoman will be, though. Hopefully the same price range, but with the discount from playing the demo, it will be more enticing, most likely.

Damn, I even forgot about the discount thing....


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