Random Time! - Wii owners still playing Call of Duty games online

Here's an odd bit of news for you guys. Did you know that you can still play Call of Duty games for Wii online? The Nintendo Wifi Connection was shut down awhile back, but it turns out that Activision's Call of Duty games hosted their online content on their own servers. Even stranger, those servers are still online. Strangest yet...people are still playing those Call of Duty games online! If you're ever feeling nostalgic, you can fire up your Wii for some Call of Duty online multiplayer action! Thanks to Plsburydoughboy for the heads up!


Hmm.. What was the best CoD Wii game?

Same thing with Goldeneye

Goldeneye on Wii AND the Wii CoD games can still be played online?? Interesting...I'll have to let my daughters know this. They love CoD...but only have a Wii at their house, so they usually wait to play CoD with me or online on my PS3. If this is the case, i'll have to grab them a copy of MW3 from my local Gamestop, where I know they had a used one, for them to play at home. Thanks for this tip! :D (They already have my copy of Goldeneye, but we thought they were all shut down, so haven't tried taking it online in forever.)

Yup, knew about this... haven't tried the Ds games yet though.

Well I wouldn't call that random time or strange.

Oh shoot. I just told someone at my store that bought the Wii version of CoD last week that the servers were down. He bought it anyways, I bet he was surprised...

oh goldeneye too? that makes sense, I'll try it

Someone in the Gaf thread it links to said he thinks the Rock Band 3 servers are still online too. Can anyone here who has it confirm?

Back in June of last year I made a master list of Wii games that were still online

Have fun!


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