Platinum's Kamiya says Mighty No. 9 is an insult to Capcom, Mega Man

Platinum's Hideki Kamiya is never one to hold back his true feelings on anything, so it's no surprise to see him letting loose on this fan question about Mighty No. 9. It's clear that he's siding with Capcom/Mega Man on this one. There's no denying that Mighty No. 9 is heavily influenced by Mega Man, but it's a clear-cut copy and a slap in the face to Capcom? Thanks to Plsburydoughboy for the heads up.


I am confused by why Inafune left Capcom at this point..

Long story short: his coworkers started to openly resent him and express extreme butthurt about how he believed Western developers outclassed Japanese developers.

Because he was resentful of how nobody took him seriously anymore, especially since NONE of his attempts to Westernize CAPCOM ever produced anything good. His reasons, at the end of the day, were just petty.

But... they're both Keiji's? And Keiji wanted to continue making Megaman games, so he created Mighty no. 9?

Mega Man isn't Keiji's, he not only doesn't own it, he never made it. The actual creators are Akira Kitamura and Tokuro Fujiwara. Inafune was just the character designer and later a producer. That's it. He doesn't have a single creator, writer, or director credit to his name at CAPCOM. Like Kamiya has said before "He's a businessman, not a creator." And judging by current events, not a very good one at that.

But he already made a successful kickstarter. And maybe he just wanted to keep making Megaman games?

Nope; he was more than willing to stop touching MM games when they stopped being popular and only attached his name to MM9 and 10 because he knew they were getting attention. He NEVER cared about the series except as another way for him to take credit for something he never worked on.

Well, I need some proof for that before I believe it. I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy Mighty n. 9 on 3DS, so I see no problem with the stuff he's doing.

He's not wrong, but he's also not right.

Inafune IS doing things to make it seem different, but it's so blatantly obvious that he's riding on Mega Man and that's the only reason anyone cares for this game. Because he is the father of MM, Capcom hasn't made one in YEARS and because it basically looks like a new, reskinned Mega Man game.

It's clear that Inafune is going after the nostalgia and empty hole left by Mega Man and is taking advantage of Capcom's unwillingness to make a new one, but he didn't have to be so obvious. OOOH, ROBOT MASTERS, YOU PLAY MR. JUMP n SHOOT, ROLL CLONE, GET THEIR POWERS, and now making a LEGENDS clone with even more blatantly copied concepts from his past.

That said, it's supposed to be a spiritual successor. So it's not surprising that it is copying it.

Honestly, I'm frustrated with the game, not because of what it looks like, but because they were taking advantage of fans. I want to say the same of Bloodstained as well.

I think Yooka-Laylee is one of the only "spiritual successor from original designers" kickstarters that looks like they honestly wanted to do it FOR fans instead of demanding their money for garbage tiers.

Inafune has a megaman complex, and its really getting annoying

I undertand your point, Yooka-Laylee is the only real "spiritual successor" and from the other two Bloodstained is the lesser evil, they at least already have a video about the game (off screen), mighty no 9 has nothing but concepts arts until last year E3 and it didn´t look very good IMO, and then last year Azure Gunvolt appears....inafune´s NOT Megaman Zero, and it was...meh, the story was stupid, the text, HUD and the lightning was distracting, the gameplays was ok but it clearly was a NOT megaman game (also too much anime boring cliches) so, yeah, i dont like inafune´s direction anymore, and now with capcom knowing all the megaman fever lately (thanks to megaman in smash) now they are making a megaman cartoon to make megaman popular to the casual audience (with luck it will be better that the sonic boom cartoon....whichs is ok but nothing special) and mighty no 9 can leave as the megaman returns....i hope (sorry english isn´t my native lenguage)

For point of reference... Inafune had NOTHING to do with Azure Striker Gunvolt. That was done by Inti Creates, yes, but Inafune had no involvement at all.

I think it's a bit soon to compare what's happening to Mighty No. 9 with Bloodstained. Mainly because Capcom could still be willing to make something interesting with Megaman. But Konami seems to be done with retail games for the moment after the Phantom Pain, like with Bomberman I suppose they don't think going back to Castlevania roots will be appealing to the western audience.

Also Iga atm has been bold with what he's doing. Even without the kickstarter he's been looking for partners to carry out his project. Finally we have to see how the actual game looks and plays, since it's coming way after the release date planned for Yooka-Laylee, so who knows.

I also think Yooka-Laylee is the hardest project of the 3 and could likely be delayed because that type of game is harder to pull out in such a short time frame, and visually it could look barren given presentation in a 3D space needs to be denser.

We'll see, but, it looks excessive the amount of media Inafune is betting on his character, especially since IMO Shovel Knight could have higher chances to fill the Megaman gap, given that game did several things Megaman never attempted to do to shake it's formula, the most impactful being the story and characters.

My Bloodstained comparison is primarily about the fact 90% of the stretch goals were stupid, and the fact most of the game was funded already and it seems silly how it was set up.

I think MN9 had more logical stretch goals, but the fact they came back asking for more money AND the fact they aren't even meeting some of the promises they made, claiming they didn't have money or something is just ludicrous. And they want to make a show & movie? And the fact they're already doing another kickstarter and planning sequels and not even done/releasing this yet?

I think Iga's a little more up front than Inafune is. I just think they're both taking advantage of fans in a time where they are vulnerable. Iga, unlike Inafune, flat out said "we're using a publisher and it's mostly funded" and confirmed that this was more or less a test to see how much people wanted this since everyone told him they didn't. So while I don't agree with his goal prices, he's not hiding anything from anyone.

As for Yooka-Laylee, this isn't a discussion on what it could look like or when it is coming out. It's just the fact that the kickstarter seemed far more humble. Like the ex-Rare guys absolutely want to make the game not just for themselves, but for fans, and weren't asking them for a lot and the only reason there were so many stretch goals was because people wanted it that badly to warrant adding more goals.

Yooka-Laylee is the one I am least interested in. Both in character design and the overall look, and the fact it's forever from now. I just think they seem less shady about the whole thing.

I imagine all of them will be good games, but I think there's going to be way too much hype around them and even if they are just as good or better than the games they're bouncing off of, people are going to be disappointed because of unrealistic expectations.

Well, the goal of that game seemed to be to "evidence" interest in the project. I don't know if the stretch goal mattered in this case. I think this project had some sort of clan competition of sorts instead.

Inafune surely seems he's trying to eat more than he can bite. With a lot of projects under his name and some now cancelled like the pirate penguin game.

I think every company is taking advantage of fans in this very moment, [Destiny, Batman DLC, Nintendo's E3 output, Shenmue 3], it kind of feels like it's becoming insufficient the gains games are having. Iga could still be hiding something, since development is hard, like with Mighty maybe the expectations will not be reached when we see how the game looks, or it'll be amazing, but we don't know.

Oh ok, so it's mainly a comment on the way the game has been sold. Since Yooka-Laylee has been the last to be shown I don't have much of an opinion. Seems nowadays you can woke up and hear they'll really make an Amiibo, or announce DLC. At this moment my only worry is that their release date seems rushed for the kind of game they want to make.

They always are, some want to have that single nostalgic thing the old games have, some want something new and unique and others want to be surprised and not seeing them going by the motions and be predictable. For me, I'm curious if any of these projects will become new series, and more so if any of them will try something different they couldn't do in their old companies.

People should Know Kamiya is good dev at heart. I know people say bayonetta is DMC, but Kamiya had the idea back at Clover, and was wanting to expand the idea but capcom said no. Kamiya was hurt much worse then Inafune, when he can't control some his ideas that capcom bank. He said he would really like to work Viewtiful joe again if capcom let him

I think he probably has a lot of respect for old Capcom, because he really owes it to them for his success in the first place. He worked on RE2, Viewtiful Joe, Devil May Cry, etc and Capcom still uses his characters and people know him from his Capcom work, and while he may be sad that they do some crazy things to his characters, I'm sure he will never forget that that is how he even became fortunate enough to do what he does.

So I imagine seeing Inafune disregarding that and basically saying "F-You" to the very company that MADE him relevant just infuriates Kamiya. Without Capcom, Inafune would've been nothing.

^This is so right. Inafune is blinded by dishonor

And now Inafune is SHAMELESSLY trying to get a MN9 live action movie made:

What kills me is how people are just NOW realizing this about Inafune. During his self-xenophobic, midlife crisis phase at CAPCOM he always came off as a slimy, manipulative little weasel who was clearly projecting his own failings onto the Japanese games industry. I'm past being mad with the guy and now just want him to go away because he has nothing of value to contribute to the industry.

It was all fun and games when he started the kickstarter because it was like a "SCREW YOU" to Capcom, but the moment they did ANOTHER kickstarter for voices and for a cartoon, that was when I knew this was getting out of hand.

I liked Inafune for a while. He seemed cool, and I even met him and got him to sign a Legends 3 poster & my Powered-Up manual, but man, he just.. something happened.

What's wrong with him doing Mighty no. 9 kind of stuff when he liked making Megaman and wants to make more?

Nothing's wrong with him wanting to make stuff.

It's the way he's handling it, not the fact he's making a spiritual successor in the first place, since that's a common practice.

He's getting too ahead of himself and demanded more money from fans than he needed. He should be waiting to see if MN9 is a success beyond backers and use THAT money to help fun sequels and other media. Not just have fans pay him to make stuff.

But if the fans like the idea, they will fund it, and there's nothing wrong with it. Don't pay him if you don't like it yourself. The hate is ridiculous. Federation Force, Nintendo's fun "gimmicks", F-Zero "clone", MN9, the fans hate it all and even more. I like/would've liked almost everything Nintendo fans have hated. But I'm glad Nintendo and the other devs are on my side and don't really care about the hate.

I think you're misunderstanding.

But I mean, if you like being taken advantage of, then by all means, do so.

I don't fund -any- kickstarter, because I don't trust the idea of buying a game that doesn't exist yet.

That said, of all the things you're screaming about, the only thing I take an issue with is MN9 and not because it looks like a bad game, but because Inafune asks for more money than he needs and fans are stupid enough to give it to him.

The F-Zero thing is annoying because the guy flat out said the Blue Falcon wasn't going to be in the game, and they're all down with that Fast Racing Neo or whatever, but magically that's a bad idea?

As for gimmicks, the gimmicks aren't the problem (and stop putting it in quotes. They ARE gimmicks. If you think they aren't, you need to actually learn what the word means. It's not a bad word), it's the fact Nintendo focuses too much on them and acts like games are impossible without them when a lot of them are perfectly capable of being played with normal controls. More importantly, the fact those gimmicks are one of the things that drive away 3rd parties because they have to accommodate for it with ports or take extra dev time.

Don't try to lump me into a "lol hate everything" culture. I love things that people hate and I think people hate on things that don't deserve it.

I also like Sonic '06, and Other M, and completed them 100%. I'm not a hater. I just don't like people being taken advantage of and being okay with it.

Well, some people like to take the risks. When you'd potentially get a good new Megaman game, why not pay for it if you have the money? New Megaman, Castlevania and B&K are such big deals to everyone, that they'd surely take the risk, that's what Kickstarter is about, and it's a great thing, since otherwise people wouldn't even get the chance to get these games.
I don't know what you mean by your comment on the F-Zero game,, but to me, it looked great.
Sometimes those things aren't even gimmicks, when they're useful. 3D is like a graphic update, it makes the games look better, just as higher definition for example. If you want 3rd party support, you should just buy a PC for that. I'm fine with just Nintendo games, there's already so much of them, that I don't even have time for other games.
And yeah, Sonic 06 and Other M have also gotten unnecessary hate.

About F-Zero, I am saying that it is stupid that people caused a hissy fit over it since it WASN'T F-Zero and it WASN'T ripping it off. They used the Blue Falcon as a test and people got upset.

And no, see, that's why I said I didn't think you know how the word gimmick works in a positive way. Being useful doesn't make it not a gimmick. A gimmick is literally just a "unique or quirky feature to make it stand out". Granted, most of the time, it is used for things that do it for the sake of doing it, but by definition, it's just a unique trait. For example, nearly every Zelda has a gimmick that defines the game. Doesn't mean it's just for show. They almost always switch up how the game works in an interesting way.

As for 3rd party support, I think you miss the point of why it is important. I don't care. I know that the logical thing is to own two consoles (or a PC and Nintendo one), but most people don't want to buy 2 systems and some people don't like digital-only.

Nintendo not having 3rd party support means that people who want 3rd party games are not going to buy Nintendo consoles just for ONE company's games in addition to needing a constantly upgraded PC or a more expensive PS4 or XBO to play everything they want to play. People who want 3rd party games are more in number than those who ONLY want Nintendo games, and this should be obvious when comparing the useerbase for the systems.

Now, as gamers, which console is selling better is irrelevant to us directly, but the low Wii U sales affect Nintendo, and affecting Nintendo affects us eventually.

So sure, you not wanting/caring about 3rd parties is fine, but Nintendo not having their support will ultimately mean their console sales will continue to be garbage and this will eventually lead to them either trying to get money in more shady ways like everyone else.

It also leads to what we have right now, which is a drought of games for 3 months (in North America anyway). Nothing between Splatoon & Super Mario Maker. Meanwhile, 3rd parties would've filled that void.

All they need is another Wii/Ds, and they're good, I'm pretty sure that's what they're aiming for with NX (and if I got it right, they're also looking for 3rd party support already).

The Wii & DS only did as well as they did because it was the right place at the right time. People were looking for something new and casual gamers were on the rise more than ever before. It was a one-time situation. They will never be able to replicate that with a console. The closest thing for them is what amiibo is doing. Even though they're impossible to get (like when Wii launched) they are Nintendo's hottest item.

Wii U & 3DS were never going to replicate that and NX certainly won't, but this is why Nintendo is trying to focus on e-Sports (hence their new focus on multiplayer games like Splatoon) and their new partnerships to branch out with DeNA & Universal. They're going to do something new, because Wii & DS got people with crazy new input methods, but that's NOT what people are following anymore. So they have a chance at success with other outlets, but unfortunately, NX is probably going to end up just like Wii U, Gamecube & N64. Tons of amazing games, but doing poorly because societal interests are constantly changing.

I think that's the issue. People are confused on what Kickstarter is. It's not about buying a product. It's about donating to an idea you believe in. That's why it's called donating to a Kickstarter and not buying into a Kickstarter. I don't donate because I want something in exchange, I donate because I believe in creating chances for people with good ideas.

But where does the line get drawn?

Like, when you donate towards a game that you want to get made for your console, but it gets made and you'll never play it, like Project CARS?

Or what if you donate for a cause you believe in, but it turns out that, after you've already made your pledge, it turns out that the cause you donated to did not share the ideals and are misusing the money that you donated?

It's not as simple as "donating for a cause". There are situations where that donation does not get used the way you wanted it to be. Like when a family has donations for a sick family member, then you suddenly see them going on lavish vacations or getting expensive cars out of nowhere. Things they shouldn't be able to magically afford when they supposedly need money to save or help their family member.

That's what this looks like to people. They donated because they wanted a new Mega Man and they believe in the MM legacy that Capcom abandoned. That's fine. The problem is when Inafune starts using that money for things they didn't donate it for, or when he starts asking for more money when they already have excess that wasn't part of the goal. At this point, and especially after Mighty No. 9 comes out, and if it is a success, he shouldn't need to be doing all of these kickstarters anymore, because they'll be getting funds from people buying the game. As it is, they have Deep Silver fronting some of the money now.

It just comes off as being too ahead of themselves. They shouldn't need a kickstarter for Red Ash if they're so confident Mighty No. 9 is going to be successful enough to warrant all this crap they're putting out. It's obvious people want Mega Man games, so the logic that followed Bloodstained (trying to show there was interest in the product) doesn't really apply when they already know there is a demand.

But that's the risk you're taking. The point is that you've been given a chance which you might've never got if it wasn't for the certain campaigns.
If NX is something new and surprising, like what they're clearly aiming for, it will sell. They've done it once, it doesn't mean new innovations can't get popular more than once.

I pretty much agree. I'm glad that Inafune is making this game for Mega Man fans, but it doesn't need to be such a blatant copy. I want this game to have an identity of its own.

Yooka-Laylee is a great example. That game is obviously being made for fans of classic Rareware, and yet, it stands out as its own thing. It looks like it has original ideas, with its own feel. Mighty No. 9, on the other hand, loos like such an obvious copy of classic Mega Man. It's really disappointing.

Inafune was supposedly responsible for the closing of Clover Studios a few years back, so I imagine there is no love lost between him and Kamiya.

Maybe, but someone has to satisfy people's desire for a new Mega Man if Capcom aren't going to do it.

In terms of concept it's the same as classic Megaman, but it borrows some gameplay elements from X.

One thing that has absolutely become clear to me is that Inafune functioned 'okay' inside of Capcom because there were people to check him. Alone and in charge? There are a lot of issues there. He doesn't seem capable of putting out any sort of hit or even a moderate success outside of Azure Striker Gunvolt.

I personally hope Mighty is fun for the people who put faith (and cash) into it. I'm personally not holding my breath. Nothing about it is exciting to me at all. I have not liked the campaign, and I think they definitely don't have their priorities in the right place.

Inafune had nothing to do with Azure Striker Gunvolt. That was purely by Inti Creates, and he doesn't work for them.

Oh, huh. I got my wires crossed. Thanks for pointing that out! So yeah, no hits. :P

It would be an insult if Capcom would still be making Megaman games.

Good for him on expressing his opinion. Playing nice is great and all, but I trust a straight-shooter.

yes it's an insult but capcom isn't doing crap with mega man. they're just re releasing old games instead of making new ones. besides, inafune is the original creator of mega man. so how can you insult your own creation when you're the one that created it?

some fighting words, there are some really bad blood between those two and I don't blame Kamiya. Also Inafune western thing did produce dead rising ... I think. So yeah I still don't get why Inafune left, they were and are doing western made game so what's the big deal.
I do think that mighty no9 is a pretty good game w/o playing it, and it has way more resources put into it than any megaman project would have had from capcom. Well smash bros obviously is another example of that. Megaman 9 and 10 were just so cheap (to made), I still can't believe it

Pretty much every time he'd bring a proof of concept to his superiors, they would deny him the ability to make games. He ended up telling them he was working on proof of concepts to show them until he was almost done the game and it was too late to stop him because it was the only way to get projects off the ground.

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I backed MN9 and I absolutely loved what I played of the beta access. Granted, they pulled it down early this year, preventing me from fully experiencing it, which I didn't really appreciate. Other than that, though, the experience was great.

Yeah, yeah, Kamiya is honest, and I know a lot of people love to rally around him for that, but I also think he goes overboard with his delivery. A bit... too much. It's something that might end up hurting him. He's just like Phil Fish. Which is funny, because I love the games from both devs (well, game in Phil's case), but aren't too sure about both in terms of personality.

At the end of the day, I just fail to see how Inafune is hurting anyone, and thus fail to understand all the hate he gets. If anything, the Bloodstained kickstarter seemed even fishier to me. The Shenmue one moreso. The first few seemed honest, but projects pushed out on Kickstarter lately have some weird aura to them, compared to the uprising of MN9.


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