Cube Life: Island Survival - Version 1.1 update details

New features

- Local multiplayer (Gamepad vs WiiU Pro controller + TV)
- Wii U Pro Controller support
- Pets
- 20 more items added such as doors

Bug fixes

- Invert Y-axis button added
- HDR effect ON/OFF button added
- Hale of Bay – fixed crash
- Drowning on land fixed
- Better tool durability (axes, armour…)
- Hunger and thirsty drop slowly
- Water flood after loading fixed
- Animal drop items more frequently
I- ncreased gravity, when you fall

Creative Mode changes

- Icons do not change position
- Added explosives
- Added Flat terrain feature
- More color blocks

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Hmph, would have gotten it at the cheaper price if they had said for a FACT that inverse-Y would have been patched in at some point(or there from the beginning), but I really don't want to pay the full price just because I had to wait to see if they'd fix it at all. Meh.

UCRAFT kicks the crap out of this

Fri Jul 10 15 03:14pm
(Updated 1 time)

Hmmm...is this patch live then?

No, don't think so. Just tried loading the game and no update notice...also, still showing version 1.0. Do we know when this will go live? Would be VERY nice to be able to put up a door rather than having to keep wasting picks to put up stone blocks as a door each night. lol

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