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Miyamoto says StarFox Zero will have an amiibo surprise, talks successors

by rawmeatcowboy
12 July 2015
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A portion of a Wall Street Journal interview with Shigeru Miyamoto...

WSJ: Will there be amiibo for “Star Fox Zero”?

Miyamoto: There will be one new amiibo, the character Falco. He’s part of the “Super Smash Bros.” line but also a “Star Fox” character. You’ll get something — it’s a surprise.

WSJ: Is there a successor ready to take over your work when you retire?

Miyamoto: I have many. In the past, I would often have ideas for games that I would want to create and I would tell the different teams that work for me to make the games. I’ve been working with my teams for a long time. “Splatoon” is an example—the idea came from the younger members of that team. At the senior level, we supported them. So that’s how we are transitioning.