Shigesato Itoi’s farewell message to Satoru Iwata

The following message is from Shigesato Itoi, translated by Daniel Coniglio...

"No matter the farewell, I think the most appropriate thing to say is "we"ll meet again." We are friends so we"ll see each other again. There is nothing strange about saying it. Yeah. We'll meet again.

Even if you didn't have the chance to put into words how sudden it was going to be, how far you'd be traveling, or how you went much earlier than expected, I know you went wearing your best.

You always put yourself second to others no matter what, helping anyone who needed it whenever they needed it. You were that kind of friend. Although you may have been a little selfish for the first time ever by taking this journey.

The truth is though that I still don't believe any of it. I feel like I am going to receive a message from you inviting me out to eat at any moment. I wouldn't mind if you were to ask me like always if I had some free time. If you did, I'd ask you as well.

Still, "we'll meet again." It would be great to hear from you whenever and wherever; I'll being calling to you too. I'll call if I have something to discuss or I want to tell you a great new idea I've had.

We'll meet again.

Then again, you're here with me now."

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"No crying until the end".

Mon Jul 13 15 08:03am
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This is the post that broke me. I can't believe how sad a man I've never met's death has made me. RIP Iwata

Well, I didn't expect to cry at work today but, here I am...

Itoi always so beautifully and eloquently expresses the right emotions. This had me tearing up.

Holy god! That was beautiful. True friends are always hard to find, so i understand Itoi's message perfectly. Rest in Peace, Iwata-san, and thanks for all!

This hit me hard.

And this is how mr. Itoi reminds everyone just how great a writer he is.

Iwata's passing has effected me in a big way. This just makes me lament it even more. I'm glad to have been able to experience EarthBound, which is such a incredible project from both these giants.


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