Itagaki talks Devil's Third multiplayer, development and near cancellation

The following info comes from Mr. Itagaki...


“There are things like diplomacy chat that only clan leaders can use, so you can have conferences with other clans. I’m a military enthusiast so there are also many political elements in the game. Of course. You can [enjoy the multiplayer] even without playing the single-player game. Even so, the single-player is packed with Itagaki-like things, so I’d like you to try it. In order to make both the multiplayer side of the game and the single player side of the game enjoyable, each of them required an amount of quantity, quality and scope. There are these two parts of Devil’s Third. That’s why it took time [to make the game].”

On the game's development:

“When I became independent and thought what I’d create next, I had a strong desire to challenge myself with new things. Therefore I decided to create a completely new shooter game by using all the skills I have gained from making action games and fighting games – so Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive fans alike would want to play it.”

On saving the game from being canned:

“I didn’t want to betray fans. I didn’t want people to throw away their anticipation. The game is a grand sum of the work from all of the developers, so I really hope you pick it up. I think the game will become a breakthrough in the industry and take shooters to the next level.”

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Wed Jul 15 15 06:38am
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As much as I want this game to do good, we all know that people who buy Nintendo consoles don't buy third-party games, or games that don't star Nintendo characters. My WiiU collection is full of many games NOT made by Nintendo, but it seems like I am in the minority. For shame, Nintendo fans. For. Shame.

Wed Jul 15 15 06:53am
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If that's true, then why are Indies suppositedly doing so well?

Pretty sure the real problems are:
1. Many third party Wii U titles are poorly made ports of old games (or just poorly made).
2. Many third party Wii U games are poorly advertised, if advertised at all (or worse, advertised on everything EXCEPT the Wii U).
3. Many third party Wii U titles are of genres that don't really appeal to the Nintendo fanbase (you know, bro-dude games).

He really seems proud of their work, although previewers seem to be criticizing it a lot. Oh well, I still plan to pick it up whenever it ends up releasing in NA.

Nintendo helped find this game right? I ask because wouldn't that mean the game wouldn't need to sell like crazy for Itagaki to make money since Nintendo paid some of the development cost?

I don't expect the game to get huge sales, but hopefully it gets enough that maybe Itagaki and others will offer more exclusive support. Shorten the dev time by focusing on a single console and with Nintendo's help funding, the next game could be quite profitable.

I think the game will become a breakthrough in the industry and take shooters to the next level.

Good luck with that. From what I've seen in the gameplay footage being released today it isn't even close.


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