Nintendo gives more details on Miiverse's upcoming redesign

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Miiverse is fine just as is. We don't need nor want all these restrictions. Seriously, Nintendo. Calm down ;)

I actually hate the current mii verse because it's nearly impossible to actually talk about the game without getting buried by crude drawings and typical "like if you _____" posts. Anything they can change to help eliminate any of those issues will be welcome on my end.

Yeah, like they could have moderators delete those posts.

It's horrible as it is. The restrictions are to discourage people from roleplaying and turning it into a facebook.

I find it pointless and rather silly though. They ahve moderators. Use them! So f/()%&¤#&/( easy.

Nobody else reports them. Anyone that cares just stopped using Miiverse. It's technically not against the rules.

I do wish there were more mods, though.

That said, the comment thing is only per day, and certain posts are not affected by it.

Well I'll admit that I don't use Miivese as much as I used to, but I am still a bit active. SPecially with Splatoon stuff... Damn I love that game.

Now I understand that it's for games, but it doesn't hurt if we sometimes go a bit casual either..I just don't like the thought of it being to strict either.

More mods would do the trick.

Oh well, they hade decided what they want so I'll just go with the flow.

Thing is, people don't actually know how much this will be affecting them yet anyway.

30 sounds like a small amount, but since it doesn't count "in-game posts" (whatever that means), that's 30 comments you can distribute across 24 hours, and any normal person will only actually be awake for around 14 of those hours. You also have no guarantee that the people conversing will even respond immediately, so if you're having a conversation, it may not even use up those 30 posts that day.

That said, we don't know what "in-game posts" mean. Maybe you have infinite posts if you're actually playing a game (since it assumes you're helping or posting about it), and you're only limited while you're out of it (so like, if you're not playing and you're just browsing online or from the home menu).

We have to wait it out and see.

Likewise, lots of people are mad that the art thing keeps talking about how it is organized by "most popular" because that affects new artists and less popular ones who are good from being seen. I'm almost positive you'll be able to change the filter to not JUST be the most popular, but everyone's screaming since that thought won't cross their mind.

I think people are overreacting and need to see what it actually is before getting so upset.

Nintendo really doesn't like their players chatting, do they?

Well, it's not a chatroom for roleplaying, dating and socializing about life. So, no.

I might check out Miiverse after these changes.

I just want better speed. Miiverse still takes like 20 seconds to load, and even when games use Miiverse sometimes the features take more time than they should. Pikmin 3's pictures take 20-30 seconds to upload too, which breaks the pacing a lot.

If it gets those irritating kids off of less active VC communities with their roleplays then I'm all for it. Let me post my high scores in peace please...

Wed Jul 22 15 04:28pm
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Hopefully this will mean some of the utterly horrible communities like the Pokemon ones might actually start talking about the games...

I'm all in favor of this update. Death to the PokéHuman role plays!

The Activity Feed will remain as it is, you just won’t be able to post in it. You can still see the posts made by your friends and the people that you are following.

That sucks. I rarely even use Miiverse anymore, but when I did, I'd post mostly in Activity Feed so I could communicate with friends and not have annoying kids butting in.

They made a comment the last time that the "Play Journal" replaces the Activity Feed, so it's possible there's some other thing you can do, but I guess we'll find out later.

What are these role plays exactly? haven't been on miiverse in a long time myself.

Basically, on the fly, drawn out, horrible fanfictions. (at least the ones frequently seen on Miiverse)

People on Miiverse think that they are on a fan fiction forum.

So they make topics on nearly any board for "RPs" (role plays).

They will create their own "OCs" (original characters) in the world of whatever they're doing (for example, an anime on the Crunchyroll board, or Zelda/Pokemon, or even Jurassic Park for some reason) and describe their character, then they act out a story they make up as they go along.

So a general rp would play out like:

Mii 1: My character is me, age ??, likes hotdogs hates bad guys, wears a scarf
Mii 2: My character is a genderswap, likes dolls hates boys, wears revealing outfit
Mii 3: My character is an emo, humanoid dragon Pikachu.
Mii 1: (okay I'll start) I was sitting alone in a tavern eating hotdogs when suddenly something caught my eye.
Mii 3: Mii 1 was looking over at me. I stood up "You got a problem?"

And then this will continue for either 20 posts or for as many posts as possible, with horrible grammar and spelling and other people joining in.

If nothing else, they are hilarious to read because they are horrifying and the worst thing ever.

But they need to go for the greater good.

Wow. So miiverse went from an art display forum to a weird role play forum.

Honestly, I hope someone makes a collection of these to post on the internet, because as you said it sounds hilarious.

Agreed, haha.

But yeah, the other day, my gf and I were just looking through Miiverse posts on the LEGO Jurassic World community and some guy wanted to RP. So you had a Raptor and some dude running and then the other guy disappeared.

And we read another one on Crunchyroll where a guy turned into a magical girl by touching a magic cellphone and some girl was like WE GOTTA GO, I'M A MAGICAL GIRL TOO. and it was just like "oh my god".

Dark side of youtube, meet darkside of miiverse. Which is creepier...

Can't wait for the prime focus of Miiverse to return.

Erika said:
First and foremost, Miiverse is created for gamers to talk about games - to give everyone the chance to ask questions about a game/app, for example, or if you get stuck and need help in-game.

I wish someone had informed Nintendo. Any game with stupid stamps has its Miiverse turned into a pointless stamp-o-rama. Yes, I see you're trying to waste people's time with fake achievement-trophies. No, I don't like it.


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