Nintendo grabs trademark for King K. Rool

There's a lot of discussion going around the internet about the trademark above. Nintendo does indeed have a trademark for the name King K. Rool. There are multiple reports stating that the registration is indeed new. There's lots of speculation saying that this is new and it's paving the way for an appearance of Rool in Smash Bros.. That's all rumor right now. The question is, would Nintendo go through the trouble of registering King K. Rool just for a Virtual Console release?

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Wait...K.Rool in Smash?! Please be false. I mean it sounds cool if he's in it but come on!

As far as we know, King K. Rool is dominating the Smash Ballot. But that doesn't necessarily mean he will get in. I want him in. I wanted him in Brawl. Smash needs more villains and heavyweights.

I know. First we were complaining that there's hardly any female characters in the game but now that we don't have too many villains in the game. Wolf needs to come back and few
More villains too. I don't care who but at least I want Krystal in and that's it. After that I don't care who else joins as long as I get Krystal. Lol it would be nice to have King K. Rool in too. Lol

Sorry to tell you this but I am adamantly against Krystal. She is one of the major reasons why the Star Fox franchise which I love dearly was kind of ruined. The series never needed a love interest. At least not beyond the ones from 64. It then became too similar to other Nintendo series story wise due to her I felt. She is one of my most annoying characters of all time in any medium.

On the other hand, I was completely devastated when Wolf was cut. With 20 of his 23 moves being unique compared to Fox, he was by far the most unique "semi-clone" in Brawl. He's so awesome. and I love him. XD I really hope he makes it in. I voted for Wolf in the ballot. It makes too much sense to reveal him for Smash in a Direct later this year after a 2nd or 3rd Star Fox Zero trailer.

How about this... Wolf will only return if Krystal is released with him. Would you be ok with that? ^^ You can't buy them seperetely.

Mon Jul 27 15 12:24pm
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I am so sick of hearing this. Blaming Krystal for doing anything to the franchise is complete and utter logical fallacy.

Anything you think is wrong with any of the games she's appeared in has NOTHING to do with her, the games would have played out exactly the same. Removing her wouldn't have made Adventures not a Zelda clone, she would have just been substituted for someone else anyway, same goes for Assault, and even if you removed the romantic drama from Command, it wouldn't have saved the rest of the script from being shitty, fanfiction-caliber trash.

It's all opinions dude. Calm down. To ME the games would have been better without any love interest for Fox. Any other character besides Fox getting a love interest would have been 100% ok with me.


Thanks man. I appreciate it.

Logically, Wolf would be released before Krystal, and there probably won't be more than one DLC SF character, so I wouldn't count on her.

And if the rumors of Krystal not making an appearance in SFZero are true, then I wouldn't count on her in Smash 5 either.

Honestly, I feel like people are looking too hard into this. Miiverse has been inconsistent when it comes to marking things as trademarked in descriptions before.

While I think K Rool is Smash is likely for the Smash Ballot, I don't think this is a confirmation.

This can only mean one thing.

Retro is working on King K. Roll Racing instead of a new Metroid!!!!.

2+2 = 7...if you skip a few steps. Point is they are looking into this too far.

The trademark can just be a renewal, which is possible because K Rool is in the Virtual Console games still being sold by Nintendo. At this time, the trademark means nothing.

However, the possibility of K Rool being in Smash still remains.

Hopefully we get K.Rool in Smash, K.Rool in the 3rd DKCR game, and a K.Rool amiibo. The king is going to return I can FEEL it.

Just to clarify. the ™ symbol is not for registered trademarks. The ® symbol is the one for registered trademarks. Anyone can use ™, as it just shows intent of ownership, but it is not registered.

Yup, anyone can place a ™ on anything. Uninformed people will take it and run with it though…

Oh yes, that is absolutely true. Sips a nice cold glass of Water™

With that rumor about David Wise working with Nintendo on something, K Rool's popularity in the Ballot and the fact that we are like 4 months in the Balot makes the situation pretty good for him. I think we are getting an announcement soon, with a Gankgplank Galleon remix by Wise! Maybe a mini-direct for august with Tournament mode, Hyrule and Peach's Castle, the Youtube Upload feature and K Rool!

I now have the song stuck in my head and am whistling it thanks to you!

oh yeah I never thought about the virtual console. Yeah clearly in order to avoid a frivolous law suit, they would have to grab the trademark. so mystery solved. still king k rool for smash bros yeah !

Well for one thing, this'll surely help clear up once and for all who owns the rights to these characters.

Agreed that misconception is so fucking annoying. "King K.Rulez can't possbly b n Smash Bros. or the nex DKC gamez cause Nintendoesn't ownz the rights to doze characters. Rare ownz all da Kremlinz"

I think K. Rool in Smash is a given considering his popularity and the ballot, but the trademark is absolutely NOT indicative of that in the slightest sense.

You know what this means? King K. Rool Conquest confirmed! ;)


I know you're joking but I'd legit buy that game.

I will only buy that if the entire game moves to the left as a platformer.

Sun Jul 26 15 10:25pm
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I honestly don't think this is any big news since it's just a trademark. While I prefer King K Rool over Diddy Kong as a character any day, I really don't think he should be in SSB at this point, considering how many characters related to Mario in some way we already have (Yes, I know the DK series has its own identity now but DK did come from the Mario universe originally so I'm still counting it as Mario-related, like I do with Yoshi.) and how it would be a complete waste when they could use someone from a franchise without much attention, like Issac from Golden Sun, Lolo from Eggerland (HAL Labs puzzle game), or Sukapon from Joy Mech Fight. If he is the one who wins the Smash Ballot I'll be incredibly disappointed unless they have more than one character that they'll use from the Smash Ballot as SSB DLC...

I do legitimately wonder why he hasn't been in ANY new games in ages though, when he used to be everywhere with DK's name on it.

King K. Rool is in no way related to the Mario Games minus being the Villain for the Donkey Kong Crew in the first 4 DK games the 3 for SNES, and the one for the N64 and then there was a few other appearances such as the recently re released DK Jungle Climber and DK King of Swing. I might be missing a few King K. Rool appearances, but the point is he deserves to be in SSB because the DK Crew don't have enough reps as it is. Metroid is another one with this same issue.

I disagree. K.Rool is the main villian of Nintendo's 4th best selling franchise and the 2nd or 3rd most reocurring villian Nintendo has behind Bowser and Dedede. IMO he's been WELL deserved and overdue for Smash since Melee. It's a shame us fans of him have to fight/kampaign as hard as we do to get Nintendo to know we enjoy this character and want him to return to Smash and his own franchise (DKC). While I agree Un-represented franchises like Golden Sun, Sin & Punishment, Chibi-Robo, Splatoon, Rhythm Heaven, and Advance Wars should get some representation too. I don't believe they deserve to get in before K.Rool does considering he's a villian something Smash Bros is severely lacking in, DK content something Smash 4 is also lacking in, A new heavyweight something Smash 4 lacks in as well and just overall what a great and iconic character he is.

As to your "Mario character" point. While DK and crew cross paths with Mario a lot I view DK as its own franchise. Remember Mario was a spin-off of DK not the other way around so if anything it's TOO many DK characters if you want to view it from that point of view. lol Also King K.Rool himself has only appeared in one Mario spin-off game (Super Sluggers). Know what other characters appeared in a Mario spin-off? Link, Villager, and Isabelle in MK8. So I guess they're Mario universe characters now too right? lol or what about the final fantasy/dragon quest characters in Mario Hoops, Sports Mix, and Fortune Street? What about Sonic and friends in the olympic games series? lol Obviously i'm exaggerating but you get my point.

That being said I'm a supporter of the following characters: Chorus Kids, Krystal, Wolf, Ridley (never happening unfortunately), Medusa, Dixie Kong, Black Shadow, Anthony Higgs (yes i'm serious he can take Snakes old moveset), Inkling, Chibi-Robo, DJ Octavio, Cranky Kong, Issac, Sylux, Captain Toad, Isa/Kaichi (new ice climbers for Smash 5?), Impa (Hyrule Warriors form), Bandana Dee, and of course King K.Rool and out of this list King K.Rool, Ridley, and Wolf are the last remaining "musts" in my book to really make this the ultimate Nintendo All-Stars game IMO.

Well technically, Mario spun off from the arcade DK trilogy series which were mostly about the Kongs. IMO, if Fire Emblem can have five reps, DK can surely have at least one more even though I believe it deserves more than that. (Dixie and Cranky)

1) There are previous press releases where King K. Rool isn't listed as a trademark, but there are also previous press releases where Donkey Kong isn't listed as a trademark (http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/UmLUMrrxLgdj9i5t0G-AqKZAYvLe8gG3). Unless someone knows a copyright lawyer they can consult, this probably isn't indicative of anything.
2) The character is unambiguously owned by Nintendo, and is already a trophy in 3 Smash Bros. games (even Melee, when Rare was still onboard). Why would NIntendo need to do anything "new" with the trademark just to include him in playable form?

This is just another case of hopeful Smash fans grasping at straws. It doesn't constitute proof one way or the other.

I really hope that this and Diddy's recent trademark will mean a bright future for the DK franchise. DK is awesome.

If anything, maybe they're just considering an Amiibo.

Of course, it's probably just covering all their bases for the re-release of the DKC games this time around. Though, every time I see copy like that, it reminds me of the toy manuals of the 80's, where they practically had a ™ on every other word.

It's great to be a king! I seem to have a knack!

For taking everything I want and giving nothing back!

Um, didn't Nintendo already own them? Since Nintendo originally created the DK series, all the characters Rare made for the DK series became property of Nintendo, since Rare was adding onto a series owned by Nintendo. Nintendo didn't own the creation of Banjo and Conker, which is why Microsoft was able to obtain them when they bought out Rare. K. Rool has been in many Nintendo games, even after Rare's departure, so what makes people think that K. Rool wasn't owned by Nintendo? Even Rare admit Nintendo owns everything in the DK Country series.

Diddy Kong... K Rool...

I wonder if any of these trademarks re-registrations will come to mean anything.



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