Nintendo updates release date list for 2015-16

Along with their Q1 report, Nintendo has also updated their release date list. Nothing too revealing, though Project Guard is scheduled for a 2015 release despite the title being a no show at E3. But what is most interesting is that along with Project Giant Robot, The Legend of Zelda is currently slated with a TBD release date. I guess it's time to get that rumor mill running, if it hasn't already! Check out the entire list in the source link below.

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Zelda Wii U for Holiday 2016!

...for Wii U and NX!

Nah. Wii U will be having it's last holiday next year [when the NX Handheld comes out], imho, so Zelda Wii U in 2016. Possible NX Console port in 2017.

Wed Jul 29 15 10:45am
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Despite Nintendo's protestation, I fully expect this Wii U Zelda to be a bridge game like Twilight Princess. I think it would be worth considering making it [console I won't name till 2016] exclusive, as much as that pains me to say. Potentially having Dragon Quest XI and TLoZ as day 1 games on the new console? Monumental potential, to say the least.

Wed Jul 29 15 12:24pm
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That would indeed be the best way for me to jump ship and buy a PS4.

But considering how few people bought the Wii U, alienating these people wouldn't be such a loss Laughing

Zelda was listed as TBD on the last quarterly release.

If the game wasn't far enough done to show last month, then surely it must come as no surprise it has a TBD date.

And I'm willing to bet actual money the game will be a Wii U exclusive.

I hope it's a Wii U exclusive since then they can use all resources on it. Just make the NX backward compatible so those can play it too.

The problem is that we basically have little no idea what the NX is and what games are coming on launch. The wait IS hurting.

The wait shouldn't be hurting since the system might be ~2 years away for all we know.

It's my curiousoty taht makes it hurt. I don't need it for 3+ years if they keep the Wii U alive... But I so want to know what the heck they are up to!

If you understand.

I understand.
I mean, I'm curious too, but I know that Nintendo is always working on new systems, and the later we know about it, the later it'll probably come out. Which is good, because I'm not done with the Wii U yet.

The good thing about a reveal is that people will stop speculating at last. I'm getting really tired of the 'NX is a smartphone' and 'Zelda U is totes coming to NX, look at TP!' talk. There's so many baseless rumors going on, and simply because we have a codename now, people think seem to find them much more believable for some reason.

Not to mention they need to clear up what's going on with the third pillar things, since that's something people seem to ignore completely.

Of course people talk nonsense. Iwata HAD to announce that they are working on a new system because of the mobile path they are taking. I am not done with the Wii U wither, but if they are truly ditching it then I would be sad.

Yes, the third pillar. Now that is where the "fun " starts. What is the NX supposed to be? I like it that they are keeing it a secret and it sure seems more ambitious this time around since they really just said "NX" and hinted at it will connect U, 3DS and mobile in some way but still keeping their cards burned to ashes so we will have to wait for the anouncment. And as said, my curiousity is what is nagging me on this one.

As I have mentioned several times; the Wii U still has lots of untapped potential. Just need to keep that snowball rolling if we want it to live.

I'd put money on NX being revealed and released next year. They really didn't need to announce a new platform's codename to assure people that they would continue making hardware, and now here we are with Reggie mentioning it by name in the Digital Event (a big deal because Iwata only talked about it in an investors meeting but Reggie mentioned it in the biggest public showcase they'll have all year), Tanabe talking about it in regards to Metroid and Square Enix all but confirming that one of their biggest games is headed to the platform. Clearly it's close enough for Square to know what it's going to be and that DQXI is appropriate for it.

Wii U's dying and it's dying quickly. I'd also put money on games like Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival just being a quickly hashed together game using the assets they made for a Wii U Animal Crossing that's now being worked on for NX instead. I wouldn't be surprised if a number of planned, unannounced Wii U games now being developed for NX. Shame, I love the Wii U a ton but it doesn't make sense to keep supporting it when the ship has well and truly sailed for it. The best thing Nintendo can do right now is do a total refresh with a new platform and have a robust first year with games that could have launched on Wii U but have been moved over (though I do hope and expect Zelda U to be on both Wii U and NX).


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