Animal Crossing NFC card lineup will include 400 different cards


uhhhhhhhhhh...... cha-ching? thanks stupid toy games....

Yeah, I think I'm going back to and sticking with Disney Infinity very shortly.

Thu Jul 30 15 07:04pm
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Jeez, I'm a huge fan of this series but I just can't buy all that crap. 100 would have been perfect. Should've stayed with that.

Oh, god, once Nintendo hits on something, they really run it into the ground, huh? Something tells me the next Pokemon is going to use something like this. UGHHH

Well... the be fair. There are that many villagers, I believe... so this only makes sense.

Wow! And the only card I really want is Bunnie, for whatever reason, she's been my favorite villager since the Gamecube game.

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