Poi - A 3D Platformer being Kickstarted for Wii U

Thank you Ezekiel for the heads-up!
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The gameplay looks good. But the generic boy character and his uncreative double jump... ugh. I mean, gameplay first, of course. But these designers really could be more imaginative with their character designs.

Tue Aug 04 15 09:13am
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well it looks like a real product at least so there's that. The boring double jump was surprisingly not used a lot, imo it really should not exist and levels should not be designed around that it's boring. Still I found the designs interesting as much as that other game with the freezing mechanics, oh yeah the freezing thing is still a major plus.
The characters designs are ok not as creative as a hat in time but at least they have more to show. Still the whole thing looks just .... flat. I don't know how to say it but there aren't a lot of details and a very pronounced lack of "shaders" . Special effects I mean, special lighting, well something.
Flat out using the rope ... I'm ok with that Smile as long as the game is also for nintendo.

still let's be realistic if two young people can put that together, they do deserve some praises, it would have been much much easier to go with the 4bits look, I just can't stomach another one of those.

oh okay they are aware of the SFX situation so that's good and that's what the kickstarter is for . Still if they could somehow show just one scene (lava) without and with, it could help them. Of course it's not really possible given that it would require external help and they don't have it clearly.

Looks pretty alright... maybe with an extra year of development and some more staff it could be worthwhile.

They are at a disadvantage launching this Kickstarter after Yooka-Laylee raised the bar so high, of course.


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