REPORT - Majesco replaces CEO, slims down to five employees

Ailing publisher Majesco Entertainment has appointed a new CEO, and is shifting away from producing retail games and toward a digital future in an effort to become profitable, the company announced today.

Majesco will now focus exclusively on downloadable and mobile titles, including a game called Glue and a new entry in the A Boy and His Blob series, both of which the company expects to launch within the next two fiscal quarters. (Majesco's fiscal year runs from Nov. 1 to Oct. 31.) Those two games will be released on "all next generation consoles and in some cases, PC," said Sutton.

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Poor little majesco. They have some good IPs too. Nintendo should just buy them and get those titles under their belt. And buy Capcom. And Konami. Just buy third party support Nintendo :D

They should only buy Capcom and Bandai Namco.

All of the others can go bankrupt and starve.

They "slimmed down" to the same size of my company that is VERY indie... Wow. What a fall.

Poor Majesco. Sad

I still remember their customer support being the most supportive and friendly out there.

Fri Aug 07 15 02:29pm
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This is sad... Again, I can't help but look at the state of the video game industry with skepticism and disappointment over how it is by large going about "progressing" when I see things like this. In my opinion, the Western AAA philosophy is slowly killing the video game universe, and unless someone like a Nintendo takes a stand against the status quo, I fear that more mid-tier publishers will continue to be casualties by a marketplace that has quickly become too narrow-minded for its own good.

I sincerely hope that Nintendo is looking at this with great concern and is aiming to address this issue with NX. To me, this is a FAR bigger issue than what architecture the platform will have and how easy it will be to support AAA multiplats that are already over-saturated on the marketplace to begin with. I don't see the other major companies looking into this because of the greater and longer-term investment they have made into the AAA approach. I'm not sure if the video game industry can withstand seeing many more noteworthy publishers downsizing or disappearing because of the current climate, and I'm hoping that someone of influence is taking notice...

Well that stinks. Interesting that they're putting out a new A Boy And His Blob. What other IP does Majesco have access to beyond Cooking Mama and ABahB?

Yeah, quite sad. Hope the mobile thing works out for the remaining little group anyway.

Those two games will be released on "all next generation consoles and in some cases, PC,"

We all know what THAT means.

"All next-generation consoles except Wii U and 3DS"


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