Final Fantasy XIV could see release on NX

Coming from Producer Naoki Yoshida...

- waiting to know when the console will be released
- Square Enix needs to talk to Nintendo as well about the policies about cross-platform gameplay on the NX b
- discussions are yet to start on this topic
- once all this is figured out, a port could happen


Odd as a choice as I think that'd be [isn't FFXIV support ending soon?], I'd rather it be the first mainline FF title to return to Nintendo platforms over the likes of FFXV [a FFVIIR port also would be really surreal, considering it's conception!]

No? They just released the first expansion for it in June, and 3.1 should be coming soon.

Heck, FFXI came out how long ago and it's still being supported, so I don't think FFXIV will lose support anytime soon.

I think you're thinking of FFXI, which is losing support soon. Square-Enix is still focusing on FFXIV.

Ah, yes. I was thinking of FFXI!

Amazing how they've had two [relatively] successful MMO hits with one IP really.

Lets hope they don't go down the path the bulk of third-party content consisting of ports of games that are several years old. It didn't work on the Wii U and it won't work on the NX.

True, though I wouldn't mind seeing more third party ports in general. Plus, it's a bit different with an MMO. There's usually expansions every year or so and if the base game is already ported over, makes it more likely that the expansions are as well. I imagine MMOs are, in general, played for longer after its release than most other games.

Ports of current titles would be great would be great if they are released at the same time as they release on other platforms. I'm speaking of ports like Batman Arkham City to the Wii U a year after the game had been played and forgotten by the rest of the world, and Reggie speaking of it as if it was a brand new game.

Well, it couldn't be any worse than the Mac version. :P

Anyway, won't sony also have to okay this?

if this happen ill never be off my wii U gamepad if it supported

Oh please let this happen! I play Final Fantasy XIV more than any other game currently. I'd love more than anything else to be able to play it on a Nintendo console! Plus being able to use the Wii U GamePad would make long play sessions much easier, no taking over the TV. (Playing Remote on Vita just doesn't work quite right, there's no fast way to swap hot-bars.) So if this happens, 100% Day One purchase for me!

Oh and for anyone who's never played XIV, its totally awesome! And I play under Satoshi Shiba on Faerie if anyone wants to find me. Smile

oh ff14 , for a moment I thought I was drunk and they were talking about the main series . I love the way they express their need to get "incentives", it's just an art form.

Not personally interested in FF14 but Nintendo needs to make this happen and repair the SE relationship.

I would say FF15 makes more sense but that game's development has been nothing short of an epic clusterf*** and I'm not even sure if SE has the manpower to make that happen.

Also, some of you are way more optimistic about a KH3 release date than I am. Holiday 2017 at the earliest.

Whilst I'm not 100% behind a 2016 KH3 release, the game at least hasn't been in a 10+ year development hell like FFXV.

I heavily doubt both will release in the same year, though.

Sun Aug 09 15 07:26pm
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Everything I've read about the game has people saying it's farther along than people expect. This isn't a FFXV situation where they're clearly having issues with their engine. The E3 trailer gives me hope, and the game will be at the D23 expo this year where they may give a release date. Also, Disney is behind this as well, and they will want the game to come out ASAP. I wouldn't be surprised if it comes out before FFXV.

Sun Aug 09 15 11:50pm
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Final Fantasy XIV is amazing. I have it on PS4 but I would rebuy it on a Nintendo system.

I think this is too much for Nintendo's hardware. Hell just getting into heavensward on the PC was a nightmare, I can imagine how horrible it would be on Nintendo's online infrastructure.

If this becomes a thing (I doubt it) and Nintendo's system can handle it well, more power to them.

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