Xenoblade Chronicles X to feature American and British voice acting

Xenoblade Chronicles' North American localization was jam-packed with British voice acting. That's because Nintendo of Europe handled the translation and Nintendo of America just brought that version to the states. With Xenoblade Chronicles X, Nintendo of America is taking things a bit more seriously. The title will have a mix of American and British voice actors in the NA/EU releases. It'll be interesting to see which characters get chosen for American and British accents!


The voice acting in XC was amazing. It was also different.

So it's a mix? That's pretty cool.

I wonder if it'll still have Japanese dubs like the Wii game. That'd probably be my preferred option, but I'm cool with English if it's decent.

Tue Aug 11 15 02:13pm
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"Nintendo of America is taking things a bit more seriously."
No there not, they would've done anything if it wasn't for Nintendo of Europe taking the risk and having a bit of faith in XBC to begin with. And they certainly wouldn't be doing any think of this kind now if it wasn't for that.
So don't go giving NOA a pat on the back, when it was NOE that had the balls to make it happen in the first place with the release of XBC.

Tue Aug 11 15 03:03pm
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Read the statement as, "Nintendo of America is taking things a bit more seriously [this time]." "With Xenoblade Chronicles X," was also part of that statement.

Now read:
"With Xenoblade Chronicles X, Nintendo of America is taking things a bit more seriously [this time]."

Tue Aug 11 15 06:15pm
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Yeah I get what you're saying, but I read it how you suggested it anyway. My issue is that RMC thinks that they're taking it seriously this time around and I disagree with his sentiment. I believe that NCL is the one pushing NOA to this, they didn't want anything to do with XBC originally, and I doubt if it was left to them they wouldn't have anything to do with XCX translate now, and especially if there wasn't any cutbacks at NOE.
In short I believe that NOA are only handling the translation because they have been told to, as they're the only ones currently who have the funds and staff to handle it, not because they want to.
Of course this is just my opinion, and I could be totally wrong, but going by what I understand of the company and the skittish nature of NOA releasing non-atypical Nintendo titles in the US, I think I'm right on this.

It'd be weird to have that New Los Angeles colony be populated with mostly-British-accent citizens. A little bit of melting-pot makes sense, but I'd rather it be more or instead-of British accents after XC was everything-is-British-forever-town. Surely they'd have a Little Tokyo or China-Town area or something, right?

Maybe it'll be to know who is evil.

At least that's what Hollywood thinks of British accents.

Tue Aug 11 15 02:54pm
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I would hope that with the delay, or shall we say super long wait regarding this title, that plenty will be done for this game, such as various options for voices. Why has this game taken so long to be made? I have a feeling it's not going to sell very well, due to the Wii U's lack of sales and that this is going to released during that last year or two of this system's life span. Saying that, I'm dying for any 3rd party games for this system, so there's that too to consider.

I also worry about the graphics. I don't usually like focusing on such an aspect, for though that can help a game be more enjoyable, it doesn't make or break a game. Saying this, the game seems like it could look a lot better. The videos for this game have not been too hot in this area.

Hopee they can make a reyn time pun somewhere :/

Did anyone play Killzone 2?

I absolutely can't wait for this ^^
Do we know if the game will have Japanese VA?


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