Amiiqo fan-made device gives you handy amiibo data storage on your phone

Amiiqo use with Android Mobile by contact734

- new NFC device that allows you to copy all your Amiibo data to one device via any NFC compatible Android phone
- share entire collections downloaded from the internet
- button on the side that allows you to cycle through each Amiibo figure you have saved to the device
- store up to 200 Amiibo to one Amiiqo
- comes preloaded with 10 Amiibo
- add new Amiibo and update the Amiiqo software through an Android phone that is NFC compatible
- download the latest app from Amiiqo.com for your phone
- run the software and connect your Amiiqo device
- see what Amiibo is on the device and what order they are in
- update the device to add your personal Amiibo
- downloads all stats
- right now there is no way to use a PC or iPhone with Amiiqo

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Woah. Maybe they should say it just "backs up" your actual amiibos and share the images of illegal amiibo data via torrents. Promoting this thing with "images downloaded from the internet" must be incredibly illegal. They will be shut down in now time.

Are you saying torrents aren't downloaded from the Internet?

I mean torrents are something users/anonymous guys share instead of something the company has on its website and uses to promote the product. People who are into amiibo hacking will have the skills to find the images.

They raise the question that is this like pirating music or movies. But the answer would be "yes". Data from the figures can only be legally obtained from OWNING the figures. There is the defense of "backing up" your data (just like roms and game saves), but it's not meant to be shared around the net.

It's a shame they couldnt' go about this through the legit means of licensing/endorsing, because there's definitely a market for this and more money to be made on store shelves than through warehouses and under the table...

I could be useful as a backup device and not having to continuously take them off the shelves, but 85$ and no way to get them in Canada? Not worth it.

I would be very supportive of this without the 10 preloaded amiibo. That's theft, simple as that.


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