Wii U firmware update 5.5.0 U available, Nintendo TVii gone

Version 5.5.0 U, available via an Internet connection, includes the following improvements:
Changes to the Wii U Menu and HOME Menu:

The Nintendo TVii icon has been removed from the Wii U Menu and HOME Menu. For more information regarding the end of this service, click here.
Improvements to system stability and usability:

Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

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... Unless this is pertaining to just the US, I swear the TVii button was removed in the last firmware update?

Yeah we still had ours. I don't know if the service was still running till now, though, as I haven't used it in years.

Mon Aug 17 15 10:00pm
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As a frequent user of Nintendo TVii, I'm saddened by this *downdate. The new HEROES Reborn premieres soon, and I planned on commenting along with the show. I just booted up Nintendo TVii and it gets error messages. /:C\

They announced a few weeks ago that TVii for US users would end soon, it appears that date has come

Tue Aug 18 15 12:58am
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5.5.0 E has also gone live, I think. Downloading an update now, my system was 5.4.0 E before the update. This is in Australia, but I'm 99% sure that Australian and European Wii U updates are identical.

UPDATE: Yep, it's 5.5.0 E - And it wasn't a small update (wasn't huge, but it took a few minutes to download).

I think they just updated the EU version number so it remains the same as the US one.

I doubt that, since it took a few minutes to download, whereas a version number update would be quite quick.

Nintendo Wi-fi = axed
club Nintendo = axed
Nintendo TVii = axed

I'm noticing a trend here.

TVii was never a thing here in the EU.

Club Nintendo will be replaced with something new.
Nintendo WFC was axed due to Gamespy's servers shutting down.

Actually, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection was replace by Nintendo Network long before the GameSpy shutdown. Of course, once that happened, all legacy servers where gone, but still. It's not like it just up and disappeared with nothing to succeed it.

Is it the trend that they're replacing things with newer things and discontinuing failed services?

Because if so you might notice a ton of trends all the time with every single company. Because that's what every single company does and has ever done. Weird, huh?

Anyone have an idea on the size of this update? I'm trying to figure out if I need to take my Wii U to my brother's house to download it.

I have the highest-speed, non-business Comcast cable Internet, and even then it took me about 8-10 minutes. I would probably take it to your parents' house.

That's a lot of stability.

Yeah my brother has the same, I guess I'll take it Thursday when the new games release in the eShop just in case I need to download anything else.

Another sign that Nintendo's infrastructure was enormously unprepared for what it intended with the Wii U. I'm sure that once it learned how much time/manpower was required to create an HD game, the first thing people were pulled from were non-game services like this.

TVii could have been great, but Nintendo invested so little effort in supporting and improving it that it was never able to realize its potential. The only current non-game programs that Nintendo continues to invest in, support and improve at this point seems to be Mii Verse, which I'm guessing will become the hub for all non-game Nintendo services (including the Club Nintendo replacement) in the future.

dark weres
Tue Aug 18 15 06:01pm
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TVii was a good idea, just badly executed. Before the Wii U launched, I had noticed my friends were using something called GetGlue to report on what they were watching, but you weren't allowed to find out what GetGlue was about until you committed to registering up for the service. Since the name "GetGlue" brought up mental images of The Simpson's Ralph, it didn't seem like such an appealing thing(it actually referred to the glue on the backs of "stickers" which you'd earn with them by achieving certain... well, "achievements". Achievements in watching TV, /smh

Apparently, NintendoTVii was a collaboration with the team behind GetGlue, which allowed you to use your social networks to "Watch TV together" and comment on stuff as it happened. It was fun, but it was also free, and without special advertising or other monetization (ie: perhaps getting a cut from cable companies), so Nintendo wasn't making any money off of the service, so if it didn't get popular on its own merits, it would have to be axed.

Thus, it was axed.


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