RUMOR - GameStop not taking preorders on select Wave 5 amiibo on Sept. 11th

- GameStop is scheduled to get 4 amiibo for sale on 9/11
- there will be no preorders
- a limited amount will be available on GameStop.com
- allocation sent to each store based on previous amiibo sales
- no word yet on if they will do tickets like they did for the Retro 3-Pack
- amiibo include Ganondorf, Zero Suit Samus, Olimar and 8-Bit Classic Mario

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so the rumor is saying the not-surprising fact that gamestop won't do amiibo preorders

this is why I have to pull all nighters for plastic

No pre-orders is the best way to handle amiibo. It means there are plenty in store for the actual fans who'll stand in line for a couple hours (being there all night isn't necessary) and less amiibo go out to scalpers sniping quick preorders online.

My local EBGame (Canadian name for GameStop) said the same thing to me when I preordered the three pack. In fact, from now on, the only Amiibo that will have preorders will be store-exclusives... at least that's what he said, and this seems to confirm at least part of it.


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