Is WayForward teasing more Mighty Switch Force?

I need to know what's up with this. You know I'm a huge WayForward fan. I'm DEFINITELY down for more Mighty Switch Force. Are we going to see an official third installment?!

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looks like it could be a prequel

I'm not very interested in the series, I only have the four games lol. Whatever that is, I hope it's also for the 3ds, it just prefer 3d over hd. Maybe that's why I prefer MSF over shantae (only have the wii u game for now)

As much as I love MSF, my favorite aspect of the Mighty series was how unique each take was! I loved Flip Champs, Milky Way and Switch Force, but I would love an original Mighty even more.

Hopefully it has an equally kickass theme song! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaLpzyw4q3w

I just beat MSF2 last month and was wondering if there would ever be a third.

More Patricia Wagon is always nice.
Either MSF3 or a different game starring her

Patricia Wagon in her academy days and her wacky antics with Mahoney, Hightower and that african american gentleman who does sound effects. The whole gang!

I recall WayForward saying they wanted to do an action-adventure game featuring Patty and do an entirely original new game in the Mighty series. Personally, that's what I'm hoping. The Mighty games are fun, but an action-platform game starring Patty would be more fun to me than the puzzle-platformer path the series has taken thus far.

betting it's going to be called Might Switch Academy and that it's going to be a visual novel where you have to romance Patricia Wagon

I hope this is a prequel like it looks like.

And that it's on 3DS in 3D like the previous two. I have had the option to go for the console versions, but man, I just love the 3D on them.


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