RUMOR - Could Professor Layton be appearing in Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS?

We've all been down this route before. Nothing is official until Nintendo gives us a confirmation. I guess Level-5 could give the confirmation as well. Thanks to all that sent this in!


That would be awesome. Hopefully he won't like Phoenix Wright in UMVC if Layton actually did appeared in Smash.

Sounds like he was joking around to me, but who knows...it would be cool to see

that does look like subtle sarcasm. Plus this happened before with someone putting Shantae on the list on IMDB (except her VA confirmed there was no shantae, it was just a fan adding shantae to the list)

Sun Aug 23 15 12:18am
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Not a bad character, but I'm kinda sad to see that Nintendo doesn't believe in their own characters anymore to do DLC. if this is true.

... Or maybe they just thought Layton would make a good addition to Smash. I'd hate to imagine what you thought when Snake or Sonic were added.

Because 46 out of 49 characters in the base game & 3 out of 4 (or 3 out of 5 in this hypothetical) being Nintendo is not believing in their own characters?

I didn't know it only took 5 3rd parties to outweigh the other 49 Nintendo ones.

Honestly, 3rd parties are better for DLC because they're throwaways. Nintendo's better off saving THEIR IPs for SSB5.

They don't believe their own characters can make people interested to buy the DLCs. That's what I mean.
I don't see how third parties characters are more deserving than K. Rool, Dixie, Krystal and many others characters which people actually ask for. I can only think they don't believe the casual gamer cares about them.

Sun Aug 23 15 06:06am
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If they thought that way how come most of the DLC characters are Nintendo characters? There is like what? One third party DLC character right now?

They added two veteran characters and a third party. Not saying people can't enjoy the DLCs (I bought all the characters!). I just expected new Nintendo characters and I think they are afraid to try IF this is true.

They're afraid of trying something they're already doing? What are you smoking?

I am pretty sure that in the ballot the top characters are not third party ones. So why would they be afraid of adding first party characters?

That's why I'm complaining. Putting Layton before more popular Nintendo characters just seems strange to me. The only thing I could see as a reason for that is "third parties sell more and creates more media buzz".

Sakurai said "from now on, charactere will be pure fan service". They are making characters fans want.

If Layton is in, it is because of fan demand.

Sakurai's also confirmed numerous times that when characters don't get in, it has to do with many factors, which includes not being able to create a moveset or the character not getting a new game. Now, YOU may be able to think of a moveset for K.Rool or Isaac or whatever, but if Sakurai can't think of one that he thinks is unique or interesting, or fits, he won't do it.

If Layton gets in over them, it's not because they had no faith, it's because Sakurai had an easier time making a moveset OR simply because Layton is actually active still. Not to mention Layton is tied closely with Nintendo anyway.

Who is to say they will not add Isaac?

Same. There's only so many good candidates from Nintendo's first party and if you use them up as DLC, then there's less characters for them to add in the next game. Plus then they don't have to worry of adding the DLC characters in the next game ON TOP of the new characters.

If he isn't in the roster, then I can totally see them making a stage based around the Professor Layton series. It would be super impressive if the background was styled like a full motion video anime cutscene.

Sun Aug 23 15 12:51am
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That stage would actually get me way more hyped than the character himself. Never played a Professor Layton game before don't plan on to as it doesn't interest me. But the stage you described sounds amazing.

Also I agree with the guy above if this is true. There are still quite a few more Nintendo characters that could be added but have been overlooked like say....King K.Rool (no a mii fighter costume doesn't count), Dixie Kong, Krystal, Wolf, Inkling, Captain Toad, Sylux, Anthony Higgs, Medusa, Bandana Dee, Impa, Chorus Kids, Cranky Kong, Isa & Kaichi, Chibi-Robo, Issac, Captain Syrup. Those are just the first parties off the top of my head. You could also add more Fire Emblem characters, Pokemon, someone from Advance Wars, Warioware character. I mean there's still quite a few more Nintendo characters I wouldn't mind seeing added.

Ridley, Viridi, Hades, Skull Kid, Fi, Midna, Ashley, Saria, Ivysaur, Squirtle, Vaati, Isaac, Paper Mario, Geno, Bayonetta.......

What terrible character picks.

Sun Aug 23 15 09:34am
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no u
I listed possible Nintendo characters.

Possible? No. That is not possible

Then what do you want? A knight with a shovel and a veteran animal that brings nothing new to the game?

Nobody said that. I want original GOOD characters

Like most which I mentioned.

I don't think Bayonetta is a Nintendo character, even if Nintendo published the second game

Oh my god, he's actually one of my most wanted characters...if he gets in I'll go crazy with joy!

I love Professor Layton and all, but I'm just gonna come out and say it.

If he's in, he's an assist trophy. I can't see them making a playable character out of Professor Layton.

Though I will say, if anything, these tweets remind me of a puzzle...

And a gentleman never walks away from a nice puzzle.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRlZyZEHKBQ

Sun Aug 23 15 01:11am
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Why would he freely admit something like that? Even jokingly. (I'm talking about NDA here. Even Adam Howden couldn't say anything specific till Shulk was officially confirmed)

Be careful with your hype, folks.

There's no way this is a real hint, he's just playing along.

But that doesn't mean I wouldn't LOVE to have Layton playable...

I have yet to play the series. Is it really good?

Yes, if you like puzzle games.

IMDB isn't a credible source for anything. I could go on right now and type in that Kratos VA is doing work for Smash Bros. and have just as much "evidence"

This sounds to me like just a playful tweet from the developer, and nothing more. That being said, I wouldn't be against Layton being playable.

Am I the only one who thinks Professor Layton would be just about the stupidest DLC fighter roster addition ever? What's his final smash, boring opponents to death with puzzles?

No offense intended to Layton fans -- the series is obviously very popular, just not for me. But I can name at least 100 better choices for a fighting game than a mystery-solving professor.

Boring oponents to death, huh?

Brilliant idea! ^^

i agree!! i really don't want this character to join Smash. please don't.

Or you know, he could use the fencing skills he's had since university. He's gotten into plenty of sword fights in the series.

The only puzzle-related characters I could see work are Maxwell from Scribblenauts and Sparky from Drawn to Life (although Maxwell would work better, wouldn't have to draw everything).

you literally just listed why villager wouldn't work if Sakurai hadn't made him work. Villager just does simple tasks around town and literally the only "weapons" he really has are a slingshot and ax.

Layton knows fencing and has gotten into swordfights in the series. Plus Capcom managed to add a lawyer into a 2D fighting game, didn't they? I thought so.

Sun Aug 23 15 08:05am
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This would be absolutely awesome.

Other than a rep from square, this is the perfect dlc choice

Fudge the haters, perfect character to be in Smash.

Surprised he wasn't announced sooner. If Sakurai made fighters out of a yoga instructor and AC villager then the professor is not out of the question.

Sounded quite sarcastic. I would not think anything of it.

If Layton gets into Smash as DLC, maybe Wolf will come out on the same way as hime just like Ryu and Roy for Lucas.

Didn't IMDB once say that Leon from Resident Evil was going to be in Smash?

Yeah, I wouldn't consider them credible.

Please keep in mind that IMDb, while great, is user-generated content. It should not be used as a credible source for anything. The voice actor could be joking, too.

However... I haff tvelve metchsteek.

Who updates IMDb pages? Surely not Nintendo. Seems fishy.

He's likely just playing along because, if I know anything about the Smash fanbase, it's freakin' ravenous and will pretty much harass anyone until they cave in or tell them to piss off. Whenever some sort of Smash rumor pops up, it practically guarantees that someone is going to get buried in annoying emails and this guy has likely just quietly accepted his fate that going online for the next couple of weeks is going to be an extreme test of patience and self control.

Well his Twitter is private now, so that'll help a little with the ignoring them on there.

Sakurai said he selects characters whose natural game actions lend themselves well to a fighting game. What actions exactly does Layton do that would translate to fighting moves?

I love Prof Layton, but he's a poor choice for a SSB fighter. I chose Chibi Robo in the online poll. Now there's a fighter with some moves!

He has fencing skills. Considering how many swordsman are in Smash 4, I don't think he'll have problems coming up with something.

Capcom come up with moves for Phoenix Wright for pete's sake

just gonna bring up that someone also listed Bill Nye as the voice for Palutena in smash on IMDB.

it's pretty much wikipedia for voice actors.


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