Splatoon - Version 2.1.0 arriving this Tuesday/Wednesday, various adjustments made

A new Splatoon update will be available later this week. This was announced by the Splatoon Twitter this morning and it will bring various adjustments to the table. The update is scheduled to go live on Tuesday at 10PM ET/Wednesday 04:00 CEST. To learn about all the changes that are being made, read the list below (translated by Reddit user frozenpandaman):

Ver. 2.1.0 [9/2/2015 planned distribution] – 598MB download

Stage adjustments
- Arowana Mall: Adjusted terrain in one place to prevent squids from going through, all modes (presumably talking about this ledge glitch)
- Camp Triggerfish: Terrain adjustments to prevent players from directly jumping to the opponent's side, Turf War and Splat Zones

Main Weapon adjustments
- All Rollers: While moving, the movement of the field of view when raising the roller overhead has been fixed. The problem in question was changed in Ver. 2.0.0; this corrects it to be the same movement as in Ver. 1.3.0.

Sub Weapon adjustments
- Splash Wall: In the situation a bomb hits the enemy's Splash Wall, players standing on the other side of the Wall would receive damage. This has been corrected.

Ranked rule adjustments
- In Tower Control, if both team's counts (goal distances) are extremely close, in spite of differences between the counts, the on-screen display denoting the counts/numbers would show the same numbers. This has been fixed.
- In Tower Control, after advancing the tower to the same count, the enemy was unable to take the lead in the situation the tower was then taken. This was changed to behave as it did pre-Ver. 1.3.0. (referring to this situation)
- In Ver. 2.0.0 it was "the team that takes the lead's count is decreased by 1," while before Ver. 1.3.0 it was "the team who had the lead taken from them's count is increased by 1."

- The problem of receiving Error 104-2230 after downloading the Ver. 2.0.0 update was fixed.

Other adjustments to the game have been made so players may have a more pleasant experience.

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Always happy to see issues getting fixed!

Really wish they would eliminate one hit distance kills with rollers. It's not only annoying, but it doesn't make sense either. If the sloshed doesn't kill in one hit, why would the roller splash?

I have the same question. The rollers are so power up.

Rollers do need a nerf. Anybody using it should take more damage when they're about to toss ink. After all, with the roller raised, the entire body is left open to be attacked. There have been so many instances where I'm hitting a roller with a nozzlenose, 2-3 burst shots connecting from medium range only to be splatted when they toss ink. It's pretty ridiculous and infuriating.
Take into consideration the lag compensation when playing against people half way across the world and rollers become really overpowered. I hope this is addressed in other adjustments.

"In Ver. 2.0.0 it was "the team that takes the lead's count is decreased by 1," while before Ver. 1.3.0 it was "the team who had the lead taken from them's count is increased by 1"

Makes sense. The 1.3 way of breaking ties led to some (admittedly very rare) hilarious situations where teams would score Knockout victories even the Tower was on the other side of the map literally one space away from knocking *them* out.

re: Rollers: Most rollers are pretty easy to deal with even with the OHKO flicks. The only one where I think there is any real case to make for nerfing is the Gold Dynamo because that thing's splash range inexplicably outclasses most non-charger weapons.


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