Idea for LEGO Splatoon set trying to get off the ground

You know how this works by now. If you want to see this LEGO Splatoon set actually have a chance at getting manufactured, you'll have to hop over to the LEGO Ideas website and vote for it. Even then, Nintendo would have to allow the project to go ahead, so there's no garauntee. This is just the first step, but an important one!

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Like ALL those Zelda, Pokemon, etc Lego Ideas... Not going to happen.

And Zelda was easily the most deserving... so much great Lego potential with that franchise.

do people not understand that Nintendo has an exclusive deal with K'nex?

The K'Nex deal is with Mario alone, nothing beyond that.

I mean, don't you think, with a fuller deal, K'Nex would probably have done more than JUST Mario related stuff?

If Nintendo and Lego wouldn't allow that awesome Zelda set, then this won't happen. They are to invested in the K'Nex deal.

LEGO and Nintendo have decades old animosity towards each other from before Nintendo made video games. Chances of them making up after all this time is quite slim.

huh? What happened? What animosity?

Probably related to Nintendo's old N&B block toys - http://nintendo.wikia.com/wiki/N%26B_Block

Won't happen. Lego has this weird idea that if you want a lego set made you must give them full rights to make a lego game out of those characters.

That's not true at all

Not sure where you heard that. If it is true, then it is probably just Lego Dimensions.

I like the idea of being able to customize the set up of the arena. However, those mini-figs look really bad.

Nintendo X LEGO would make for some amazing sets [and also a LEGO Nintendo World game].

Doesn't look like this will be the universe for it, sadly, though....


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