Capcom France rep says The Great Ace Atttorney isn't getting localized

This could be one of those instances where a rep is speaking a bit out of turn, but it's certainly enough to make fans worry. If you were looking forward to The Great Ace Attorney releasing outside of Japan, you might want to sit down for this news. According to a Capcom France rep, the game isn't going to get localized. With the announcement earlier today that Ace Attorney 6 is coming to America, it's not too surprising to see The Great Ace Attorney left behind.


thanks capcom

you really know how to just yank the good crap from us

Expected but still disappointing. Thanks Crapcom.

I expected nothing and I'm still disappointed. Thanks, Capcom.

first Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth 2 didn't get localized and now Great Ace Attorney doesn't either? damn it capcom!

Maybe it won't get localized in France, as it was a Capcom France rep! Yeah, that's it!

Pretty disappointing to hear if that's the case for both Europe and N.America. This is coming from someone who just got into the series and is now a fan. I want more Ace Attorney dammit!

Doesn't the game take place in the UK? Having it not get localized seems just a little ironic.

and what's odd about it is the fact that Sherlock Holmes is in the game

A fictional detective icon that hails from London in a game that the creators won't even allow to come to the UK... it's weird.

The London Life mini-game in Layton 4 says hello.

The case of the London Life minigame is a bit different. That was because there was not enough space left on the cartridge due to multilanguage

Was it? I remember NoE saying "it would have taken considerably longer to localise the game". Meaning they wanted it out in time for Christmas.

Oh. Huh. I apparently misremembered. (Or maybe the source I read quite a few years ago misreported? Because I am fairly sure I read somewhere what I said)
You're absolutely right. Apparently they did say it was for the reason of localizing it quicker.

But, we're talking France Rep here. It doesn't surprise me if it won't be localized. But right now I'm just reading this as the game won't get localized in France :P

Tue Sep 01 15 11:59pm
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Stuff like this inches me closer to take the time to learn the language. Hopefully others that feel the same should follow suit. But also understandable for those that don't have the time to do so.

No no no no no no no, I can't go through this, not again. Please Capcom don't do this to us.

This makes me very upset. I hope that rep is wrong. I wouldn't mind a digital release at least... Damn you capcom...

so its not getting a french version...

pointing to an eshop only English version for the EU? I'm good!

I assume this doesn't really tie into the main story of Phoenix and friends, so I don't really care, to be honest. Still, I would have liked to play it, but I'm much more interested in AA6 (or Investigations 2)...

Investigations 2 is never going to get localized. You're better off getting the fan-translation patch.

Too bad.
Out of all the games that was the one that got me really interested. F*ck you too Capcom.

Well, I guess someone at Capcom felt this Ace Attorney wasn't that great.

Maybe the sales of Ace Attorney 6 might reconsider their choice?

Huh with the 6 news I thought it was more likely. Wrong again. *sigh*

Thu Sep 03 15 07:56pm
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Drats, I was REALLY interested in that one, as I LOVE that period in history... Sad Really love the aesthetic.

I'll hold my hope for now though, for there is a very basic misspelling in the message, and it was over Twitter. Could just be a badly worded "I don't know of any release plans". Still a bummer.

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