Miyamoto says Mario's full name is Mario Mario

We've addressed this issue a number of times over the years, but now we have more talk of it from the Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary Festival in Japan. This time around, the info comes straight from Shigeru Miyamoto. At the event, Miyamoto confirmed Mario's full name as Mario Mario. Looks like the Super Mario Bros. movie WAS right!

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Didn't he say once that Mario and Luigi's last name is not Mario like in the movie? Now he changed his mind?
I searched and I was right, it was a news from septermber 2012.

Yeah, probably he just changed his mind. Maybe he noticed later that calling them "Mario Bros." Wouldn't make sense if it wasn't their last name.

Hopefully he also changes his mind about the Koopalings not being Bowser's kids.

The whole Koopalings thing would only make sense if several games didn't go out of their way to make Bowser Jr the only true child of Bowser.

Retcons dude. Cranky Kong is DK's father, or grandfather, depending on what game you play.

Can you share the link?

Mon Sep 14 15 04:38pm
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The news is actually from 2012 as you can see from the comments.

I'm 98% that Miyamoto says things like this just to screw with the fanbase. It's like when you were a kid and you asked your parents a random question so they would come up with a completely bullshit answer just so you'd leave them alone.

It's a long time ago since I played it, but I am pretty sure that somewhere in Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64 it was said that their names were Mario Mario and Luigi Mario, so I always was a bit skeptical when people said that it's not.

It also said this in the Nintendo Power player's guide for Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga.

Mon Sep 14 15 04:32pm
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"Miyamoto also confirmed the fanbase's theories by assuring that water, is in fact wet."

That's good and all, but what about how Mario characters can hold their breath underwater indefinitely in some games and not in others? :U

I always figured, I mean, they're called the Mario Bros. You don't call a team of brothers after the oldest's first name, you name them after their last name.


Mario Mario and Luigi Mario are the best names.

I thought it was Louie G.

Oh god. I can't even comprehend how awesome this is.
However I'm pretty sure it was confirmed already in some of the games.

Well duh. Why we even needed Miyamoto's word is beyond me. It's called MARIO BROTHERS.


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