SEGA almost worked with the company that created the Virtual Boy's tech

The Virtual Boy is known as one of Nintendo's greatest failures. It took a lot of years for Nintendo to embrace that failure and have fun with it, but today we learn that it was almost SEGA's failure to deal with. Turns out SEGA was keen on working with Reflection Technologies, the company that provided the tech behind the Virtual Boy. SEGA even had a working prototype of a device that provided pseudo virtual reality, but the problem was everyone that used it felt sick afterwards. SEGA decided to move away from the idea, which obviously paved the way for Nintendo and the Virtual Boy.

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Now if I remember that was the Sega VR protoype for Sega CD that was canned after testers got sick!

Yeah I remember reading/hearing something similar back then.

this is still a problem to this day, that's why they removed this possibility and kept only the 3d. They should have dumped the batteries and upgrade the silicon budget at this point. Still it was the only way to make it work.

Nintendoes What Sega Doesn't.

Sony also offered them the PlayStation technology once the deal with Nintendo turned sour, but Sega Japan foolishly turned it down in favor of the Saturn.

I wouldn’t call it foolish. Sega of old was like Nintendo: they knew the systems inside and out, so they could squeeze every drop of power out of them.

While there are classic PSX games, very few people would say the majority have aged well.

Meanwhile, there are lots of beautiful 2D SS games which are just as awesome now as then. Magic Knight Rayearth or Legend of Oasis. Don't forget how terrible Capcom's 2D fighters were on PSX, even against non RAM-cart SS games.

SS was a 2D powerhouse and PSX was a 3D…uh…well, it had rudimentary 3D capabilities. Still, it was easier to make ugly first-gen polygons on the PSX, since it didn’t have that weird square polygon thing going on. Even so, Sega made NiGHTS, Burning Rangers, Panzer Dragoon games, and more so polygons weren’t necessarily off the table.

I got my enjoyment from Virtual Boy than I ever did with 32X. Just sayin'.


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