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Analysts comment on Super Mario Maker advertising, ability to 'save' Wii U

by rawmeatcowboy
24 September 2015
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“One of the things that I think Nintendo really hit [with Super Mario Maker] was the nostalgia factor in their marketing. You see them hitting the market that has been a fan of Mario since they were kids 30 years ago and now many of them have young children. There is a significant ‘family moment’ that Nintendo is really selling around the experience.” - Christine Arrington, games analyst at IHS

The next blurb is about Super Mario Maker's potential success and boost to Wii U. It comes from Michael Pachter, so I'll put the quote after the jump.

“I doubt that anything can save the Wii U. Anyone who has waited this long is unlikely to be swayed by this game, although I would imagine you’ll see a sales spike of a few hundred thousand units over the next several months.” - Michael Pachter

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