I thought the mario bros were already twins. It was just that luigi is the younger twin

They are, but Miyamoto thinks the actors who would portray them should be actual twin brothers too

I thought so also. Fraternal twins, not identical

Link being female as a option in a game I can live with, but if there is ever a epic Zelda live action movie, Link being female would ruin it all for me. :/

As for a Mario Movie, I'd much rather have a gorgeous CGi movie. ^^

Holy hell, if they did a Pikmin movie in addition to 4, I would be in heaven.

Miyamoto is trying to control the content of our games with his feminist agenda! >_<

I know you're joking, but, that has to be one of the stupidest put together sentences I've read.

I mean, he's likely making the Peter Pan association since that character more often than not was played by young women.

I think there should be a female Link at some point anyways. There's nothing in the canon that says that the Spirit of the Hero can never be reincarnated as a woman. If people think this is awkward, they managed this just fine with the Avatar series so it wouldn't be a huge stretch of the imagination to pull it off.

Facepalm, you guys, he's saying they should do like Peter Pan plays, and have him played by someone who fits the appearance which might be a more slim western dude, or a women who physically fits the part.
Link himself actually being female was not what he said

There's no need for a feminine Link when Orlando Bloom exists :P

This is what I got out of it as well.

Link is fairly feminine, and for his age, it might be better to have someone that looks young without necessarily being young (aging teens can cause problems over the duration of filming, especially if you do a sequel).

This is primarily a practice in cartoons, however. i.e: Tara Strong

Live action sucks. Never do it.
Mario and Luigi are twins...? Mario is fat and Luigi is taller? Not exact twins I'm guessing.

Did you never play Yoshi's Island? Both babies arrived on the doorstep at the same time. :3 If I had to guess, I'd say they're fraternal twins.

Miyazaki/Ghibli should do a Pikmin movie, or DreamWorks.

Guillermo del Toro should direct a live-action Zelda movie. He gets the poetry of fantasy, and the artful way to do darkness without being bland. Pan's Labyrinth and the two Hellboy movies are great samples that show he could nail Zelda.

Can't argue with this. Guillermo del Toro would be amazing me thinks!

The headline is highly inaccurate. They mean the person to portray the character should be female because Link looks girly, not that the character should be female.

The title of the video is VERY misleading. It says that both Link and Mario should be played by females.

It wouldn't generate enough clicks, hence the title.

well yeah I don't really care, I just want more fantasy movie, I don't really have high standards but the last hobbit movie wasn't very interesting to me. However I don't know what they could do to make a good mario movie, going the full animated way I can see that but I don't think those studios are interested in making those kind of movie. yeah lego movie ok but it's not the same thing.

Personally, I'd rather have both be CG films. Mario and Luigi are more fraternal twins than identical. And just let Link be male. It would be like gender-swapping Samus to be a guy. Just... no.

What if it was a guy in the suit, not seeing the face and only the voice was female?

With Link it'll need to be a good actor, since I know regardless of decision people are gonna jump to anything related to the one playing Link, or Zelda.

Guys and girls move differently. It would be noticeable for a male Samus. Besides, she'd likely have a few scenes where she'd end up taking off her helmet.

Call me traditionalist, but I'd prefer a male Link and female Samus.

Fri Sep 25 15 11:57am
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I was mainly thinking of Power Rangers, since the original Yellow ranger was male when in the suit and few seemed to notice that. I also was thinking about how Darth Vader was technically played by three different actors, one in the suit, one being the voice and another being the face behind the mask.

I really don't mind either way, I'm just saying I'm open to alternatives. If anything what will create or break these roles are the performances and the writing.


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