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Looks a lot more appealing!
We need a new Direct real bad ; _ ;

Looks like I might get this. Considering there's nothing else coming out!

What about Xenoblade X? That alone is going to make my holiday. :D

Am I the only one who finds this boxart...unappealing? Your eyes are drawn to the top-right where Mario is, but everything else looks empty because of how small it is in comparison. Could just me me over-analysing. It's just boxart, after all.

I also don't like it much...although it is a vast improvement on the original. My main problem is all of the blue. With all of the (I'm assuming) crazy stages in this game, why would they use the most plain, blue on blue stage. I also agree with your spacing criticism, but the blue is the bigger problem imo.

it doesn't seem all that great. I mean.. the only new thing I've seen is the fact that they can throw in a mega shroom. it's like buying dr mario miracle cure, it's the same game with one new thing

There is no Waluigi on this boxart.


I like how we know more about the boxart than about the actual game at this point.

How do they even expect us to buy this?
We have no idea what this game is and honestly at this point, even though I loved the original Mario Tennis and was thinking about getting back to it with this game, at this point it just looks like they have no confidence in this title whatsoever.

Why is Luigi teamed up with the enemy?! I'm aware that stuff like that can be done in the game, it just seems strange to show a good guy teamed up with an arch enemy on a box art, unless the game's plot involves good and evil teaming up.


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