I'd put my money on a Wii version release. As cool as it would be to see an HD version, I just have a feeling this isn't the case. Seems like we would know something about it by now if it were going to be a new Wii U game.

Mon Oct 12 15 08:36pm
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Remastered port or straight up port, I can't really get excited for this, I'm afraid.

I love TP, but paying $50 plus for a remaster is too much, and the digital ports look no better than the Wii games by disc... Meaning they're pretty much abysmal looking. (I know, I'm exaggerating a little bit, but they do look pretty bad)

I think we've seen that icon before. it was used in a totally fake picture of someone playing twilight princess 3d on streetpass mii plaza.

The Wii version could hit the VC.

A remaster like wwhd would be swell. I think I remember reading they made it in something like 6-8 months.

wii version makes most sense, like a publicity/awareness work up b4 zelda u hits.
didnt nintendo say TP wasnt very "rewarding" in HD tho? do u really think theyd HDmake it? on Wii U?

I'd buy a remaster. Port not so much, unless it's a port of the GameCube version.

If it is anything like those Dolphin screens RMC used to post, I do not think most people, even the ones asking for it, really want to see Twilight Princess in HD.

The low-resolution went a long way toward hiding how that game's textures are sooooo bad.
http://www.zeldainformer.com/images/articles/treasure.jpg http://www.zeldainformer.com/images/news/triforce.jpg http://www.zeldainformer.com/images/news/bug%20girl.jpg

Makes me wonder if it's worse SS uses that quality for effect. I mean that grass kind of feels at place in SS.

Either way, lighting is also a strong factor in a game's aesthetic. Although it seems for Zelda it is either a dim Global Illumination or a strong bloom.

Still not the worse I've seen from the GC.

"Makes me wonder if it's worse SS uses that quality for effect. I mean that grass kind of feels at place in SS."

I think SS comes out slightly better in the Dolphin shots. The hazy, kind of blurry impressionist look they were going for helps to mitigate the pedestrian texture-work there.
http://cdn.overclock.net/3/3b/3b7f7589_SOUE01-1.jpeg http://gamefiles.alphacoders.com/screenshots/18998-1.jpg http://abload.de/img/7ojsdw.jpg

"Still not the worse I've seen from the GC."

Sure, I am 100% certain there is some crummy early generation shovelware on the system with worse textures than Twilight Princess.

That is not exactly the sort of quote Nintendo wants to put on the box-art, though.

I'll have to replay it one of these days, since if anything it's at least more manageable than the last console Zelda. However I can't tell which one has the most tedious opening moments.... or the less handholding...

Ehmm, maybe a three heart run at the very least could be amusing.

It's kinda funny. By sheer coincidence I got a raw urge to pick up Twilight Princess Wii again a few days ago. I'm mostly 100% complete and to be honest...

Yeah, a HD job could be nice. It shows it's age to be sure on a HD TV but the game is still entertaining. A few tweaks to the menus and stuff and it could be good to sell anew I'd say.

Wind Waker HD used all the uncompressed textures from Nintendo's archives, so it's fair to say that if a Twilight Princess HD got made it would do the same thing.

Should we also remember the Twilight Princess tech demo back at E3 2011? :D

I'd welcome a remake. I never re-played Twilight Princess because I couldn't stomach the Wii's SD visuals for a second time. Alas, I'm inclined to agree with some of the above comment.... this is probably just for a Wii VC release.

Mon Oct 12 15 09:52pm
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If they bring it back, it should be the Gamecube version, the best version of the game... by far.

The ideal offer should be both. However since we haven't seen GC games is more than likely is the Wii version.

I just want a complete remake of TP in the graphics of the 'Zelda U Demo'. It's be amazingly gorgeous~

Won't be anything but a straight port if so. It'd distract from Zelda U next year [which will be the Wii U's last game next year].

There already was a rumor about a 3DS version and it was fake...

No way there's MM3D, TFH, ZeldaU AND TP in this short a time span.

And they can't just slap TP in HD either, since you can already play TP in HD if you just pop the Wii game in your Wii U.

Tue Oct 13 15 07:46am
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480p != HD ;) Wii games may look like they're 1080p - but that's just the Wii U output format. In reality they're still all 480p.

To make a game HD it needs to be rendered at 720p or higher. Which the Wii U doesn't do with Wii games.

And even then it's not gonna 'look' HD [as it wasn't made for it in mind].

Tue Oct 13 15 05:31am
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It would be amazing if Nintendo released an improved version of Twilight Princess, with the possibility of choosing if you want to play the Wii (motion control gameplay) or the GameCube (classic Zelda gameplay with a controller) version of the game.

It's basically the way the Wii version should have been in the first place.

What would I like to see from a Twilight Princess on Wii U? Easy. The GameCube version, so I can play off-screen and have full camera control.


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