Square-Enix hears fan desire for Dragon Quest game localizations, considering what to do

Coming from a GameRampage interview with Senior Marketing Manager Mat Kishimoto...

"We hear them, we hear you guys all of em, we hear you guys about Dragon Quest VII and VIII,... X is being begged for. There’s lots of factors that go into decision making like that, so there’s a lot of times we really can’t comment on it but we do um.. we really do hear everybody. [Members of Square-Enix are] building the case for each one of these titles to be localized and brought out to the west."


I'm confident there's an acceptable solution here for square if there's enough celebration of the IP by executive members to allow for modest secondary markets to be a part of the plan

They localized Heroes recently and that's not even a main entry. What the hell?

Pretty much guaranteed it was cheaper.

Thu Oct 15 15 04:46pm
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That also might be to the credit of Koei Tecmo, and the recent Western success of Hyrule Warriors.

Definitely. I think part of DQH's success will be indelibly tied to Hyrule Warriors' success, though the games have two very different feels to them.

But also still less sales. Heroes, even for being a Warriors game, has a lot of dialogue and voice overs. It wasn't a quick job

You sure it's going to sell so poorly? The PS4 is positioned as starving for games that aren't remakes. It's an action game, not a JRPG. So it does have less dialogue -- largely because it has such a significant chunk of repetitive dialogue.
It may or may not have been quick, but the costs of EU VAs seems comparatively low and overall costs are likely split with Techmo Koei. So...cheaper.

I'm tired of hearing them just talk about it.
Actions speak louder than words, Square Enix!

Japon expo 2015 in France. Look at this!

How about you hear about Fair Use while you are at it, Square Enix?

Does this mean I have any hope for the Monster remakes? No? Okay... *digs hardcopy out of storage and sighs longingly over its dead save battery*

Just go ahead and release them already. We're sick of you saying something, but not following through those things.

if they're thinking of localizing a numbered DQ game, they better do VII.
why localize 4, 5, and 6 but skip 7?

Errr I was begging for YEARS for Rocket Slime 3DS


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