RUMOR: NX has "industry leading chips"

There's been more speculation this week concerning the NX. The Wall Street Journal, however, had an interesting bit of information about "industry leading chips" in their article about the speculation. NintenGen emailed the author of the article, Takashi Mochizuki, and got the following response:

Several people who said who have seen a demo said what they saw is impossible to run on a computer without a "industry-leading" or "cutting-edge" chips. Cutting-edge in what way, they refused to elaborate.
And an important thing to remember, probably you know well already, is that chip specs won't be finalized until much closer date to the release.
Is it possible that the NX may be more powerful than, say, the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? With all the rumors and speculation coming out this week, it'll be very interesting to see just what the NX actually is!
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This rumor pops up each console. :/

Beat me to it. It's probably gonna cure cancer too.

Remember when the 3DS was supposed to be as powerful as a Xbox 360?

I'm the biggest Nintendo fan you can find, and I'm not being negative, but seriously each new platform's tech specs are so overhyped in rumors pre-release and it's always a big letdown.

it's not Nintendo's angle anymore. Sure I'll be pleasantly surprised if they make something powerful, but I've learned not to get my hopes up in that aspects.
My hopes are up for the facts that Nintendo will innovate and support it with their own great software. That much is guaranteed.

Like the old saying says; it doesn't matter the size but what you do with it.

A console's appeal moreso than tech is content. The PS3 had little content at its release, but it turned it around. The Wii U's issue is that it didn't turn around ways to make it easier to develop, I mean regardless of horsepower it didn't even got some 360 and PS3 games not even from japanese publishers.

NX can have power, but it'll need to bring the content, options and make it easier for the consumer to enjoy. Like they say, if you make easier for the consumer to enjoy you're product you'll want it.

Other issues Nintendo needs to solve:

Online and online communities (party chat etc. and Voice chat with friends)
Bridges with the west and or making more collaboration projects.Personally I think they the next GTA and third parties will follow.
Nail their subscription program and make it appealing across all their supporting platforms.

If it's not quite a bit more powerful than both Xbox One and PS4 (enough that when Sony and Microsoft are thinking of releasing their next consoles it won't look last-gen already, just like Wii and Wii U did), presuming Nintendo is genuinely trying to not make the same mistake with lack of power again, then that would be mistake number one from Nintendo.

People can see that, right?

I don't think that's as big of a problem as people are making it out to be. If NX releases in 2016, that's only 3 years into the competitor's console's lifetimes, Considering PS3/360 went 7 and 8 years, respectively, until their successors came out, I don't expect NX to have to compete with any potential new consoles for a long time (if it all).

That would be the case. NX will be released late 2017 at the latest while Sony's and Microsoft's next consoles will be in late 2018 at the earliest (and that's very unlikely given PS3/360's life spans), meaning NX is almost certainly going to throw off the console market's generation-based system of "every new major console is released at around the same time".

In other words, Nintendo needs to pull all the stops to make sure it can compete with its competitors' next consoles. If it's only as powerful as PS4/XB1 or - God forbid - worse than them, that would be a huge blow to Nintendo's reputation.

Of course, that's assuming NX is the true next generation for Nintendo and not some unusual in-between.

Well, the PS2 lived for a little more than 6,5 years and the PS3 for 7 before their successors were released into the market, so i wouldn't bet on the PS5 being released before the second half of 2020. That could give Nintendo around three years as the company with the most powerful console in the market.

And looking at how long it took for companies to start making actual current gen games instead of slightly-improved-with-higher-resolution-and-framerate-multigen-games (some of these are still being made), considering the PS3 and X360 still get some good games now and then, plus the fact that Nintendo usually have a decent share of the best exclusive games of a generation, and the fact that many things are pointing to a shared library between its next portable the console, if Nintendo play its cards right, its next console can even manage to live a good life after the next PlayStation and Xbox are released.

I mean, i'm assuming that Nintendo will actually release a machine more powerful than a PS4, but it's already possible to do better for a similar price. By 2017 they could release a machine that easily run at 60fps what the PS4 fails to run at 30fps, and sell that at a competitive price. Unless of course they come up with a gamepad 2 (which is a bit expensive by itself and suck up some GPU power that could be better used), but they have long noticed that the gamepad did more bad than good for the Wii U, so i doubt they will do it again. I mean, i bet that the next portable will work as a gamepad for the next console, but if they make a separate control for that purpose, i doubt it's going to be bundled with the console


You sir, win.

That's a wrap everyone! Last one out, turn out the lights.

NX= Nachos X-treme! (Electric guitar solo !)

hahahahah all this post were very funny.

Regardless of the validity of the rumour itself, the problem is that cutting edge chip doesn't necessarily mean that the console will be more powerful than PS4/XBone. Therefore we can't deduce anything from this statement, even if it's factual.

As much as I'd like to believe that the NX will be a super powerful console, the comments from miyamoto have been that the wiiu was too expensive and the next console will be more affordable. Which logically means a lower powered sustem

I completely agree, and honestly if the patents nintendo has been filing are of any worth/indication of what the console will be (being disc-driveless and what not), I feel like they're going to try their hand at cloud streaming games like the new steam mini console!

That's the only way I could see developers needing big tech to make the games while having an inexpensive console for the masses!

What do you think Chezcat?

Not necessarily. If they cut the GamePad, the Wii U would be a lot cheaper (i don't have updated number, but they used to charge $140 for a new gamepad, so in that time it probably used to cost at least $100 to make). Make a console with a simpler control and release it by 2017 and you can already make it a little more powerful than a PS4 and still make a profit releasing it for $300

And while most people frown at a PS3-power-level $350 console, i think the oposite would be true for a console more powerful than a PS4 that cost around the same (that considering it doesn't suffer the same lack of 3rd party support as the wii u)

Just because someone has seen some impressive tech demos doesn't mean the final system will reflect that. Remember the Japanese garden graphics demo that Nintendo showed for Wii U during E3 2011? Yeah, that was total BS.

No, it wasn't. The thing is that games have a lot more going on than a tiny scene where every bit of processing power can be used to render it beautifully. That's why you never see tech demo level of details in actual games.

Yeah, the system isn't capable of a game that looks like that. So it was BS.

Just because you don't understand the purpose and nature of tech demos doesn't make it bs, but it does make you a fool.

Game systems are for playing games and unless they show that fancy tech running in a gameplay environment all they've done is demonstrate the system's capacity for pretty cutscenes. Wheeeee!

You can disagree but please refrain from insults.

Sun Oct 18 15 01:09pm
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Like I said, you don't seem to grasp the purpose of most tech demos. This is the perfect example, because in this case the consumer is not the audience.

Yes in this case I haven't seen the demo so of course I'm just speculating. It's entirely possible they created a demo and will later scale back the specs of the system. Wouldn't be the first time it has happened. Given Nintendo's trend of not using the most cutting edge tech in recent years I think a little skepticism is natural. Either this story is false or Nintendo is going in an unexpected direction.

My objection to misleading to tech demos has nothing to do with demos not shown to the public. It's just where the line of discussion went. When they do show something publicly I believe they have an obligation to be honest. Unfortunately everyone has misled at some point or another, hence the term "bullshots". Even though it was just a tech demo Sony never should have shown that recreation of the Final Fantasy 7 intro for PlayStation 3. It misled a lot of people. Same thing happened with that GameCube video of Ocarina style Link and Ganondorf fighting. It sucks that they showed it because they created expectations that would later be betrayed.

I fully grasp the purpose of tech demos, I just object to how they are often used.

Tbh that wasn't as impressive as the particle effects Sony showed with the PS3 tech demos.

Also now that I think about it, did the Xbone and PS4 had tech demos this time? I think the only one I recall is the David Cage one. I suppose FF XV is starting to feel more like a tech demo than a game.

Anyway it's always an aproximation and nothing more. I mean, the Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta had amazing moments and neither looked similar to the Zelda TP tech demo.

Honestly I really don't care for any tech demos that don't have gameplay. It's disingenuous because it fools people into thinking they'll be playing games that look like that. That Zelda demo was meant to demo the Wii U's dynamic lighting but there was no way Wii U was capable of running an entire Zelda game that would look that pretty. In fact, I have serious doubts about the Zelda Wii U footage they showed at E3 2014.

Well, now that is going to another console it could be. Still the issue with the Zelda series in the console space has been eating more than what it can chew. The presentation looks solid, it's more so the game design that worries considering the last console game progression.

Anyways I think I'm more practical. If the game plays fine presentation is just the cherry on top.

If it goes to NX. I believe it probably will but we'll see.

That's not how any of it works.

NX being more powerful than the PS4 or Xbox One would be honestly pretty unremarkable. It would actually be almost completely unsurprising since the console would be releasing years after the other two. But like we've all witnessed during the last two generations, packing better internals into a system for the sole purpose of achieving more technologically impressive graphics is only going to continue the trends of pushing development costs higher, increasing the price of the system for consumers, and leading to bigger droughts between software releases due to more and more manpower being needed to get the games made. I certainly hope these chips are "industry-leading" in some way other than just more raw power, but I guess we'll see soon enough. The last thing any console company needs to do is produce another $599 monstrosity that will be outperformed by PCs within a month after release anyway.

Honestly, nowadays even an extremely expensive console would be outperformed by computers before it even releases. Since consoles now use PC chipsets and don't have their own specialized stuff, there's simply no way to 'beat' PC at the moment. Their only saving grace is that they are single spec closed systems.

The main difference was local multiplayer and even then now that's gone for the most part.

I suppose the NX could go for faster loading times either by solid state drives or cartridges as it is rumored. Power is mainly justified by games, and in regards to Nintendo they don't need, in regards to third party they need it.

The other implicit addition is Nintendo leveraging their other projects in this new console. Like Amiibos, QoL (if that's still a thing) and their mobile initiative. Still I don't see them reaching the other two, I don't see them open to the chat, let's play and the online subscription model (which might be what is sustaining some of the AAA market).

We'll have to see, since they pretty much have off-the-wall ideas.

Sun Oct 18 15 05:27am
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Yup. Considering that people high up at Nintendo follow this school of thought, I doubt it's going to be a technical powerhouse, and I don't care if it is. I can't get excited about better graphics anymore. Games look better than my wildest dreams as a kid in the 90's, and continuing down this path is hurting the industry more and more in so many ways. What has me excited about the NX is learning about what new features Nintendo has in store that will actually matter to gameplay.

Still not coming til' 2017.

Wouldn't industry leading chips (in 2015) be cheaper to produce in a year or two? If so, I would imagine this being true since the cost at that time would be cheap enough to not make the console expensive.

Side thought, any chance Retro is making a launch title for NX and that's why we haven't seen their new game?

I really hope so. I loved the Prime games, but DK just isn't my thing. I'd love to see them back with something new again and they've been pretty quiet for a while now.

Sat Oct 17 15 11:07pm
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So NX might be basically a new Wii U with a (tablet) controller which has its own processing capabilities and display and can run games autonomously on the go ?
Probably fueled by a portable fusion reactor... in your pikachu backpack.

Sounds like a silly concept... no, Nintendo wont sell you 2 consoles, one portable one not, with identical specs, that even match a PS4 in terms of processing power, never ever. And drop all those cloud stream fantasies, they wont happen, at least not on a Nintendo system.

Despite the fact that Nintendo cultivates an aura of an innovative company, I think they are actually a very conservative company, in game and consumer electronics design alike.
They are at their best when they build on what they have build before, and their strongest products are refinements of established formulas. even with their soft hardware upgrades, going from Gamecube-WiiWii-WiiU, which always were gentle and continous hardware refinments compared over the prevoius generation, they proved to be very cautious.
Yes, yes the wiggle bet paid out for them, but classic controlers were there as a backup form the beginning.
Motion controls simply werent the universally best way to play games, yet nontheless a nice addition to your controller park.

Maybe the NX will be able to slot and run (upscale?/ framepimp?) games of their next handheld and also be able to be contolled by it. Backwards compatibilty will be important, WiiUs library ist awesome and has such a limited penetration. With PS4 X1 starring so many re-releases with success, Nintendo can proudly present its older games to consumers that missed out on them the first time.

Here is the link to the full story, I am surprised it was not posted: http://www.nintengen.com/2015/10/nintendo-nx-tech-demo-not-able-to-run.html

Sun Oct 18 15 12:52am
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I love how jaded "gamers" have become.. lol. Majority of people are talking about how it won't matter if the system is more powerful than this or it won't be more powerful than a PC (like really, who thought that). Nintendo is/was able to create awesome games on the NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, WiiU, and I am sure that they will with the NX. The main reason that power would come into to play is to garner more 3rd party support thus bringing a variety of games to us, the gamers. It WOULD matter if the system is more powerful and using similar architecture. Why? Easier porting with no excuses. Imagine no cut features or corners. Imagine MORE features and things added! More is always good when it comes to gaining market share and offering something for everyone. Yes, NINTENDO can make beautiful games with two sticks and mud but 3rd parties typically can't. They need the biggest canvas Nintendo can create for them. As a learning developer, nothing is more frustrating than having a vision and then WHAM.. you have to change it almost completely to get it to fit. Better hardware allows for a bigger canvas for developers. Also too, the PS4 and Xbox One have a LONG life a head of them. Don't worry about the new NX being behind when Sony and Microsoft create something new. That will be quite a ways off.. lol

And yet developers would find some way to not develop games for it.

Exactly. They can't stand the competition.

How hybrid console could be powerfull?

There is so much negativity surrounding this console already it is so frustrating. Nintendo has never failed to make games that we Nintendo fans love, no matter how much power is in the system. YES; it would be amazing to get third party support back with the Big N to build the reputation of being the hands down best home console on the market but I know even if it doesn't I will still have games I love to play. I've seen and played many games on PS4 and Xbox One but neither system cause me to stop progressing in the game and admire the beautiful graphics and environment that Nintendo creates in the game with less power. I believe that people vastly underestimate the power of the Wii U, especially when stated in this comment section that they don't think the Zelda E3 Tech Demo was using the actual hardware. I 100% believe it was because Nintendo knows how to get the best out of its hardware and we will see that when it is released for Wii U (Even though I'm thinking it will be an NX game too). So I would love to see a high power, industry leading system in the power and graphic capabilities but it's definitely not going to disappoint me if it doesn't turn out to be that way. Everybody just needs to pump their breaks and give the company a chance to reveal its plan for the future because it will most likely not be anything that it is expected to be. I know one thing for sure, I can't wait for that day to come.

So, what... 8 core processor at a decent clock speed with tons of edram? A video chip that would retail for $500+? 16GB of RAM? Some other specific component not found in your average PC build?

They started the NX under Iwata and will likely continue with whatever design principles he had in mind. This will likely mean it'll be affordable and have some sort of "unique feature" like motion controls, a second screen, etc.. They haven't formally showcased it yet so it'll probably get an E3 '16 tease before a spring Nintendo Direct reveals the full thing with final specs. This would mean only minor tweaks until summer '17 when full production begins for an early holiday '17 release. At this point it'll probably be using 4-5 year old tech that's just stronger than the PS4/X1. It'll have nice visuals and cost no more than $300 at launch. In response Sony and Microsoft will start teasing their next consoles in late 2018 for late 2019 launches. If the NX doesn't do well I could see them stretching the life of current gen to 2020, though I think that would be pushing it the way computer tech is going now.

I take this whole rumour with a big grain of salt. You really can't have both a hybrid console and industry leading chips that only high end PCs can match, unless the cost of the console is insane.

The only way this would work is if the home console part and the handheld part had completely different chips. When they talk about hybrid, I would expect something closer to the android+chromecast combo, not two completely separate machines, but mobile chips are still far from being powerful enough to rival even ps4/one.

If the two machines have separate chips, it would mean that they are just a handheld and a home console, not a hybrid, since developing a game for one would be different from developing for the other one. Which would make selling them as one machine pointless.

I think the story is true.
It works well with the "no disc drive"-patent.
And a "handheld unit" is something that is not something you have to force people to buy. It won't change the console.

I expect a 350$ console without the handheld-unit, much more powerful specs than the PS4, small intern storage and no disc drive.
And of course i expect a 400-450$ version of the console, but with the handheld unit and no controller (handheld unit is the controller).

And a 3D Mario and Zelda WiiU is something we can expect at launch. Maybe even Pikmin 4.
Take my money already nintendo!

Sun Oct 18 15 07:37am
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I swear to God the term hybrid when it's made in reference to the NX, is directly related to uneducated speculation based on the old rumors, and if I remember correctly even those rumors hinted at a shared software ecosystem, not a chipset. To put things into perspective and OS like Windows is required to operate on different hardware from different manufacturers, be it CPU, GPU, RAM, motherboard etc. etc. etc. but fundamentally it's still the same program regardless of the hardware it's working on, although there needs to be some parody amongst the components such as using x86 CPUs or GPU's that are compatible with Direct X and the like, fundamentally they can still be very different and scaled to different levels of performance but the same operating system still runs it all, that's why I believe NX is in fact a software platform with a common set of development tools and an OS that will appear on both platforms, portable and home. And it's for this that I believe the systems will draw there strength, having that parody of software OS and development tools and possibly back end network protocols will give them the advantage for allowing titles developed for one, will work for another, eliminating the need for developers to independently program two different versions of the same game. And this is what I believe the NX will ultimately be, and speculation on the exact nature of the chip sets at this point is frankly pointless. Assuming there's any truth to this report to begin with.

The NX Console is going to be more powerful than a PS4 by default [and same with the NX Handheld compared to the Vita], given how tech advances with every passing year.

I do expect the NX to be more overall powerful than the PS4 and XboxVHS, tbh. Not hugely more powerful, but, still more. I am sure the games on it will be gorgeous, but I feel they will still not get any noticable third party support. :/ Unless they flash their naked cash in EA and Ubi's faces, they will probably at most release some late ports, and some easy-cash games like Just Dance and whatnot.

Yeah, they probably won't get much support. They have a long way to go to dig themselves out of that hole they put themselves in. They can do it and they can start with hardware parity, supporting developers when they're learning the new system and yes maybe some incentives. Cost of doing business.

When I red your comment I Face Planted, not because what you said was stupid because it's what I was thinking myself, and I was hoping that no one else was going to be as pessimistic as me, when thinking about what Nintendo could do to get third parties back on board. Unfortunately it very well may come down to the very reprehensible practice of money hatting to gather them back.

Even if the rumor is true, it doesn't make it way more powerful than a ps4. Just equivalent to the ps4.

Sun Oct 18 15 01:07pm
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For some reason I feel they are continuing their partnership with IBM

as much as I am worried for nintendo, and honestly I am, I am more worried about amd. With that tally of eight billion loss over a very long period of time but still, that and their dreadful desktop cpus, the very confusing, costly graphics cards . I mean there are one of the reason it costs so much for very little.
Anyway, that's where I don't understand the rumors, how Nx could have an handheld component if amd is in charge? they sure as hell don't have any competent arm design.
In any case, I hope for me, nintendo have something interesting to bring like .... no clue, but something anything to get more consumers (and therefore more games)
as for third parties, I don't know they could try letting them have their own subscription services, like ea access, ubisoft vault, and so on. Cutting edge affordable technologies, pioneering industry standard, vast market shares with similar attach ratio w/o the annual cod/creed/gta , unique platform for certain type of game due to the market and or display, platform having proved to be the only way to launch a new ip in japan, similar sticks and buttons setup, free engine, digital "sure" thing as explained by other devs, same % taken w/o the quasi mandatory sales of the others, decadeS of 4p couch gaming, just so many things, all of those apparently are not enough.
If somehow minecraft is not on either nintendo, it's just really telling.... how screwed up those devs are.

I only hope the 3d stays in the next handheld (because m2 sega at least), and they find a way for the gamepad.

as a reminder, let's not forget Sony proudly paid 350 millions of dollars for the "cutting edge" gaikai "technology" (perry is just so happy now). I do would be very amused if just for two three years, they would have the same games just noticeably better, maybe not the same but something clear that could not be just ignored. Come to think of it, that scenario is precisely the reason it really doesn't matter. So the situation is very messy.

If what they say is true (with the industry leading Doritos and stuff) they have to make not only unique games on the NX, but also the same old boring CoD and Battlefield games so that the console can sell consistently. For that, Nintendo needs to make the development process easier for the somewhat "lazy" developers, since, developing for the Wii U is more "complicated" than the x86 cousins. Otherwise, the Wii U history will repeat itself

Thanks to you I now have a hankering for Doritos

you're welcome Smile


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