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The box shown is the Japanese box. It would actually be safer to assume they are importing them specifically at this retailer to sell.

I mean, I could be wrong, but I just don't forsee this getting a seperate, wide release outside of Japan.

In fairness, Walmart has a photo of a Mewtwo Figuarts instead of an amiibo. And sites were using faade Shovel Knight amiibo boxes.

It isn't that crazy that they just have a JP box for some reason.

We'll see.

Yeah, I suppose we will see. But if I'm wrong, of course I will admit so. Just seems a bit odd to do this all of the sudden. Unless, of course, there may be more Splatoon Amiibo coming up. (For instance, maybe some related to the rumored Octoling update?) As far as the squid-only pack, though, I suppose there is enough demand for it, so maybe...

They don't have a web shop and don't seem to sell imports...
Perhaps they just don't have a pic of the EU version yet?

I know the boy and girl inkling amiibo got a new shipment so actually selling the squid outside of the collectors edition makes sense.

Actually Gamemania does sell imports. Just not that much. But this is definitely the import version.


Now we just need Callie, Marie, and Judd Amiibo Triple Pack to show up. :3


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