Dell lists Devil's Third with $30 price

I don't know that Dell is the go-to place for pricing information on games, but it's a listing nonetheless. Perhaps a $30 price would make this game more enticing to those that already planned to stay away.


Could be a fun quirky game at $30 dollars. I don't feel multiplayer games without a strong story should be above $40 dollars so this game meets that requirement for me at least.

It's kind of funny because I usually hear it the other way around. People saying that single player games without a strong multiplayer component aren't worth full price.

Thu Oct 22 15 11:34pm
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Yeah, I don't really agree with that because I think it's far easier to make a decent multiplayer game rather than a decent single player game. I'll pay 60+ for an extremely strong single player game multiplayer or not, but I can't imagine spending above 40 dollars for a primarily multiplayer only game even if it is extremely good.

Though stuff like Smash Bros is an exception since I consider games like it as good get together games and I can usually expect only one every 5 or so years.

I imagine that price is going to wind up going quite a bit lower in not a whole lot of time.

Nice. I give it a month or two longer and I should be able to find it used for half that price.


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