The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds/Tri Force Heroes features the same Link


Didn't they say around E3 that this game wasn't a part of the timeline?

They did but people got angry so I imagine this is them trying to make them happy

But now i'm angry that they forced it in somewhere. kidding but this is an odd thing to concede to fans to make them happy.

I think they just weren't sure yet.

mock turtle
Thu Oct 22 15 08:13pm
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So... how does that work with the art style change? (Plus, this makes him the most-adventured Link, right? ALTTP, LA, OOA, OOS, ALBW and now TFH? Yeesh, guy needs to retire.)

ALTTP Link and ALBW Link are different Links.

Whoops. I forgot. I'm a bad Zelda fan.

ALBW Link isn't the same one from ALttP, though. I forget if they say how much time has passed, but it's definitely not the same ones. They have that scene in ALBW where you're looking at the artwork with Zelda that basically covers ALttP's story as a history. So it's at least a generation or two down the road.

They NEVER say how much time have passed. :O

Right but they do hint that the old man who runs street pass is LttP Link

Fri Oct 23 15 05:20am
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So I just checked the bible (^^) and yes the hero from ALTTP is the most adventured of the whole series with him starring in ALTTP, OOA, OOS (which to be fair are kind of one big adventure) and LA in that order.
So that Link is in four different games (or three depending on how you look at it) when all the other Links are in one or two games at the most, like the OOT Link or the ones from LOZ or WW.

ALBW and now TFH has a different Link though. However it is indeed the first time that the same Link has two different art styles. I don't really think it's a problem though since this is primarily an artwork change and the two games share the same in game engine. Still it is kind of silly that they are even going through the trouble of adding this game in the timeline. But I think it's clear by now that there is a timeline that makes sense and that has the main games in it. This one is the one that really counts and is relevant and interesting. And then they sort of just throw the other spin off games in there for good measure.

So... how does that work with the art style change?

Because they don't actually care about the timeline and just put it in because otherwise fans would be pissed or would make their own theories anyway.

I guess if there's anything that the Zelda Timeline has taught us, it's not to assume that the Link involved has anything to do with Wind Waker Link.

Despite looking exactly like him.

It's just a new twist that now the same Link can completely change his appearance and be the same one. I guess.

Promotional artwork certainly looks like WW Links (or FSA) but in-game, they actually do look like the ALBW Link, so it makes sense in that regard, at least. I guess that means the real twist is that the same Link can look the same in-game, but have totally different promo art!

I think that timeline remark is as sloppy as the editing work on that image.

They never said it wasn't apart of the timeline, but that during E3 they hadn't decided where it fit yet.

*sigh* You know.........this "Zelda Timeline" business just gets messier and messier the more Nintendo continues to play along with fans who INSISTED there be one in the first place.

Me? I never gave a single s*** about the concept, in fact it's fairly nonsensical. I just take each game and enjoy it for what it is. They don't all "need" to be connected, to me. I almost wish that fans insisted on a similar "Final Fantasy Timeline", just for the headache inducing hilarity that would ensue. ;)

I would love to see Square explain why Chocobos and Cids are able to carry over the eras as well, haha

Sounds like a silly marketing segue to get people to buy both games to me.

Love how people get all worked up about a timeline that was never meant to be and only got created recently for fan service.

Luckily it is not affecting their game development and they just put the games somewhere in the timeline that makes kinda sense, after they make them.

Neko was the only good timeline

Fri Oct 23 15 05:05am
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Haha ^^
So they play it safe and advertise their other game ^^

Also fans chose the questions. It's a classic case of you want it, you got it so don't complain. Seriously who in their right mind would ask THIS particular question about THIS game. We don't care where the silly spin-off falls in the timeline.
I guess it's up to the fans to ask better questions then.


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