The Legend of Zelda Wii U - Aonuma promises twist on open world, talks fan feedback

This comes Eiji Aonuma who talked to IGN...

''We actually had some feedback from Skyward Sword, where people were saying, 'This is not exactly the Zelda game I was looking for, I was looking for a bigger open world.' Unfortunately, I can’t go into details but I’m hoping to put a surprise, or kind of a twist, on my view of an open world game. I hope that you’ll look forward to it.

If we put all the feedback the fans write directly into the game, there won’t be an element of surprise. If there’s a comment and they’re asking for certain element, I would think, 'Oh, why not interpret this in a different way that you wouldn’t expect?' That’s how we create a new element in a Zelda game. I always want to implement something new and surprising into every game.''


We are all already looking forward to it Aonuma!

How about listening to people who found OoT or TP's overworlds dull and empty?

Basically, just make it like the 2D Zeldas. How hard can that possible be?

Very hard. But I think that's what they are doing now.

For its time, OOT's overworld was lush and full of life. It can't really be held against it given the hardware limitations.

There's really no excuse for the boringness that is Hyrule Field, though.

I can kind of excuse it. It was Nintendo's first attempt at it, and there was nothing like it before. It,s like how I feel that Smash 64 is slow for me as a Melee player but respect it due to the fact that it was the first attempt at making a Smash game. I try to judge the game sin their context, personally.

I'd say Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword have less of an excuse. They could have made an overworld with more things that happen within it learning from OOT.

Well, plenty of stuff happens in SS' overworld.

Funny how tWW and TP have such boring overworlds even though MM did it pretty well.

Skyward Sword has an overworld? Where?

It's funny how things have to be presented in a certain way for people to simply aknowledge that they're here. SS world is way more opened than the absolute boredom that was TP's map. Ok, it's big we get it, gamers like that. But it's completely empty and linear. SS's map is not connected, and we get it, people don't like that although I suspect a lot of them have no idea why exactly. It's not one big map but how does that prevent it from having more freedom and open world mechanic than TP? Because it actually does.

There are points in the scenario where you chose where to go, there are areas that have more than one purpose, areas have depth and are designed to be replayed with a different set of skills, it's full of life, loots makes you go somewhere just to collect stuff to craft later, etc, etc...

Sat Oct 24 15 08:43am
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Well, considering the game-breaking glitch, there was only one choice. Really though, the point if an origin story is to explore hyrule. Having a big empty overworld and having no overworld are both problems. Neither adress the issues. To be fair though, I would give TP on the gamecube the edge on that as it at least has more than one town.

Skyward sword still is a hallway. It simply has three branches that you must backtrack from to continue. And when traveling in one of these paths, you must travel through a long handholdey hallway from point A to point B.

Yeah yeah, we get it, it was linear. It had cool stuff happen in it, and more variety than any overworld ever. It had its downsides, but no reason to ignore the upsides.

There aren't really many upsides though. No overworld, bad controls, bad story, Fi, no insignificant sidequests, being overly linear, the controls need to be brought a second time just because of the infuriating loftwing challenge, constant recalibration, the imprisoned fights, etc...

The good happens to be the music and Zelda's character design, which I liked.

Extremely hard indeed. But as others said I think that's what they're going for. Which is impressive in itself. I think people do not realise the amount of work it represents. Imagine a successful open world Zelda game, ALBW for example. Take it and turn it into a 3d experience. If you want to make things properly, you have to add a layer of depth. Everything becomes way more intricate and complicated. You can't just change the camera and call it a day. Well you could but Nintendo would definitely not do that.

Fan feedback huh? Confirm Pro controller support then. Smile

Not sure if I follow that mentality, so if something is a good idea, he still won't do it because it's predictable? That's how we end up gimmicky.

More like "here's a more creative way to do what you said". Like the easier item selection in WWHD and Skyward Sword.


I am gonna do whatever the heck I want and if you don't like it, well too bad. You hated puzzles? here are more? you want open world? yeah right! You hated skyward sword? here's more.

Now shut and let me finish this yet another zelda that is going to bomb so I can return to make my wooden dolls.

Now shut and let me finish this yet another zelda that is going to bomb

What dimension do you currently reside in?

I can't wait for the Zelda cycle to apply on this one.

I'm really looking forward to whatever Aonuma's concept of an open world is, It'll be really interesting.

The twist comes when you realize this Zelda world is on NX. ;)

Fri Oct 23 15 01:19pm
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Open world Zelda like its NES brother that has hyrule field brimming with life. How hard is it to make hyrule field with real time weather patterns winter, fall summer ect. Which will make it fun & every time you venture in the field the enemies will adapt to the environment to ambush you. It would be epic EPIC if the enemies AI would allow them to raid a town at random times breaking into homes & stealing stuff. That way Link can get missions to rescue someone that has been kidnapped ect. Anyway I have a feeling they will deliver on this next Wii u Zelda title but seriously they need to take the AI to a whole new different level of awesomeness & add the ideas I just listed & then some lol!

lol............................So in other words, you're expecting Nintendo to far outdo anything that that Bethesda accomplished with Skyrim. Because Skyrim, for as big and open and "sandbox" as it was, had almost none of that. The AI was attrocious for almost everything in the game, it didn't have seasons, it didn't have much in the way of MEANINGFUL weather patterns, etc. etc. So you're asking Nintendo to make a game epic in scope like Skyrim, but far more complex and far better AI. That is no small feat.

Also, I laugh to myself every time someone complains about Twilight Princess' "overworld", and how "empty" it was. I don't know about you folks, but I spent almost 80 hours my first playthrough on that game, most of that just dicking around, exploring that "empty" overworld, playing the mini-games and sidequests, finding hidden caves and things...it was a blast. Could it have been more lush and complex and whatever? Sure it could have, but it was also a 2005 game, released in 2006 (delayed a year for polish and to port to Wii). SO when you stop to consider it was a 2005 game, the graphics and sheer scope of the game world are actually rather impressive. So is the variety of boss encounters, items, dungeon designs, and gameplay elements. That game had a LOT going for it, far far more than Ocarina or Wind Waker or Majora did.

I would expect them to make the overworld for Zelda U more "lush" also, but that's because it's a 2015/2016 game, a decade after TP.....you'd THINK they'd probably have an upgraded experience, at least in some ways, over a decade old game. As for the NES game "brimming with Life"? Well.....it did have enemies on almost every screen, yes. But I honestly wouldn't say in all reality that it had much more enemy activity happening at any given time than TP does. In fact, if you were to make a fully 3D remake of Zelda 1, you'd probably be surprised how sparse and "empty" it might seem, UNLESS of course they spiced it up and added a lot of new details.

I really don't have much to add, so this will be a short post in comparison, but... I completely agree with what you said!

I never played Skyrim so I have no idea if my ideas brought u to think of that. Open world games don't have to be huge. Open world can be a lot of different point of veiws like traveling around the world in SNES FF6 ect. There are many things that could be done on certain systems if companies were not so graphics whore.

It's almost impossible that Aonuma will disappoint me. Looking forward to his next vision for Zelda whatever it is and however close it comes or doesn't come to fan expectations

What if the open world can be played top view like old school Zelda? I mean there must be a system in place that would convert all 3d models into top view to make it easy for some ppl to play the deep open world game? Better yet I think with Nintendo working with Monolith (Xeno) & Capcom (MH4U) that Wii U Zelda will have options for players to fully customize Link & his horse ect. We all know Aonuma loves TN Zelda warriors game & hinted that he would like bosses to travel around the open world game. I'm just dying to see what they will show us this year or next year about new info on the game. But one more last idea, they need to make this happen in a future Zelda game where with a press of a button the world of Zelda can be played in any past Zelda art style? Just pic playing it to whatever style of past Zelda graphics to suit your taste. The Mario maker came true to something I said years ago about different art styles & they finally listened. But in the end of all my ranting is that I am typing this in my dreams lol!

At what point did anyone say that Capcom had anything at all to do with the development of Zelda U? Or Monolith Soft for that matter?

I would be okay with MS helping out with development just to help get it out. But I don't want Capcom or Namco or any third party coming within a million miles of it.

I would want to say Triforce heroes on collecting parts to forge costumes much like making armor in mh. I put Capcom mh as how its art style from Mh3 reminds me of Zelda oot & Zelda mm. Capcom really did a wonder job on the Zelda gameboy games back then but I didn't like Zelda M cap one because of how it looked & played.

You know what I really hate and want them to change in Zelda games? The fact that before every boss there's a bunch of pots full of hearts and fairies and whatever you'll need to fight said boss. What's the point in buying potions? What's the point in stocking up on items?

On top of that, what's the point in buying anything when you can just cut some grass and get it for free?

I want to have a good reason to shop for things and prepare for adventure.

What you're asking for has been done a couple games ago. It's called master quest, hard mode or hero mode, it's in OoT, WWHD, SS and ALBW.

Especially if you haven't played SS and ALBW which happen to be the last two games, definitely pointing in the right direction for the series, you can't see that the hard modes are exactly what you're asking for. SS hard mode has to be unlocked though I'll give you that. But it's still there and it is awesome.

Can't blame you though, a lot of people are doing this about Zelda. Complain about the same old things for years, not seeing what has actually been done in the games.


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