Future Sonic titles to be 'inspired by' classic Sonic games

Coming from SEGA Europe Marketing Director Jon Rooke:...

“Sega has publicly apologised to the fans as the quality of console games in the Sonic franchise hasn’t been acceptable over recent years. It’s been tough translating that iconic side scrolling 2D experience from the 90s into 3D but Sonic is still huge for us so the new games will be more inspired by how it played in its heyday.”

Thanks to SonicandM2 for the heads up!

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Let's hope Sega actually steps it up with Sonic. I liked Lost World, in spite of a lot of people hating it. I do want to see where the series goes next.

When it Comes to Lost World, Sega freakin' NAILED the art style. I just hope these new games will still retain that aesthetic because it definitely captured the true feeling of the good Sonic games.

Same boat as you. Tbh. Lost world wasn't even that bad, it just need some tweeks. I see alot of potential in the Lost World engine. I would like to see Sega to go back to the Lost world style, but at the same time, improve on what they establish..

Mon Oct 26 15 08:40pm
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The only bad games in recent years were Boom and Lost World 3DS, but both of those were made by outside developers. I don't think Sonic Team has been bad for a very long time, and I'm eager to see their next game, hopefully for the 25th anniversary next year. That doesn't necessarily excuse the quality of the other games... I'm just saying that the main-series games are most likely safe.

(Yes, I actually enjoyed Lost World for Wii U a fair amount. I'll agree that it was a step down from the formula established in Unleashed, Colors, and Generations, but once I learned the new controls, I enjoyed it. It wasn't mind-blowing or anything, and it had its flaws, but I don't see how people could honestly call it a terrible game. Disappointing, perhaps, but certainly not the "return of the dark age".)

For the record Lost World is a good idea and definitely showed potential in some of its stages. It was just incredibly rushed, where you can definitely see a dip in the quality of later levels.

I still want Sonic Adventure 3.
Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle) remains one of my favourite Sonic games. (Sonic 06 didn't really "get" the formula so I don't really count it as a sequel despite few similarities.)

But they've been focusing far too much on sidescrollers since 2004. What about the Sonic Adventure Fans?!...

No more 3d sonic games. And one would think they'd still try.

Mon Oct 26 15 09:55pm
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I had a dream once that I was playing a Jurassic Park lightgun game made by Sega, and Sonic was featured as a bonus boss. During the fight, he would bounce around screen too quickly to hit, but right before he would attack the game would ask a question about the player's feelings toward the Sonic series and a multiple-choice dropdown menu would appear prompting them to shoot the answer in time. "What style of Sonic games do you like?' 'Who is your favorite Sonic character to play as?' 'What is your favorite Sonic game?' 'What is the future of Sonic?'

If they picked answers that favored modern Sonic trends ('The 3D ones!' 'Big The Cat' 'Sonic '06' and 'He'll make an awesome pachinko cabinet' respectively), it would hurt Sonic emotionally and he would slow down, allowing players to damage him.

That is one crazy dream.

Another time I dreamt that I was an apple.

Dreams be like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm sorry but Lost World was garbage. The gameplay was slow, the controls were clunky/confusing, the boss fights were horrible, the Deadly Six are terrible characters (one dimensional stereotypes), the cutscenes were cheesy as hell (not in the good Sonic Colors/Generations/Adventure/Heroes way), the difficulty spike is unfair and ridiculous, the wisps added nothing and were shoehorned in, and the gameplay ideas were inconsistent/random. Basically throwing ideas at a wall and hoping it sticks. The only good thing about the game IMO are the graphics/art style. Even the music wasn't up to snuff IMO and even the WORST of Sonic games have good music (sans Boom and Chronicles) I bought the game and sold it two weeks later I think I had more fun with Sonic 06.

I would like to completely beg the differ, but everyone to their own.

Agreed on all points.

You forgot to mention how Sonic has no jump height and feels like he's always being aggressively pulled to the ground, as if he was carrying heavy weights. Also the way the games own mechanics cause the camera to jerk back and forth, swinging in and out so jarringly and so often I actually started to feel ill while playing it.

Maybe they should try remaking the first 3 in HD. It could look great, it would be very helpful to play the old games in 16:9 and maybe the developers could learn more about what made them great.

And co-op on the Wii U with Sonic on the TV and tails on the gamepad so that the person playing as Tails doesn't have to sit and wait every time he goes off screen.

Sorry, but I've heard this before. I'll believe it when I play it. If by some miracle they do make an awesome sequel, I'll be there. Unfortunately, I've learned at this point to keep expectations low.

The focus on speed is the main problem imho. New games feel like every slow section is slowing you down and is not supposed to be in the game due to the running and jumping mechanics. If they would just make NORMAL levels with decent controls and SOME speed parts in between, it could work again.

Also level size. Now we have repeating stuff spread over huge levels. Sonic1, for me, was about exploring the levels, not about running. Gigantic, dull levels make this impossible.

The Genesis games understood the necessary balance; the need to craft level design fluidly around the speed/momentum and jumping mechanics.

It seems like common sense to me, but for some reason it's been very choppy, stilted, and out of touch for years. What happened to the old thoughtfulness and polish? Is it just that they're too rushed to pump out so many games? I really wonder what's happening that we don't see.

I have no idea. Maybe it's just us, and other people like this FORWARD-FORWARD-FORWARD! attitude of the new games? Maybe it's targeted at kids, and they enjoy it? That's why older gamers and reviewers dislike them?

I think my two primary problems with most modern Sonic games are:
- Lackluster control over the protagonist. Almost every move just seems a little bit off (attacking is especially weird). Like I would expect from some indie game, but not a big budget title.
- This constant feeling of being "behind". Most levels feel like they want me to be 2 screens ahead and I have a feeling of being too slow, although I'm not. It's frustrating. Whenever it IS fast, I feel like I have no control.

If I had 1£ every time they said that, I would be a millionaire by now.

I want to be optimistic about this, but for now I'm not going to hold my breath.

I've tried to love each new Sonic game as they've come out, but the dream was really over after the Genesis. Some games have been less disappointing than others, but none of them - not even Adventure - were what they should have been. The series lost it's identity by trying to be too many things it wasn't and doing those things poorly ontop of that.

But even though I feel this way, I also still believe 3D Sonic can be amazing in the right hands -- maybe Playtonic, depending on how Yooka-Laylee pans out?

Never played Lost World, not sure what went wrong there, but the game to me screamed 'classic Sonic.'

Colors had a nice classic feel too.

Modern Sonic games are just to series and have a realistic feel, that's what they need to get rid of.

Tue Oct 27 15 02:18pm
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Yeah, Colors was actually nice. I keep forgetting that. I only played the first 2 or 3 worlds though, then it lost my attention :-X

As long as they move on from the Boost gameplay [not suited for constricted corridors], and putting out terrible games like Lost World, then there's a chance.

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