Does this Nintendo slide show off a new HD version of Twilight Princess Link?

Looks like we mihgt have even more evidence of that Twilight Princess HD remake. This slide is from Nintendo's financial briefing and it includes what looks like a new render of Link. The thing is, it seems to be Link from Twilight Princess. He's even in the same stance that he was in Twilight Princess promo art!


Curiouser and curiouser...

That's Skyward Sword Link. Same model as TP.

wat. no.

Also, isn't this the same one we saw for the Walmart signs?

I was gonna say that. About the Walmart signs. So, yes, I am fairly sure it's the same one.

TP and SS Links are pretty different, actually. Also, SS is right-handed.

Thu Oct 29 15 02:12am
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Not only is SS Link not the same model (they are close, but have very clear differences), but that isn't SS Link anyway.

It is brand new art that we first saw in the new banners for Nintendo sections in stores.

It is also a pose made in official 2D art from TP: http://zeldawiki.org/images/5/59/TP_Link_04.png

Yeah it's the same pose but that Link resambles more theo ne from SS than that from TP. He's also Holding the sword from Skyward Sword.

Thu Oct 29 15 10:46am
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...he's holding the Master Sword.

Also, he has an arm guard, which ONLY TP Link has (SS Link just has the blue on both arms) and he is left-handed, while SS is right-handed.

It doesn't necessarily mean anything. That render of Samus isn't exactly new.

Then wouldn't it mean something if it was new? Which the Link is? And yeah, looks like the Walmart render from a while back. Probably for TP HD... It's no real secret anymore.

So... why are you pointing out Samus' old artwork? Doesn't seem relevant to the topic.

The Link art IS new though. It is a pose from TP, but none of the TP art was 3D rendered. It was all 2D art. Not to mention the fact it looks brighter and closer to OoT or SS than the drab coloring of TP.

Original artwork for reference

except this new render has a new artstyle(YAY!), and it has the master sword.

Now I'm getting hyped because if this is an indicator, we're getting a full artstyle/model overhaul, which would be sick!

Looks like a melding of the Skyward sword and tp styles.

I am positive now that TP HD is one of their unannounced titles releasing this year.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean anything.

That was my first inclination; however, the pose is to big of a coincidence for me to pass up.

Trying to remain skeptical here. Link didn't have a 3D render, only artworks. It could just be that, to match the other 3D renders, they just made one for Link.

Same model, different render, that one has a holstered master sword and different arm position. Also It isn't Zelda U link, whish means it's related to another upcoming release, which could be TPHD

Oh yeah, you're right. Since the models are the same, I got confused, and jumped the gun a bit... My mistake!

If they make a TPHD, IF it's a remake of the GC game, with those traditional controls, and NOT the Wii port with the Wiimote controls, then I'd be excited to get it.

However, I don't see why they would drastically change the TP art style. It had a very nice art style, for the character and enemy models, in point of fact. The environments just need a bit more color and detail, is all, and of course all the polygons and textures need to be smoothed out. But I would really hate to see them remake TP in SS's pastel art style. It was fine for SS, but I happened to personally LIKE how TP looked.

Wed Oct 28 15 11:31pm
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IF the TP remake is happening and IF they are overhauling the artstyle, the reason would be because an art style like the original TP (ie "realistic") age poorly. I think they would love love to hit an aesthetic where, even if you came back it 10 years later it would still look beautiful.

With that being said, I still think the Link WiiU tech demo from a couple of E3s back looks fantastic, but I don't think they will ever go in style like that again.

Twilight Princess's art direction was exquisite, if they make too significant a change I'll be really disappointed. Practically all they did to Wind Waker was change the lighting and I think it looks worse than the original. Maybe my standards are too high...?

Still, Twilight Princess is my favorite Zelda, so I'd welcome a remake regardless. Side note, I played both the GCN and Wii versions, and I couldn't believe how much worse the Wii one was. Took it from a 10/10 to a 7/10 in my book.

I feel the opposite.

Aside from the main cast (Link, Zelda, Ganon, Midna & Zant) I hated the art direction for TP for the most part. Super drab and boring colors. Gross character design, etc. Aged poorly too. Not that I dislike realistic visuals, it just sticks out in a weird way.

I also felt like TWWHD barely looked different.

TP is also one of my least favorite Zelda's. Now, this COULD BE because I played the Wii version, but I liked the waggle more than SS's 1:1, oddly.

What really killed it was the stuff between dungeons. Lots of gimmicky shit involving either Epona or Wolf Link. Wolf Link was fine, but bleh, Epona stuff was just horrendous because of the controls.

That said, I am more than willing to give it another try if they indeed change the art and maybe fancy up the game and use the GameCube version as the base instead of the Wii version

I really enjoyed the Wiimote fishing and being able to freely and precisely aim the bow and clawshot. Surprised how much everyone hates the Wii version. I get having a preference, and I probably prefer the GCN one too (if only for the nicer HUD), but it really took it down 30% for you?

Wait, what about the Wii version would take the game from 10/10 to 7/10? I loved the Wii version!

"Wait, what about the Wii version would take the game from 10/10 to 7/10?"

The evil of right-handed Link cannot be understated.

Ah, while I presume you're joking, I do remember being a bit disappointed myself in right-handed Link. Nothing that would reduce my score, though.

That is just a promotional render and recently all of Nintendo's promotional renders have have used very vibrant colours and are full of fine details. If Twilight Princess HD is going to happen though I do suspect the colours and lighting to be improved I mean Nintendo has been loving the lighting effects recently. Pretty much expect The Wind Waker HD lighting but without the cell shading

Wind Waker HD didn't have cel shading... That's kind of the major complaint (aside from bloom) that people had about the remake.

I'm pretty convinced at this point, that link render is the only one there that we haven't seen before

It's happening guys! :D

An official slide at an investors meeting seems like an odd way to "leak" info. As per recent comments by Nintendo, this model could be intended as a general representation of Link meant to represent the Zelda series as a whole for brand recognition purposes

Why change the art style? Why not make it look closer to TP than try to make it look like SS for no apparent reason? Just seems like a stupid choice. I like how they try out different art styles... respect that. That's what a remake does, make the new version look look as close to the original goal as possible.

I'm starting to think that with Skyward Sword and now Zelda U, that they're done with experimenting on art styles and they're all roughly be the same which is a shame.

Speaking of Zelda, we don't even have an original adventure on the 3DS. 2 ports, 1 sequel, and a spin-off game (Tri Force Heroes). I doubt we'll get one this late into the game. The NX portable will probably release before an original Zelda 3DS game could happen.

Just because ALBW was a sequel and TFH has questionable gameplay structure, I don't see how you can't classify those as being "original," considering they didn't exist before.

A mainline Zelda game is what I mean. Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks for the DS were mainline games made for the DS. Technically they were sequels but they played much differently to Wind Waker, especially going from a 3D perspective to top down and more importantly took advantage of the DS's capabilities making it more like its own thing.

Because those are based on previous entries and change little to nothing. You're not making a new game just building upon one previously established. I want a Zelda game MADE from the ground up for 3DS. Imagine Skyward Sword was moved from the Wii to Wii U. You'd be wondering why there wasn't a Zelda game built from the ground up for the Wii and all you got was a Gamecube port (Twilight Princess).

Girl I still don't get how you're not treating ALBW and TFH like they weren't built for 3DS. They weren't DS projects that moved to 3DS, so your Skyward Sword point makes no sense. What exactly would make you happy here? A Zelda game built around a 3D mechanic?

ALBW borrows heavily from ALttP and TFH borrows heavily from ALBW. Many people were hoping for a completely (instead of partially) original title that takes things a bit more seriously.

It's the same as people wishing for a new Mario game of the Galaxy caliber during the period where we were getting a lot of New Super Mario Bros sequels.

Finally someone gets it. As if it was SO HARD to see that ALBW and TFH were already existing concepts.

Except it doesn't look like Skyward Sword. This is a lot closer to Ocarina of Time, which makes far more sense since it is a direct sequel to OoT/MM.

It looks more like SS than Ocarina. If the soft pastel colors and the color choices themselves aren't enough, he's holding the exact same Master Sword redesign they made for SS.

Probably because that was the most recent one.

Link has the arm guard, hair, and Sword arm that he does jn TP. The hair color matches SS, and maybe the pants, but I'm not seeing "soft pastels" here. At best, it's a mix of OoT, TP and SS, but it has more in common with OoT and TP than SS.

I'm not seeing how this is evidence of a TPHD. Nintendo was highlighting some of their IPs with that picture. From an aesthetic standpoint, they weren't going to put some hand drawn Link in with a bunch of other, 3D rendered, Nintendo characters. He would look out of place. I think that's all that was.

Now they could just have made a new Link model based off the more popular TP look solely for promotional reasons.

But with all this TPHD rumours, I would not be surprised if this was an actual model for the game. And that would be great honestly because that would mean that they went through the process of redesigning some elements of the game rather than just going for a lazy hd port like pretty much everyone else.

I really hope it's just a general marketing render. TP's art style should be updated to better match the amazing concept paintings, not to look more like SS.

It had it's own identity, and whatever your preference, that integrity of that art should not be betrayed.

I believe in the Twilight Princess HD rumors, but I don't think this is a render for that.

Amiibo promotional material also included a never before seen Fox render that looks nothing like the design they ended up using in Star Fox Zero.


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