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This sounds fun ;-)
Totally serious here, this is one of my favorite features from StreetPass expanded.

Not much of a game but this is an interesting concept.

I just hope you can send Miis from Wii U and 3DS, though. I'm not feeling like doing a third Mii based on me.

Thu Oct 29 15 12:08am
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It's a cool idea, but even though it's limited to friends I'm starting to picture the news stations. "NEW NINTENDO GAME SHARES PERSONAL INFORMATION TO STRANGERS" and then making the assumption that it's somehow connected to a cartel network or something.

Finally, a game that will talk to other people so that I don't have to.

The limited to friends thing means it's potential is already greatly reduced.

If it were to open me up to local persons with things in common with me? Then yeah, that'd be something. But if I'm friends with someone, I doubt I'm not gonna know these sort of things about them already...

Thu Oct 29 15 06:30am
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Yes it should definitely be more opened than that for it to be relevant. Now if it is linked to a MyNintendo account potentially linked to a twitter or fb account, then it could be great. I guess we'll see.


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