More Nintendo Account info - notifications, sale opportunities, point system, cloud & more

Firstly, on Nintendo’s official website, you will be able to purchase digital download software for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. When you find an interesting title after seeing articles or videos introducing new games through your PC or smart device, you can buy it on the spot, and the purchased software will be automatically downloaded to your Wii U or Nintendo 3DS.

Also, in accordance with each member’s profile, purchase records and play records, we will send notices and gifts.
For example, an Animal Crossing character called Isabel may send some information or a present to those who are playing with that game, Mario Kart players may receive a notice about add-on content and we may also send a message that enables the recipient to purchase some software at an attractive price point on his or her birthday.

We will start a new point program as well, which not only involves Nintendo’s dedicated game systems but also smart devices. With the Club Nintendo membership service that was ended on September 30, 2015, you earned points when you purchased software. With this new point program, you can earn points by playing games as well. Whether you have played the software for dedicated game systems or our applications for smart devices, you can earn points that can then be used on our dedicated game systems or on smart devices.

Naturally, you can also earn points by purchasing software. With the new points, you can obtain digital add-on content, which will make the game you are playing even more fun, original merchandise or a coupon, which can be used as a discount for new software.

In terms of creating connections among the members, members can make friends with those who enjoy playing games together by establishing “Friend” relationships. As we place importance on the security of our consumers, a Friend relationship can be established only between two people who know each other and have consented to the relationship. This Friend relationship can be used for software for dedicated game systems and for our smart device applications.

If I can discuss our plans for the future, the service will eventually allow game save data, such as character data, to be stored in our cloud system so that you can use them both for the software for dedicated game systems and for our smart device applications.

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I'm definitely confused by the messy implementation. It's weird to me that your NNID wouldn't just be the 'Nintendo Account.' Who knows. Hoping this leads to more universal cross-buy, system license activations, etc.

It was probably too much of a hassle to set it up fully with Wii U and 3DS. They'll most likely just get rid of NNID with NX and just use Nintendo Account.

Not entirely understanding that "Friend" relationship bit. Quite frankly, it sounds a bit dubious or maybe I'm just reading it incorrectly.

Seems pretty standard to me. In order to actually become friends with someone, they have to accept your request. At least, I hope it is that easy.

You're both confused by what little information is available.
I'd wait until the launch in March to make any final judgements.

I'm sure Bill Trinen will clear up any confusion in a future Nintendo Direct.

My theory is they'll be keeping NNIDs to prevent having to overhaul the 3DS and Wii U online systems, perhaps switching to MyNintendo only starting with NX.

Just so you know, Nintendo Account and My Nintendo are two different things. Nintendo Account is like a PSN or XBox Live account, while My Nintendo is Club Nintendo 2.0.
You will most likely use a single login account for both, which is established by using either a NNID, Facebook, Twitter, Google or a solo Nintendo Account that uses your email address in stead of linking it to the aforementioned 4 existing accounts.

Not real thrilled about this. Back in 2012, I created NNIDs for each member of my household, with the promise that future Nintendo game systems would also use these accounts. Now these accounts are already obsolete?

What of all the eShop purchases tied to my NNID? Is there no value to these? Any possibility that I will be "rewarded" for that loyalty? Will those NNID-related VC purchases be rolled into the new account system? *sigh...*

Been wondering all of these things, too. I really, really hope so or else I'll be incredibly disappointed.

I want to know about multiple users on one console and whether purchased digital games will be transferred to the NX.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who was confused by this. Hopefully, there will be more clarification on this stuff in the future.

So they're basically on par with the competition now with a unified account system, cross buy, cloud saving and fidelity program, earning points while playing, etc...

That's all good news if you ask me. Not sure where the whole confusion thing is as it seems pretty clear to me at least. I guess the standard procedure on the NX will be to link your system to a fb or twitter account. The fact that you can do the same with a NNID for now is probably just there to create a link between the two systems before moving forward to just MyNintendo.

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Oh yeah, 8-bitcoin!

This is excellent. Actual tangible rewards outside of some frivolous gamer score. And for buying games, I get credit to buy more games/DLC. How reward systems should be. I'm extremely excited for this.

All of this sounds really cool. I wonder if physical game purchases will count, or is it digital only. I like that physical rewards will still happen, and earning points while playing games seems pretty interesting. I'm sad it's not coming until next year, but I can't wait to hear more!

I wonder if we'll be getting an achievement system to go along with all this, specifically the "earn points by playing games".

The birthday sale sounds like a fun idea. Nintendo consoles always have little easter eggs on your birthday, but now they're advancing that a bit.

The advancements on cloud saving sound really good. As can be expected of Nintendo, they don't just follow the crowd, but they do something more with it.

So what about older games? Are we going to be able to finally integrate our Wii download purchases alongside DSi, 3DS, and Wii U?

I don't want my Wii download games to essentially die when Wii U goes to pasture itself. I get the point that if you didn't download it in the past and it's been pulled, then it's gone, but Wii U's Virtual Console hasn't even scratched what the Wii brought to the table, and losing all that would be exasperating, especially for "lost" games. Xbox learned a hard lesson that people still like/want backwards compatibility.

I'll be keeping a close eye on how this all turns out.

This is also my biggest question. Both for people who have transferred and for people like me who haven't. Having heard nothing at this point makes me very nervous.

It's worded so vague right now. It sounds like the potential may be there, but it's completely unclear.

Seriously. I must have downloaded close to 100 Wii games over the course of seven years. I'd hate to not have the option to keep games regardless of the money I've invested (not to mention a few favorites in there).

Yeah, I feel the same way. I have a ton of Wii download games, and I don't want to lose them. I never ended up transferring my Wii contents to Wii U because it wasn't really a good deal to me. I was hoping maybe there'd be a way to link an NNID to a Wii Shop Channel account for it to at least tie the purchase history to it (and if I was lucky, give the transfer discounts), but at this point I'm considering it very doubtful. Same goes for my two DSi's that have their own games on them (though I'm more willing to move those to 3DS if absolutely necessary, even if it means I lose my saves).

The only thing to really do, I guess, is write their customer service department and tell them that it's important to you. I've already done that, and I'll probably do it again. Not like it'll necessarily change anything, but it's worth a shot.

The nice thing about the Wii to Wii U transfer is that EVERYTHING went over, even games pulled from the service. It essentially put my Wii's "brain" on the Wii U, so I was happy about that.

I could see motion control/Wiimotes still being used in some capacity down the line, so there's no reason not to include them. There's only a few games that absolutely need to motion controls, and other controls could be remapped to fit.


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