Archie pitched Nintendo a Super Mario comic, but it was shot down

The image above is indeed real, and it was part of a Super Mario comic pitch put together by Archie Comics. Archie's Ian Flynn confirmed that the project is indeed real, but Nintendo didn't give it the greenlight. Thanks to Led-Mirrorknight for the heads up!

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Judging by this page alone, it looks like they wanted to make Mario into a head-first, 'were gonna do things my way' kinda guy. I'm sure Nintendo didn't want Mario to adopt Sonic's attitude.

But this clearly shows that Mario has no good plot whats so ever in the main games. Its just save the princess, unless if they wanted to adapt the RPG stories like what Sonic did, then they would the most boring bare bones story of all of three characters, Sonic, Mega Man and Mario.

It's hard to beat the Super Mario World comic they put in Nintendo Power. I look at this page and I feel like it lacks all the character and style of that comic.

Knowing how Archie has handled other gaming comics, I'd be all for it.

Considering how uptight Sega and Capcom are about the Sonic and Mega Man comics, I'm not surprised this was shot down.

As a big fan of Archie Comics, I would be okay with this.

Mon Nov 02 15 03:15pm
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I typed out this big post about how I think Nintendo turning down almost everything they've been pitched is weird and how I think they're diminishing brand recognition by doing so. But for a more level-headed approach: I wish Nintendo wouldn't just decline pitches and move on with their lives. I wish they'd have declined the direction they would have taken Mario in, but recognize that a comic is probably good to have.

They just seem, for absolutely everything, to want to have the idea first. And if they don't, then they outright don't do it for years and years. An Archie comic wouldn't have shook the world, but Sonic has one. And a cartoon. And an actual appearance in Wreck-It Ralph. Mario has none of these. It's no wonder why kids today are more familiar with Sonic, despite the games being worse.

I agree with every other point, but...

kids today are more familiar with Sonic


Tue Nov 03 15 11:32am
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I'm sorry, but they are. Sonic is literally EVERYWHERE. Mario is not on TV, not in movies, not in comics, and not a whole lot of shelf space at Toys R Us and Target. Sonic can be found in those places and more.

Remember I'm talking about kids with no sense of brand loyalty.

EDIT: Sonic also has 3 mobile games which have done very well, while Mario has none. Infinitely more exposure than Mario at the moment. I'm not happy about it, and I think Nintendo needs to bite the bullet sooner rather than later and put SOMETHING with Mario on iOS and Android. But how can anybody argue that for as heavily marketed as Mario is, there's nothing to it's brand besides games exclusive to Nintendo systems? The only reason you see the few iterations of Mario amiibo everywhere is because those are the only ones left on the shelf. Otherwise, there's, what, DS plates and accessories? A couple of weird miniature figures here and there that nobody wants? I'm being slightly facetious because I have seen other Mario toys around, but it's shockingly little compared to how big the brand could - and should - be.

Sonic is absolutely nowhere I knock about.
Mario is still more popular and recognisable even though Sonic has a TV show and mobile games. Mario games also seem to be much more popular among kids. I've never seen a young kid give a crap about Sonic, while everytime I see a young kid (or play games with a young kid) they have a Mario game or care about Mario. They love MK, the want to be Mario characters in Smash, etc. No contest, really.

Plus, there's Mario commercials on kids channels all the time. A shit-ton of merchandise both online and in the way of shirts/shoulder-bags/whatever on the streets.

I mean, as far as merchandise goes, there's a lot of companies milking their characters much more, but Mario's everywhere compared to Sonic.

I agree. Nintendo seems to shoot down any idea they didn't have first. It's really silly. They should have worked with Archie Comics, giving them ideas on how to improve on the pitch.

It's no wonder why kids today are more familiar with Sonic

That's absolutely not true.

Seeing as how Big the ****ing Cat went to prison and then beat up Scourge with his bare fists, I'm glad Archie isn't coming anywhere near the Mario side of things.

That wasn't Big you moron. Can't you see the visible scars and the way he spoke. I swear the stupidity of people.

I don't think his point was that it was Big the Cat, but more that it was a bit too mature, gritty and dark for something Nintendo.

Actually, that's just something my friend told me. He swore it was Big, so I apologize for the mistake. But you can't sit there and tell me that scene is acceptable for the Sonic universe.

Go figure why the comic was debunked; they alreaky knew that if the idea would have been pitched, being about a Mario comic, some Internet reviewer who DOESN'T review comics nor videogames for a living would happen to spoil the major twists in a 10-minute editorial...

True. And it feels like things being spoiled on the internet leads Nintendo to either be super secretive in their decisions or neglectful in actually making decisions. It's why Smash 4 doesn't have an adventure mode, which is dumb, because the only flaw I have with it is in it's single player content (there's nothing noteworthy).

...I was refering to the Nostalgia Critic spoiling the first translated Mario comic's twists in a video encouraging to read said comic, but I suppose this topic is also open to free interpretation!

Oops! Was unaware of that reference.

I still have most of the old Nintendo Valiant Comics. The Mario ones especially were great. But the Zelda and Captain N ones were fantastic too, especially because the mythology in the Zelda comics was cool, and in Captain N, Samus actually had some appearances.

The art isn't near the quality of what Nintendo's own designers put out so that had to be one thing against it. It also doesn't look charming at all and Mario always has a charming appeal to his world

It would've been great to have a comic series.
I remember thoroughly enjoying the CYOC-style Adventure Series books when they were out. It's too bad the idea was shot down.

Love Ian Flynn and all he's done for the Archie Sonic books [AKA it'd long be stone dead without him] - but Nintendo was always gonna be iffy about giving Mario emotions [especially anything seen as negative].

I have no doubt Mario will be voiceless in his Wreck-It-Ralph cameo either.
Nintendo have come a long way, in general, with expanding their IPs across mediums, but yeah... Mario's gonna ever be as fiercely 'protected' as The Pokemon Company is with pokemon [for better, for worse].

Shame though. Even a 4 issue miniseries could've been brilliant under Ian's hand!

Looking at the art work and what little story it's trying to say, gets me thinking that this looks nothing more than a pitch for a five page comic insert for a user manual. Declining the pitch was the right decision!


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