New Style Boutique 2 - more compatible amiibo revealed

- Shiek amiibo unlocks Sheikah Scarf

- Rosalina amiibo unlocks Starry Dress

- Samus unlocks the Galactic Visor

You can see screenshots of these in the source link below.

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And American release date is where?

Wait a second... Since this game is only compatible with the amiibo of female characters, does this mean that Sheik is 100% confirmed to be female now? Finally?

... it have been for quite some time now.

Thu Nov 05 15 04:03pm
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You'd be surprised how many people still deny and argue against that fact.

It's just because they are in denial. If I remember correctly, during the marketing push for OoT3D, called Sheik "she" and I remember some say that it was just some mistake or something...

I seriously want that game. These clothes look way too good!

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