Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash site updated, now says 'three' new characters

Well then, I guess we know all the new characters in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. Earlier this week, we saw that the website listed 5 new characters, of which we knew 3. Now the site says that there will be 3 new characters...so that ends that discussion! Thanks to Nintendoviewer for the heads up!

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Good. Called it.

And by good, I just mean I knew the NA site was wrong. I'd rather there be more characters, I'm not glad there are only 3.

That sucks, this game has less characters than the N64 version! There better be a lot of dlc for this game. For $50, we should get some free dlc first, because this looks rushed. I'm still getting the game, but I am bummed out by the lack of additional content.

Devil's advocate: the N64 version cost nearly $83 dollars, adjusting for inflation.

No Diddy. No buy.

Seriously, what is Nintendo's problem leaving him out of every Mario sports title lately? He's a great character!

Probably because he has isn't a Mario character, but a Donkey King character.

Sat Nov 07 15 07:06pm
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So, explain why he's playable in games like Mario Sports Mix, many of the Mario Kart games, Mario Hoops, Mario Strikers Charged, the Mario & Sonic Olympic games, the Mario Baseball series, the the last two Mario Golf games, Fortune Street, Mario Strikers Charged, and past Mario Tennis games on Gamecube/Wii and 3DS.

I'm sure I'm missing some, even if they're just non-playable roles.

Diddy was never playable in the Mario & Sonic games, but he will be in the Rio 2016 Olympic games. Other than that, I completely agree, he didn't even appear as dlc for Mario Kart 8?!

Diddy was just a Mii costume, and will be playable in the next one.

He is a DK character for sure, but that isn't a good excuse.

Diddy is love!
Diddy is life!

oh well, I still don't feel regret preordering this.

Same here. But I think DLC/Updates will be announced. I guess they will handle it like Splatoon.

with how they handled golf, DLC sounds like a sure thing. packs with characters and courses, maybe some extra modes. I mean.. why else would nabbit not be in the roster yet?

Sure thing. There is enough room in the roster's menu to expand it. I kinda wish Mii with all the costumes to unlock will be there too. But only if Mii is not OP :p

I'd rather not, those Mii features take up too much game space, which could instead be used for more deserving features, like extra characters, courts, features, mini games, etc. SSB Wii U probably would have had more characters, stages, modes, and features, if the Mii fighter data and costume bits weren't hogging up so much space.

This game really stinks.

Sat Nov 07 15 08:37pm
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It probably doesn't stink as much as EarthBound though.

That being said, I, like MoldyClay, suspected that the site made a mistake with the "five newcomers" thing. Unless the game gets more content via updates I'll probably wait until the price drops before getting it.

That's upsetting, but not surprising. Lame.

Yep. This game is gonna suck.

I'm more upset at the lack of minigames. Sure more characters would have helped.


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