CBS This Morning - How video games are saving symphony orchestras

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The costumes are fine but I wish the audience had better theater etiquette. When I went to this concert everyone would cheer when a favorite piece of music started. Bad form! I can understand the enthusiasm but it's not a rock concert.

Sat Nov 07 15 10:11pm
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You can thank Video Games LIVE for starting and condoning that behavior.

I don't know if I'd blame VGL. I just think people don't know how to behave these days.

If I may be cynic for a sentence; I think being progressive goes both ways, one towards giving basic liberties of expression, tastes, ideas and the other being less traditional, less conforming to a norm, and also with less weight in values since nothing can be too sacred anymore [it seems].

These things happen in cycles, the more mature attitude is laying dormant as the new audiences adjusts to the orchestra's environment, this clash of culture will eventually result in new ways to enjoy the art, so just enjoy the ride for now.

Thankfully when I went to the Zelda concert in Pittsburgh back in July 2012 (It was the 2nd day of it) no one did that. No one clapped until the end of each song. It was definitely an awesome crowd.

Your thoughts on the matter are very new age. When classical music was modern, the crowds would routinely cheer, and this was appreciated by the musicians. It wasn't until recently that people had to be stuffy and not show appreciation for the musicians. You don't seem to understand the basics of performance. That passion, that appreciation, drives and feeds the musicians.

When classical music was modern, the crowds would routinely cheer, and this was appreciated by the musicians. It wasn't until recently that people had to be stuffy and not show appreciation for the musicians.

Exactly what I was about to write.
I can understand both points of view though, but what I can say is when I saw one of the three 25th anniversary Symphony of the Godesses concert, I thought it was appropriate to cheer more than usual. It was extremely emotional and it seemed only natural that such a crowd of passionate people in what would be a one time thing, would act the way it did. It was not too annoying either.

I'm all for passion and appreciation but not during the music. It's disrespectful to people who want to hear it.

Yes. This. We missed about 10-20 seconds of every song from cheering and screaming people...

Sat Nov 07 15 10:14pm
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Video isn't working. =(

EDIT: Got it to work, but only got halfway through it before it paused and I couldn't get it to go any further. =/

Either way, anything to continue on orchestra and orchestral instruments being used!

I actually kind of wish we would play some video game music in my orchestra, but the director goes for old movie tunes due to the average age level of the orchestra, I suppose. (I'm very young for it. lol)

That sounds like it could still be pretty alright. Are we talking stuff like "Limelight" or are you guys doing orchestral versions of like the "Ghostbusters" theme song?

Sat Nov 07 15 10:38pm
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I'm not familiar with Limelight, but we're going back MUCH further than Ghostbusters. One of the pieces we played last year was a showtune (I had to look it up, thought it was a movie theme before posting this lol) from the late 30s.

Although to be fair, we've also played Harry Potter a couple of times.

TBH, I'd rather play classical music.

I was referring to the score of "Limelight", the Charlie Chaplin film. So you're sort of talking about the era I mean. I figured that's what you meant, but I would also like to have heard orchestral versions of campy '80s movies.

I can understand the desire to rather play classical music.

That still didn't mean a thing to me until you said "So you're talking about the era I mean". Lol. I am not a movie buff. I can only estimate the era of a movie piece I've played's era from listening to the character of it.

I desire to play classical music because that's what I like. It's also more challenging, typically. However, if we were playing The Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario Galaxy, etc., I would be really excited. Harry Potter and other movie themes, not so much... As I said I'm just not really a movie buff, and the music is generally not memorable to me.

I know... Blasphemy. Some John Williams fan is going to give me an earful. Lol.


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